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riotguards rated it
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
September 25, 2016
Status: c17
I'll be honest, the synopsis spins a greater story than what is actually presented, within 17 short chapters I have learned more about boar meat than actual world building.

The "outrageous skill which has incredible powers" so far has only show itself to be able to purchase regular stuff like water and spices, not that it matters, the MC hardly uses it aside from buying a few things and even then there's barely any interesting element at play when the MC uses it.

The world itself is rather lacking, there's magic, skills,... more>> weapon mastery, etc but nobody actually uses it (except MC but sparingly) and interactions with the world are kept to a bare minimal except when it comes to trivial matters, the world is just as one dimensional as the characters.

Aside from the horrendous use of grammar the worst offender is the amount of pointless dribble that is inserted into the chapter as if the author was a novice taxidermist who pushed far too much stuffing to distract you on the horrible quality of work.

After a certain characters comes into the story its quickly hijacked by food segments in each chapter, the segments are usual half a chapter long (give or take) the quality however is S**t, here's a segment of the "fine" segment.


"... But there is no rice

Rice would make it better

I... forgot completely

This, would be the best with rice"


In conclusion this isn't a novel so much as a half baked writing assessment, there was definitely potential in the concept but whether it was laziness or lack of skill this is definitely something that is not worth your time. <<less
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