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rinnecrown rated it
Martial God Space
May 25, 2016
Status: c209
A really generic xianxia, if I should say, but that doesn't means it's bad, it's cheesy, bad guy shows up, bad guy defeated.

Okay, that does sounds boring but it actually is, MC rarely have any contact with others except evil character (which ends up beheaded by mc). No promising heroine or master, maybe because it's still 200 chp long, but I enjoyed it, it's carefree, it's adventure, it's killing bad people and devil, no tragedy, no extreme plot, I still like it, reading it untuk 209 bcuz I noticed it'll... more>> end of translated chp, will read again after 100 chp transalated <<less
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rinnecrown rated it
Defiled Hero
July 2, 2016
Status: c51
I only give review to the novel that I enjoy, and this novel is one of them. MC (supposed to) hate everyone, but rather than getting revenge, he got harem and some damegami (or maybe fairies) but I enjoy the novel after 20-ish chp
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