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roseqanne rated it
I’ve Transmigrated Into This Movie Before
February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Thank you so much for RuiSi who share this, this is really good read!

MC doesn't transmigrated because a system and must complete the mission. MC doesn't always stay in the movie. The MC doesn't get the cheat after coming out of the movie (I mean like a cheat that makes her suddenly become great at something). This novel tells a lot of mixed emotions.

And for the role of the MC's grandmother, I thought 'wow there are still characters like this' but I just let it go, because I know this... more>> novel will not bring up drama because of the grandmother. The grandmother has her own reasons even though I think it's sellfish.

MC's mother really loves MC. Her mother will often appeared mostly inside novel. I love her mother's character so much.


and for the ML ahahahaha. ML is a masked man. Chen Suanghe is not ML, and my baby Wenyu isn't either. And I'm really curious about MC's father. I don't know whether the novel was told who her father or not. MTL really makes my head dizzy so I can't concluded who her father is.


More episodes, the story gets more complicated. Many characters are interrelated until I get dizzy connecting to whom for whom. When the MC enters the film, you will also join in thinking. What is the flow of the film, how the characters are played, what should you do and say.


Wenyu isn't ML. Wenyu always there when MC need helps. And MC knows when she needs help, she will search Wenyu. I don't know if Wenyu loves MC. But when MC tells Wenyu she loves the ML, his hand trembled and I think he is try to hiding his expression when hear MC's story. I cant really understand it, because MTL.

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roseqanne rated it
Femme Fatale First Daughter
May 12, 2019
Status: c34
The tpyical a reborn chinese novel. She's reborn and slapfacing her sister and concubine.

Some potential male lead show up in the beginning. And author keep tell that they are so handsome handsome make you blush and blush. Female lead will afraid because of how obering the male lead potential or blush and shy because their handsomeness. But then female lead became normal when they go away.

Her sister keep give the female lead trouble again and again. Like wuw girls you're so scheming eventhough ofcourse she failed again and again lol.

And... more>> MC's father, I dont know how to decribe it. He love MC, when MC wronged he mad then with a small coax from his concubine and concubine's daughter (MC's sister) he soft and forgive them then proud of all his lovely daughter. But I said that MC's sister keep give MC trouble, so her father became mad and soft then mad again and soft forgive MC's sister. The father will br crazy soon.

Well, its rather just a small beginning chapter. I dont know how it will be next. But I cant stand character of the father, and how author keep making ML potential so handsome so detail so can make MC blush so obering. I think it will be complicated, one of them because ML's background. <<less
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