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riida rated it
Peerless Martial God
February 21, 2016
Status: --
This title consists of:
1% – bits and pieces of a good story with personal and political twists
1% – somewhat interesting cultivation
1% – few interesting characters
1% – several of the protagonists’ good decisions
1% – small but unique pleasant things
95% – ignorant and arrogant evil idiots who get massacred to give the main character something to do in those TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED chapters...

“how dare you not (figuratively) kiss my feet? I’ll have you crippled” -any random person
“how dare you fight back and cripple... more>> the first dude who tried to cripple you?! I’ll kill you!!”
“how dare you defend against and kill the 2nd dude who tried to kill you?! his family will go after you!!”
"how dare you kill his family and disrespect his sect?! they'll murder you!!"
“did you see how he killed ALL of those dudes? but I’m sure they were weak tr*sh anyway... and since we have nothing to do, lets go up to that guy, tell him he’s worthless and try to cripple him... ”
“how dare you... ” <<less
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riida rated it
The Nine Cauldrons
April 9, 2016
Status: v2c53
Oh am I disappointed...

At first tomatoes writes a whole first book about the protagonist’s previous life, showing his character, values and motivation. Showcasing the emotional suffering he went through, which made him the person he became.

Then, in the second book, protagonist betrays his former self because he “lives in a new environment and has a family now” and acts like a completely different person, making the first book WORTHLESS, except the information that he learned a legendary technique during his former life.

Now, the reason why I just can’t take... more>> this anymore:

->protagonist knows the pain of the woman he loves being killed by his enemies
->his cousin is about to marry
->his cousin is described as completely in love, wanting to spend his life with only one woman
->his girl was kidnapped by bandits one hour ago
->protagonist is stronger than bandits, able to quickly catch up, while his cousin is weaker
->he, a former stealthy assassin, drags his cousin with him, even though it slows him down
->they arrive at bandit camp late at night (best time for stealthy assassinations by a top professional, who's great at using PROJECTILES!!! such as stones)
->knowing that those kidnapped girls will be “most probably raped and killed”, they decide to WAIT and do NOTHING because the bandits would know his face (next chapter reveals his ability to change his appearence.....)
->they find the girls’ corpses, cousin suffers a similar experience as protagonist has in previous life
->protagonist thinks: eeh, it’s just a chick, "I wouldn’t risk my cousin’s life for a random person”
->a bit later, the same group of bandits responsible for kidnapping+r*pe appear at their doorstep
->protagonist (who is strong enough to kill ALL of them) and cousin calmly talk to them like nothing happened
tomatoes is either retarded, or writes incoherent jibberish just to make people angry...


stopped reading after v2c53 preview <<less
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riida rated it
Lord Xue Ying
May 15, 2016
Status: v2c14
Just like anything written by tomatoes, this novel contains lots of potential and just like every work by tomatoes that I've read, all of that potential to be a great novel is destroyed by insanely s*upid behavior of certain characters, because it doesn't matter how smart the author *says* they are, they can never *act* smarter than the author himself can imagine, making them superficial degenerates.
... more>>

for example, just in this last chapter one of the potential enemies made a threat against MC's family! But instead of thinking of how to deal with him quietly, MC just makes his influential enemy, who did not take him seriously before, aware that
1-he's not afraid
2-might retaliate
thus creating MUCH more danger for himself AND his family, compared to JUST SHUTTING HIS DUMB MOUTH but the author, again, thinks that arrogance is superiority and FORCES unnecessary tension, because he can't imagine better ways to write tension

2 stars for moderately interesting cultivation.
shallow characters, shallow conflicts, shallow fighting, shallow writing, shallow filler-talk to increase the number of chapters.
another shameless money-grubbing "novel"

Not reading this pathetic waste anymore. <<less
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riida rated it
The Human Emperor
August 28, 2016
Status: c6
This here is really not that special, so I don't get the rating.

The author mashed together TDG, LOTD, reincarnator, and even a few pieces of TTNH, but not too well.
... more>>

Unfortunately I was immediately turned off by the lack of logic, when MC tried to persuade his father not to go to the secret meeting.

His internal argument states that he must not reveal information from the future, but who forbids him to speculate about current affairs? If the result of the meeting is a catastrophy for the family, how could his best attempt to make his father reconsider be "don't go, it could turn out bad", when there are enough reasons in the present why it's not a good idea, and he even MENTIONS THEM while thinking to himself!

