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ritpoppy rated it
A Seductive Gentleman
March 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Alright, I'm writing this so that people wanting to read this gets a better insight on what this novel is really about.

Overall Summary: A Seductive Gentleman is a story about our main character Ming ChangYan whom, you guessed it, lost all of his cultivation due to a fight with the six major sects of Jianghu. He was deemed evil due to the fact that he had killed an important figure (and also because people were extremely jealous of his skill and cultivation level). So in order to regain is cultivation... more>> and return to his sect, he has to go find the immortal grass that is said to be located in the Imperial Palace. So, he dresses up a concubine and sneaks into the palace to try to steal the immortal grass.

Characters: Ming ChangYan is a shameless protagonist who's intelligent while hilarious at the same time. He barely gets embarrassed (unless it's in front of ML) and is headstrong at times. He's easy-going and overall a very kind guy that's been mistreated by greedy bastards. I honestly loved his character, he's so relatable to readers, which makes him very lovable.

Our precious male lead... Oh my goodness is he adorable. Yun Qing, birth name Huai Yu, is such a freaking cute kid. Heavy spoilers over their relationship:

He's such a tsundere at times. But he's not the type to reject his love and deny it, it's more like he's just really awkward and always gets the wrong idea when talking to MC. He pampers MC so much after they get together. His small gestures towards MC that make readers know that he really likes him it's so cute. Huai Yu is a bit cold sometimes, but he's only like that when MC calls him a kid. This guy is eating so much vinegar that I'm surprised that he doesn't have high blood pressure by now.


The story overall isn't some cliche BL romance about forbidden love in the palace (yuck) it's a mystery/action and adventure over the two figuring out who's been mass murdering and annihilating different sects under Ming ChangYan's name. Be warned though, the story gets extremely dark at times and there are angsty parts that really just punch you in the gut. The plot line is wonderful, you think one thing is going to happen, but then is flips around and tricks you by making another occur.

Humor wise, amazing. I laughed so much at the two main character's interactions. One is always making jokes and trying to coax the other, while the other party shuts him up with hilarious one-liners.

I'm extremely sorry if my translation is poor in the beginning few chapters. This is my first project and I didn't really know much about translating! I'm improving and if anyone would like to point out any translation error of mine, please do tell me. <<less
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ritpoppy rated it
Heaven Official’s Blessing
October 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I've just got to say, physically reading this was exhausting. Not because of the storyline, but because I read all 252 chapters in a short amount of time cause I was so freaking invested in the whole story!

This follows the story of Xie Lian, our bubbly protagonist, and his adventures after ascending to Heaven for the 3rd time (you've got it rough buddy). On his first assignment, he meets our Male Lead (who has me sweating). Hua Cheng is literally the smoothest man you'll ever meet. If you're looking for... more>> a fluffy, angst, fantasy, bl, story driven novel. Boy, you picked up a fantastic one. Flashbacks get tiring sometimes, I gotta admit even I skipped a few times, but they play such an important role in the storyline that it's SO worth it. Story is extremely well-written and let's not forget the romance. Based on this author, most of the book will be fluffy pinning (which I'm actually perfectly fine with, but if you aren't into slow burn be cautious), but they get together quicker than in GDC and Scum Villain (at least that's what I thought ¯_ (ツ) _/¯)

More information on the 2 Main Characters:

Xie Lian


A cute old grandpa. No one can tell me otherwise. He's one of the oldest gods in Heaven and also the one that's been through the most. Only though so much hardships did he get to the him he is now, a kind, understanding, logical, and non-biased angel. We need more people like him in the world. I just wished he valued himself more. I want him to be able to happily smile and joke again. There's one line later on in the novel where Hua Cheng does something for him that causes him to start laughing, and he just says along the lines of, "Thank you for making me realize how simple and wonderful the act of laughing is." *ugly sobbing*


Hua Cheng


I LOVE YOU. Honestly, so dedicated and a huge romantic. He loves our MC so much and is completely loyal to him. I enjoy his small gestures and hints that tells us that he adores our MC. So kind but everybody excluding our MC thinks he some malicious and sinister demon (in which he some ways is). The thing about his devotion is, when MC finds out about how the other harbors feelings for him, they way he found out made me kinda have chills for a moment. The whole atmosphere of the place made me think like I was in a horror movie and I had a wild murderer chasing after me. But in all honesty, a great confession scene nonetheless.


This novel's main theme can be described using two question.

"Are gods really as gracious and virtuous as we worship them to be?"


"Is mankind really worth it?"

Overall, this novel was a fantastic read and if you can't read the Chinese chapters, english translation is slowing getting there, the wait is so worth it. One moment I'm screaming my sister to insanity from the fluff, and the next I'm curled up in my bed sobbing my eyes away. I really love this author and her works, and hope you'll too ❤ <<less
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