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Beautifully translated, great plot, world-building and characters. This is a hidden gem! Will be writing a more in-depth review when I have completed reading the novel, however, for those of you who loves fantasy with a dash of strong heroine and great male leads — this is the one! This is not a reverse-harem story, but a story about magic, friendship, love, and growth.
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rheaaa rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
October 9, 2017
Status: c62
Love love love this novel so much. I've been reading countless stereotyped settings of women becoming Wang Fei, beautiful, cunning, rose above the top, but the author of this novel purposefully set out two main characters who are so unique and un-stereotyped (the female lead is lazy, just like me, prefers to avoid drama and hassle whenever she can). Not only that, the supporting characters are all likeable -- no matter whether they're the enemy or not. Everyone has their own reasons for what they've done: I love how the... more>> author gives perspectives outside of the main characters' thoughts. Great characters, including supporting ones as they're grey characters, and are not entirely black nor white. Above all, like some have mentioned, this is a feminist novel -- it is, above all (yes, even above the romance), a story about how women were struggling to survive amidst a very patriarchal society. Do not be deceived by the Romance tag and setting, just like the main characters, you have to really read between the lines to see what is the true central theme of the story -- the story of strong and intelligent women and their struggles in ancient China. <<less
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rheaaa rated it
Phoenix Ascending
September 4, 2018
Status: c53
I love this! The main character is strong, cunning, yet can be fragile at times. The main male lead (from what I’ve assumed) is not overbearing and really supports the main female lead in her quest for revenge.

The plots are also clever, and not as unbelievable and ridiculous, or just pure malice. The author is very good at creating not only great plots, but also belieable characters. Even the main character has her flaws and is not always perfect that she always win over her enemies. She suffers setbacks, but... more>> she gets over it and comes back stronger, though she may be wounded and scarred in the process of it. It’s what makes it more believable, and feels like a mature story that’s not all about your mother-in-laws, concubines, and all that jazz. It’s bigger than that, even bigger than romance.

There is barely a hint of romance so far, because this is not a novel about that, but this is a story of a personal growth of a young woman. The pace is great, not too fast, yet is not purposefully extended by the authors as well to reach 3000 chapters. Every chapter matters and each plot is not repetitive.

I also love the translation, and amongst of the many I’ve read so far, ranks amongst one of the best translations. So thank you Volare Novels!

I cannot wait to read more to know how her revenge goes. <<less
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rheaaa rated it
Martial King’s Retired Life
October 6, 2017
Status: v2c24
Amongst the countless Chinese novels I've read listed on NovelUpdates, this definitely ranks amongst my favorite. The protagonist is a breath of fresh air, he's not a hero, he's an anti-hero and we all love him all the more for that! I love reading his antics with his fellow brothers.

I love seeing his interactions and responses to others. The humor is great, and believe me, I've never laughed before for any Chinese novels, but I laughed out loud because the jokes are that good. Trust me, the mystery of the... more>> main character itself would drive you anticipating for the next chapter. The series moves fast and interesting. Love love love it.

Thank you for doing such a great translation as well, Wu Jizun. I hope that the publisher understands the great market it has outside of China and would allow you to continue translating. If I could write countless number of reviews for you, I would. Kudos to the author for the amazing work, I'll be definitely checking out his other works and put this Martial King's Retired Life amongst the top of my list. I'll be sad to see its translation get halted. <<less
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