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rodavis rated it
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
August 6, 2018
Status: c30
Got bored, the MC is to beta and get run over to much and his nice guy dialogs doesn't add up to what a merc actions should really be.. this one dialogue put the last nail into the coffing, killed any kind of fun I was having, that wasn't much to begin with ... more>>

“It looks like an ordinary coat. But this is in fact a magic item. The cloth was woven with many layers using silk from black widows. This is a great find. Plus, it only costs five gold coins.”

“That’s quite an incredible on you’ve found.”

“A coat that is enchanted with << Protection >> and << Auto Recovery >> would usually cost ten times this price. Your defense will increase just by wearing this on top of leather armor. We must definitely buy this one.”

“Ten times... Why don’t you tell the owner?”

If what Lapis said was true, the store would be at quite a loss.

used the last one.. there are to many internal monologues of him berating and talking about the right way o best or whatever form to success in any given situation, but he does not speak up, let's the sh*t hit the fan every damn time. <<less
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