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June 4, 2017
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I love this novel very much. I found this novel several months ago, binge read the 500-ish chapters, and now I am suffering withdrawal symptom LOL. I can't endure the suffering so I am reading the MTL now, while following the translation.

Many comments had explained its pros and cons, I would like address several of them, and also answer some negative comments.

1. The grinding is repetitive. Yes, I agree. However, there are many wonderful actions in that repetitive grinding! The battles among guilds, or you can wait until ... more>>

the pro players start entering the game

I laughed so hard until my house mate ask what happened to me, and I read that in mtl! I can't imagine how funny it will be in proper translation.

2. The battle is too descriptive. I agree. There are many battles which are too descriptive for me and I decided to skim through them (for example, the All-star battle). However, the (boring) descriptive battle will start disappearing around chapter 1000 because we enter the Pro stage! The battles are still descriptive, but it will not be boring. Why? Because our beloved characters are the main participants. Every character will face their trial in the pro league, each of them will have their moment in battle. They will grow. Descriptive? Yes. Boring? NO. You can not skim these battles, or you will lose many HOLY CRAP moments!

3. Characters and their interaction is the gold of this novel. I believe everyone agree with me. This is the only novel I ever read where a mere chat in QQ group can be so funny!


There are many such events, but I refer to the chat when Ye Xiu kicked Huang Shaotian out of Glory Pro Group by using his authority as group manager, and the only one who dare talk back to him is Han Wenqing because he is also a group manager. LOL


4. Some comments said that the game system is unrealistic, the author had no idea about MMORPG, and they gave this novel low rating. I really don't know what to say. I am a gamer, I played WoW, DotA, and Overwatch. I could easily see that the author know MUCH about online game, and he combined his knowledge with his imagination. I know that the game system is unrealistic in our CURRENT technology. However, it may be possible in 10-20 years. Imagine Glory as WoW in 20 years and the games will be realistic in your eyes. Do you guys have no imagination?

Seriously, the technology of the game is clearly much more advanced than any current MMORPG. There are many details which can affect the game result. Should we list these details? Character's inventory (weight), terrains, attacking different body part can give different effect (there are so many wonderful details, but they are mostly appear in Pro League arc and I really don't want to spoil it). It is awesome! If our technology is advanced enough to create such a detailed game, I can die as a happy gamer.


The one that impress me the most is the Tyranny vs Happy match. I did not know that you can DESTROY the terrains! Han Wenqing action, and Luo Ji's calculation, and the sand dune map are AWESOME! Oh, and don't forget Huang Shaotian tragedy, LOL


5. The spirit of a professional athlete, spirit of competition, spirit of champion. I don't want to spoil it, but they are the main themes in later arcs and they really touched your hearts. Who dare to say the eSport athletes are inferior to other athletes???

Ok, that is long enough for my review. Out and thanks! <<less
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