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The MC is still a child (teen) he has quick growth in his talent but still ends up knocked/passing out all the time.

MC has/gets major amounts of martial training from a young age, Reason... it just happens that way...

All non villian Characters in the story to this point are almost blindingly unique; their lack of similarity is almost unsettling. Then to the flip side the 'Bad Guys' are all disgusting in nature - if it is not a wanna be rapist, it is the guy who is like: "The boss... more>> will kill you if you damage the merchandise." etc.

The story runs and a couple basic JP highschool tropes; not outright amazing, but still done well enough. Everything makes sense and is hinted or explained rather well IF you read it properly, there are little to no surprises. <<less
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The translation is fine in the (clean) versions; the (self-edited) are a 8 or 9 out of 10.

TL;DR: Content is acceptable but the execution of the writing style is a nightmare. POVs are randomly switched; and world building via 'outside' conversations come seemingly out of nowhere and are just thrown in you face.

The translator has state they modified the story to take out redundant wording, and from what I had read there was a good flow so there seems to be no issues with that, you could even say it... more>> is needed when something is translated into English.

Overall the characters and the plot are above average, or at least they appear to be. Things get stated and then explained. It felt like all the points were presented then spoon fed to you, I could even see how that would appeal to some people. The main hang up for myself is: The transitions just out right suck. Different chapters can turn into a nightmare; you read the first few lines and are just left sitting there like 'did I miss a chapter?'. There is no segway, no introduction - just a brand new conversation in a different place with basically zero context.

I personally found this hard to read and I usually follow stories with no issues, even when comments are littered with comments emphasising how hard it was to do so. <<less
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