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rorpuissant rated it
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken
April 25, 2016
Status: --

I do not often put review but I have to because, to me, the best part of this ln is the fact that the author managed to trick half the reader into believing that the MC was raping somebody on a daily basis.

Sure, we have here a classic MC who has a harem in mind but he is pretty calm and tend to just go with the flow.


The story has fun moments and some original elements, even if not astounding. Still this is a pretty laid back setting so just enjoy without taking thing to much at heart.
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rorpuissant rated it
Renegade Immortal
December 28, 2018
Status: c103
Yeah, I'll stop there. Despite maybe some good qualities, like the non repetitive setting, I have two major problems.

  • One is the fact that this story is too non repetitive actually, like you can call it a wuxia like that's FULL RANDOM. An example is :

    This ruler was completely green. When it appeared, it emitted a powerful fragrance. The youth took a deep breath and without a word, pointed the ruler forward. The ruler shook and a large black mushroom grew out of it. The mushroom detached from the ruler and floated in the air.
    The youth’s expression was serious as he quickly took out something from his bag of holding and threw it. Wang Lin saw a flash of red light as a red wasp flew toward the mushroom and devoured it with only a few bites.

    The wasp suddenly became several times bigger. It was the size of a fist. It let out a scream and charged toward Wang Lin.

    Although all of this sounds slow, it all happened in the blink of an eye.

    That's just one ridiculously random element in this story among others. We are still at a 'low' level of cultivation and the author keeps on launching new name and techniques on top of his head with no explanation. Speaking of which.
  • The second big problem is the lack of explanation for everything, doubled with the high number of useless informations we get : At first we have the composition of the MC family, that will never be useful, then the MC after a series of events become immortal. The only solid informations we get about immortals is that they are person above us that can fly in the sky. and then we are introduce to a high number of elements such as pills, plants, sword aura, spirit beasts, ect... at a very fast pace with little to no explanation about those terms each time. Hell, I still don't know why there is such a big fuss about flying swords in this story. I cannot explain, even with my experience in the genre why the MC gets so desperate to become immortal with no understanding of this world, why he is sometimes trustful or distrustful, and I have no understanding about how fast his development is compared to other peers of his age in the big world. That's also why I can't like any relationship in this story.
All in all I'm sure he will become a badass warrior after the events I'm currently reading, but I'm also sure the problems above won't change. The MC keeps growing, but each time he meets somebody who could give more understanding of the world around he abandons them. All in all I can't bother to follow this MC and this absence of storyline.
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I like this novel a lot. It's light but there are strong stances taken by the main characters :

  • No caring about idiots.
  • Being OP.
  • Stay in love with each other no matter what stupidities the others say or do.
My only real problem with it is that its translation has been done three time in a row. So I'm just waiting for a translator to reach my point in the story and I'll go with it.

Anyway, if you want a light romance story with isekai trope, go with it. You'll be at least... more>> surprised by how many original characters there are. <<less
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rorpuissant rated it
Isekai Onsen e Youkoso!
August 17, 2016
Status: c23
I really tried to read this one, taking it as a light read, but everything from the writing style to the MC personality made me lose focus more and more to the point where I just stopped.

You just can't expect anything from this novel :
- The MC has just no personality, he just acts... like a Japanese guy, he makes references to his country (cf onsen), but that's it.
- A cliche novel is normally not a bad point for me but there you won't even find a tsundere... more>> character because no character is developed well enough to know.
- After reaching something like chapter 20 I realized that I forgot what happened in the previous chapters.... it just passed by me.
- The only bit that presented the why of the Onsen power is just an illogical excuse.

Can't recommend it. <<less
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This LN is fine and it has contents, but I can't read past the second parts of the first volume, because there are too many problems with the characters personalities :

First come the MC, suffering from amnesia after being summon and forced into being a contracted invocation. It's the kind of MC that let himself getting beaten up for one of those famous "misunderstanding" while he isn't even at fault.

At first it was okay, but when the heroine goes and decide to torture you without trying to understand it's too much.

He could totally explain himself but doesn't for whatever reason too.
Second is the heroine, having difficulty with her summons, she end invoking the MC, using him for her own benefits and start up first with harassment and takes advantage of his amnesia. And will continue with it even after understanding the situation better.
Finally is the world setting, affecting every character's personalities.

This is a world where women have strength thanks to magic, that only them can manipulate. Meaning that's world where the thinking is "The women protect the male, and good males must have good peerage". Well while this begin fine with this mindset, the more you read it, the more it doesn't work. At some point it's shown that there are notions like "women have to pay on date" and the like, but the heroine continue to torture the MC, which is illogical in this world. Worst, the MC is often compared to a manservant and is manipulated and is touched by the women around him will, he end up stripped against his will, but nobody blames the other party. On our side, those situations wouldn't work with women, so those shouldn't work in the LN world, because they wouldn't be seen on bright light abusing their power on the weak. This logic is used just when the author wants it, and then it's totally forgotten. I hate it.


All those constant flaws, make this LN really difficult to read for me. But I can't deny the fact that the other elements are nice so it doesn't deserve the lowest vote at all. However I can't understand people putting 5 stars for any story where the MC get beaten up without reason.
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rorpuissant rated it
The Novel’s Extra
June 4, 2019
Status: c12
I'm really really trying but I can't understand why I'm constantly seeing comment like how awesome the story is, or how the MC is great.

We're already chapter 12 and there is a reuse of the "Oh, I just remembered" trope, just to conveniently give a little bit of EXTREMELY important informations. Even with a prologue chapter on the story.
There is a need to situate characters better, being by physical features, or even more informations of their personalities : As of now we still don't know how to differentiate some... more>> of the important ones.

The protagonist never mention his plan or goal more than one chapter in advance, or simply forget an important event altogether, the changes in his story and attitude he gives to others do not mix at all as instead of being low key, he is constantly despised with people still being able to analyse his abilities, yet everybody forget his name while knowing he is trash. Really can't see anything other than a lazy guy who cannot even panic or prepare in his own novel. I don't get where there is realism with his reactions, and even less on how to relate to him.

Anyway since the beginning the MC never changed or got his attitude together, and never even showed the readers more than : "I may try, I'm scared of being hurt tho" so I'm dropping it. <<less
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