That immediately made me think that the author isn't too bright and I shouldn't expect much from this title. I'll read a few more chapter though, to see if I'm wrong...

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riida rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
August 29, 2016
Status: c15
The fact that it's much more popular than WOC, AWE and BTD is scary.

Apparently the author was really impressed by reincarnator and decided to write his own version (with a touch of invincible saint salaryman, which is a poor choice), unfortunately his own version is really bland and not emotionally involving.

The first couple of chapters are boring and childish, completely lacking depth. Meaningless things get lengthy explanations, but important ones with potential of proper buildup are skipped almost completely. Every single element of the story seems to be a parody... more>> of itself. The quality of translation sometimes becomes intolerably bad as well.

This here is so unimaginative that I feel empty after reading several chapters.

I'd rate it 1.5 due to bits and pieces of original content tho. <<less
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riida rated it
Dominating Sword Immortal
May 15, 2016
Status: c40
This is almost a copy of PMG.

If you ever read PMG and thought:

"If it only had fewer instances of constant unnecessary repetitive conflicts with insanely arrogant idiots, then I'd be satisfied, even with a lower quality of writing"

then this is for you.
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riida rated it
Ze Tian Ji
June 4, 2016
Status: c112
Any chain is as strong as the weakest link and the few horrible mistakes made by the author really destroyed what could be a great novel.

I really liked most of it, as it has several unique, interesting and engaging components to it, BUT, it's very emotionally unbalanced. Mostly negative. MC is getting horrible treatment from EVERYONE, unjustifiably and unreasonably.

In addition to that there are even badly written plot holes to forcefully put the protagonist in an EVEN worse position than he is! WHY?!... I had to stop reading... too bad,... more>> too bad.... <<less
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riida rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: c119
This is basically TDG for a more mature audience. (But unlike TDG it doesn't turn into a retarded and overused outer-/inner-sect plot in the middle of the story)

The problem is, after the first dozens of chapters, the writing is often waaaay too monotonous and boring. Too many detailed descriptions and thoughts of too many unimportant characters. Less is truly more.

The way fights are displayed is unusual, but becomes kinda bland quickly. MC is on a schedule and even though there's tension, it doesn't feel like tension. Also, there's a... more>> LOT of lore, and it's not presented in a very interesting way either.

I would really like for it to pull me in, like WOC or BTD does, but it's just not happening.

Edit 1:
Also, a minor annoyance:
in EVERY conversation there's this happening several times:
"he clicked his tongue"
"she clicked her tongue"
"clicking his tongue he said"
"clicked his tonue"

Edit 2:
There are several new characters with new weird names in EVERY chapter...
At this point I'm skipping every paragraph without familiar names or names of properly introduced characters.. <<less
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riida rated it
A Will Eternal
June 12, 2016
Status: c441
I never expected it to be that good. It is the light-hearted and a bit more superficial counterpart to the dark and heavy Pursuit Of The Truth. It's easier to get into because the world building and background exposition here are much faster and less detailed.

MC is a greedy coward, envious of others. Much better than the vast majority of unrealistic idealist protagonists. Yet he has his own values and a bottomline and carries his own painful past and his own way of dealing with it. Which immediately blows up... more>> the expected frame of character depth.

Cultivation and conflicts are well written and the way MC reacts to things is gold. You'll laugh from the beginning and the humor is really good. But the humor is well balances with seriousness and emotion at appropriate times. The story is developing nicely and characters are diverse and have a depth to them!

Recommended! (But I have to say that I agree with people who hate the current translator, as his writing is just not enjoyable but generic and unnatural, feels like infused with too much with his own flair and interpretations and doesn't convey the emotions and expressions as intended by the author. I, like others, really enjoyed the old translations at xianxiaworld.) <<less
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riida rated it
The Magus Era
May 1, 2016
Status: --
There are refreshing unusual elements to this (especially cultivation and worldbuilding) and I really appreciate novels where protagonists have the conviction to kill the enemy who later may prove dangerous to them and their family and friends, BUT, sometimes this novel makes me sick, because it contains:

-Rampant s*avery, encouraged and celebrated

-Senseless slaughter where thousands are killed again and again and again and you just stop caring

