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reddonagaiyo rated it
My Daoist Life
February 29, 2016
Status: --
To be honest this novel really moved me. It's very unique and interesting, there is no fights or anything right now (chapter 6) but it draws you in with its detailed world.

I definitely recommend this to everyone just read one chapter and you wont stop.
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reddonagaiyo rated it
Monster Paradise
August 12, 2017
Status: c49
The story is confusing at first but gets you hooked with its narrative, interesting MC, side characters and antagonists.

Chapters are kinda short which is a bummer but the translation speed is really good with 12 chapters a week (till 100 then its down to 6 : ( ()

Final conclusion

Translation: Little to none grammatic errors with fast speed. 5/5

Story: Interesting world with interesting characters. 5/5
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