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rinrin123 rated it
Accompanying the Phoenix
March 4, 2017
Status: c26.1
This story was not what I was expecting, but I do enjoy the female and male leads very much. The main character is kindhearted and merciful, but is also quite logical even though she can be a bit simpleminded. As the Azure Sky King, she holds a high military position and is unabashedly straightforward, spunky, and humorous. Rather than being a Mary Sue, Chen Li is a female lead that I am very fond of, particularly because of her willingness to sacrifice and want the best for the person she... more>> loves.

The mortal male lead is also extremely likeable, but very mysterious, and it's clear that he isn't a normal person. His dynamic with Chen Li is witty and fun, and he has a tendency to bully her while treating her tenderly in the end. At first, he becomes her caretaker when she's demoted to status of "chicken, " but as she gathers her strength it's clear that the gap between mortal and god is too great for them to have a happy ending

for now?


However, Chen Li is very realistic and only wishes for her love's happiness and safety. I can only keep reading and hope that she gets a happy ending in the future! <<less
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