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After reading all of the current chapters, I want to say something.

Like the description says, the MC is the senior brother which if he was in a traditional xianxia novel, he would be the antagonist. Like in HN1F, we once again see xianxia main character tropes, like once trash, but obtained a priceless treasure and becomes a genius; taking the body of an insignificant noble/royalty child and beats up all the people that once belittled the body's previous owner; and going back to the past with the knowledge of the... more>> future; but this time, all of them are Yanzhaoge's enemy.

For the first 200 chapters, you could say that the story is about Yanzhaoge dealing with the xianxia protagonists, but afterwards, it stops focusing on them and the xianxia protagonist just become insignificant. Not that the story isn't good, it still is, but the description put up isn't accurate anymore. There isn't much romance in the story, since the MC is focused on training (yes training, not cultivation. He can almost rank up when ever he wants, so he's just training his techniques), but he does have encounters with beautiful woman. Some of them he has a very close relationship with, and hilarity ensues when he talks without thinking.

Overall, I really like this novel and will continue to follow it. I recommend reading this when it has more chapters translated, or read the raws if you can read Chinese. <<less
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randomperson rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
September 24, 2016
Status: c410
What can I say? Everything that needs to be said about this novel is already said.

I'll just add a little bit more. Some parts of the story is very emotional.... more>>

A girl who protected the world with her life, but was betrayed by that very world, having only the MC by her side; a person who is meant to be a patch to a world near destruction, but gained human emotions along the way; and most of the dialog between the MC and the world spirit near the end of the novel really moved me.

Though, at the end of each part, there's always a bit of light-hearted comedy to balance it out. <<less
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