... more>> -Key characters and key enemies get BLATANT plot armor and escape death to come back again and again, while THOUSANDS of their companions die

-Sometimes the jump of a fairly weak person who can’t fly is measured in meters, sometimes in MILES. Sometimes someone's arrow pierces a tree, sometimes the same person's arrow blows up a mountain. Effects of speed and strength seem completely arbitrary (I think the author is actually slightly mentally ill)

There are people who claim it’s good because it’s “chaotic”. There are good novels with chaotic worlds/protagonists out there, but this one isn’t chaotic, it’s simply random half the time, and making something up as you go is not cool or unusual. It’s lazy and disrespectful to readers AND to the novel but everyone’s tastes are different, so enjoy. <<less
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riida rated it
Spirit Realm
September 7, 2016
Status: c26
Even if there are good elements to the story and characters, this whole thing seems a bit rushed and not very well thought out.

The author is trying really hard to make this title have unique aspects, but instead of coming up with something good,
... more>>

He forces the MC to act retarded even though he doesn't have to and the excuse is: MC wants to have no responsibilities in the clan. That's great, except MC never had any responsibility there, because he's NOT part of the clan and the clan owes his grandfather a debt...

He struggles to maintain his retard-cover for no reason and that creates really s*upid and completely UNNECESSARY situations with the clan he stays in.


In addition, MC being saved by thunder clouds JUST when he needs it and without explanation is really a s*upid and random type of plot armor.

Also, when MC later realizes (c26) that everyone is in danger and the enemy is waiting for reinforcements, HE DOES NOTHING FOR THREE DAYS instead of telling them to maintain his mentally-retarded-cover that has ABSOLUTELY NO USE!!!!!

I really like certain aspects of this authors works, but his shortcomings drive me insane and I have to stop reading EACH ONE after a certain amount of chapters. <<less
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riida rated it
Man Huang Feng Bao
June 20, 2016
Status: c121
I'm so diasppointed...

Every single time there's first a promising buildup, but then follows a s*upid, naive and superficial disappointment. Again and again. Characters are idiots as well. Can't take this anymore.
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riida rated it
World of Cultivation
January 6, 2016
Status: c659
The positive:

  • Mostly unique and amazing.
  • Character development is insanely good and there are no plot-holes or mistakes.
  • Don't worry, yes, there are fights, just not all the time, but all different and well written.
  • Such a solid atmosphere and a well-created world to lose yourself in.
The negative:

  • lucky jumps in power bit too often and bit too unnatural
  • story is complicated and author is less consistent as it goes on
  • too many new characters
  • legendary items encountered too often
  • everyone's level is conveniently rising to fit MC
  • rare unknown abilities suddenly are known and recognized by basically everyone....
  • lost abilities that can be cultivated only by the main character who is the only one who fulfills the requirements, can suddenly be cultivated by almost anyone (who shouldn't be able to, based on the description of balance of three powers)
My rating is fluctuating. First it was between 4.5-5, then 4-5.

But, this is still an absolute masterpiece and one of the 4 most memorable novels out of hundreds that I read (besides Tales Of Herding Gods, Pursuit Of The Truth and The Grandmaster Strategist)
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riida rated it
The Card Apprentice
June 4, 2016
Status: c15
This was written a year before WOC and has the same core and I can only compare the two. I'm sure the author made many improvements after this first attempt, as WOC is brilliantly balanced and a MASTERPIECE.

This here though,
... more>>

even though MC is weak and mostly alone (like in WOC)
hardworking and struggles to earn money (like in WOC)
sells his products to a man who owns a little store and has a friendly relationship with (like in WOC)
has a very special encounter which changes his life (like in WOC)
learns an incredible cultivation technique (like in WOC)

unfortunately, in this first attempt by the author,
-so far there's barely any worldbuilding at all (unlike in WOC)
-protagonist has no properly defined goal, not even surviving no matter what (unlike in WOC)
-entities of political/military power aren't defined well/at all (unlike in WOC)
-there's no clear sign of fighting skill being necessary at all (unlike in WOC), but his technique develops his strength
-protagonist has no hidden past and no interesting background (unlike in WOC)
-the hierarchy of the world that surrounds his is not defined (unlike in WOC)


I really really hope that all the aspects it lacks will appear in one form or another...

PS: How I hate people who claim for a novel to have potential just because it hasn't been ruined yet and thus give it 5 stars... How would you rate a great one which actually not only had potential, but developed it well? Still 5 stars? Well, what's the difference in rating then? None? Unbelievable.... <<less
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riida rated it
Cult of the Sacred Runes
January 11, 2016
Status: --
this doesn’t seem to be a prequel, but the author’s first attempt and a stepping stone. he polished his skills and succeeded with TDG.

so far the story is developing similarily to TDG, except it’s a far less interesting read...
and here I thought it was an actual prequel to TDG with the same quality of writing. what a disappointment
... more>>

he gets tons of knowledge without deserving it.

everyone else except one person is a spineless hateful arrogant bootlicker.

so far, 5 chapters to show how amazing the protagonist is with his new knowledge (that he did NOTHING to deserve) while all the shallow excuses-for-characters drool with anticipation of his failure...

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riida rated it
Phoenix Destiny
January 28, 2018
Status: c88
Edit: since 10 chapters ago there's almost only filler talk, tons of irrelevant characters who all have names and their irrelevant conversations. Also, after ch88 I have to give this novel a huge finger and stop reading, because ... more>>

she meets the two scum who drove her grandfather and mother to death, almost crippled her and constantly plots arainst her alone in a forest (plus their bodyguard). Of course they try to kill her because "no one will know anyway". She has no problem killing the guard, but instead of butchering the two like the vile pigs that they are, SHE TALKS TO THEM FOR A WHOLE CHAPTER??? SLAPS THEM THEM AND LEAVES????? WTF?!?!?!?! YOU'RE NOT A "GOOD PERSON", YOU JUST KILLED SOMEONE WHO JUST OBEYED A COMMAND, BUT THE EVIL SCUM WHO WILL ALWAYS TRY TO KILL YOU AND PEOPLE CLOSE TO YOU, YOU LET GO???? JUST DIE! Basically the ret*rd author did it to create more drama and tension later, but what an idiotic move, like there's no alternative

Initial review: I was very reluctant to try this, becase almost everything gravity picks up is the lowest, most generic type of popular tr*sh that shouldn't exist.

I'm happy I did, because this here is a very interesting combination of femMC, "system" and ok-writing. Definitely looking forward for more. <<less
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riida rated it
Pursuit of the Truth
June 18, 2016
Status: c683
Absolute must-read!

I almost made the mistake of skipping this masterpiece because it takes over 100 chapters until the predominant tone of the story is set. Yes, a 110 chapters long chapter zero. And then everything changes.

There's certain philosophical depth, but more so, it's heavy emotionally. MC's suffering and loneliness is described in great detail and compared to almost every other title here, he admits to his mistakes and weaknesses and experiences real personal growth, which basically adds a new dimension.

It's a complete ErGen universe, with all of his cultivation systems... more>> included. The world building is amazing, but it took another 300 chapters until I realized how grand a stage is being prepared and how much backstory there is to it. It blew my mind and I had to write this, because it's only after the first 400 chapters that I had a proper feeling for this work.

P.S. It's repulsive how the current translator overuses either unnecessarily sophisticated or archaic words, ESPECIALLY the word "serendipity" which means "unexpected discovery", in places where it doesn't fit. This one single word appears several times in almost every chapter since the current translator took over and replaces "chance", "fortune", "luck", "opportunity" with an ancient word nobody uses or understands. It would be a weird linguistic fetish if there were no clumsy mistakes in their translation, but there are, so it seems like an expression of an inferiority complex. <<less
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riida rated it
King Shura
April 24, 2016
Status: c103
Unusual, but really good. Deserves to be in the top 10 of all Asian LN.

There are also intense fights from time to time, especially as the novel goes on, but it doesn’t have continuous mind-numbing tension like PMG or ATG, which is great and adds balance.

There are many factions that are introduced and dynamics between characters that are developed, which slows the pace down a bit.

Too bad the translation speed is slow, since the story is getting really good right now.
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riida rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
January 7, 2016
Status: c123
It began as a fairly interesting story of a calm and mature protagonist with a great attitude, a smart enemy and an interesting plot.

Then more and more predictable filler elements and forced tension started appearing here and there....
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This is not really romance but a great story of a smart protagonist using her skills in an unexpected situation. (And very well written as well)

This novel should be at least ten times more popular.

Too bad words like “romance” and “marriage” scare most people away from such a great read as this.
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