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A Monster Who Levels Up
March 1, 2018
Status: c129
Plot is above average.

Main character is the stone that popped the "ok" plot. The author wanted to make a character that is slowly rising step by step (I admit it worked at first) but the recent chapters are just making MC a perfect character (OP face makeover = super handsome, almighty, can do everything) instead of following the early plan. I was attracted by the theme of "character being underestimated and aloof" but this current MC is FUC=KING ANNOYING.
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Reverend Insanity
May 24, 2019
Status: c200
Note: I only read until C200 and there is currently 2600+ chapters on Qidian.

This novel is just a cultivator that reached middle-stages of cultivation and is a ruthless and evil person that died and reincarnated back to the time he starts to cultivate. Of course, he never change his ways and will do anything (literally anything) it takes to get the things he want.

Like all Xuanhuan, Wuxia and Xiuxian novels, this MC has a lot of plot armor backing him up. The thing is the author will keep insisting that... more>> it is all his hard work and emphasize on things that MC had yet to obtain to remind you that his plot armor is not that strong.

Alright, let's see the good parts of the novel

    1. The writing and way of explaining (excluding certain repetitive parts) are interesting and well made.
    1. The MC is portrayed in a situation where he would be using his brains (not just brawn) and the opponents are not all your everyday evil young master trope.
    1. MC is calculative and ruthless enough to achieve his dreams.
    1. MC is an anti-hero (?) /villain that is well defined (too well defined for the role actually)
Bad parts of the novel?
    • 1. This story is too forced. The author will keep on making up excuses for the peoples (good and kind) that the MC killed by turning them into bad guys/villains. If used once or twice, its acceptable but it keeps getting reused and I seriously don't think the MC is that clever at all.

There's one time when MC killed a family of hunters (mortals not cultivators) just because they lied. MC killed the old hunter's son and threw his corpse in front of him (seriously?) and demands for a complete map for hunting in that region. After the old hunter drew out the map, MC killed him and his daughter and stepped into the house searching for the real map. Sure, the drawn map is not detailed (excluded the danger places on purpose to let MC die in the wild) but MC killed the whole family just for a hunting map. All because they are mortals so he does not need to care at all.

Then, the author created a twist where the old hunter's eldest son that was supposed to be dead years ago simply did not die. Turns out that guy became a demonic path cultivator and wanted revenge but simply just died without even meeting the MC. What's the twist for in the end? My opinion is, the author is simply making up stories to justify that the MC is an evil guy that does not seem that evil. Contradictory, no?

In fact, the problem about the hunting map could be solved in a 'harmless' way but the author just need to make MC go that one route just to prove him an 'EVIL' guy. If MC is really clever, would he not understand one simple thing? Avoid little troubles if its going to bring big trouble. That's why I said this MC is simply an idiot at times.


    • 2. The meticulous set-up just to make the MC being clever seems to be quite intriguing at first but it gets bland and tasteless as it gets further. One could easily see how the set-up was made; back-tracking from the intended result to get the one specific process. It actually feels like watching Detective Conan; there is always only one answer. Does life really gives just that one path for you to tread upon?

Take the time when MC is still in the academy as an example. The reason he could do as he wished was because of the constrained rules of the academy. The author specifically tailored the opponents of the MC as those that will definitely put their household in the first place, will definitely follow the rules and will definitely do their current job to the T.

The author keeps comparing the world with Earth and says 'If this was on Earth, I would probably be dead due to the fights over profits etc..' This made it even more obvious that the world was tailored to fit his way of thinking. Cliche? Nope, I'm thinking about one word : fake.

Seriously, it made me want to puke. It's like those that tried to oppose the MC are programmed to follow what was stated above no matter how cunning, clever or far-sighted they are. Thus, the MC will easily constrain them and the author will write 'This is how the weak are, banded together instead of this and that.' Honestly, this trope is too boring already.

Say, for those that read other novels of this genre. Do you really think that the peoples are so uniformed? The academy elder here could not punish MC because he's scared of losing face and unable to keep up the rules and regulation in academy for not following the rules. In this world that is OH SO DANGEROUS where one needs to harden their heart to survive, he still follows the rule to the T while he is ruthless enough and already hate the MC enough to deal with him.

Is this really realistic, from your perspective?

Think about it, would a normal academy elder really follow the rules like that? A character with the same personality as the academy elder would have smiled at the MC and plot against him in the dark or he might just take action on the spot due to anger.

But the novel here will not do so, there will be a whole lot of talking about how clever a person is but in the end, he/she will still need to follow the rules no matter what. In the end, the MC will just easily kill them with his so called set-up in the box's intelligence. Seriously, the more I read, the more I feel the whole set-up is so fake and cliche. In fact, the more explanation the author gave, the more obvious it became.


    • 3. The whole novel likes to focus on the MC's perspective and it will keep emphasizing it from his viewpoint; demonic path. The author will keep emphasizing the meaning of being lonely leads to true strength while family and bonds are easily discarded trash and so on. This isn't necessarily a bad point because the MC is very ruthless but he did the same thing to himself too. However, this author is trying to make the readers think that all positive values are for naught while negative ideals are the way to go. Personally, I think a good balance between good and bad is the way to go but the MC is already on the darkest side so I place this in the bad points due to my preference.
    • 4. Just like BTTH, the MC is very backed up by the plot armor. The author gave him lots of setback but he will get them all like, oh so easy in a few chapters later (except for his latent talent). In one chapter, he will say 'I need this but it's too hard to obtain' and the next few chapters will show him getting it all easily (with some troubles but considered easy). It's cliche but it is a necessary cliche in a story. Still, the author is using and emphasizing it too much. Too many of a good thing is not a good thing, so this is a bad point.
    • 5. MC is kind of a hypocrite, not a real one but a pseudo-hypocrite. Take the system that he always complain and despised for example. The way the author writes about them and connected it with reality is very nice and all but there is one thing I feel really contradictory. He bitches about the system the world's organization but in the end still turns toward it in order to get what he wants. Yes, MC did that just for the benefits that he needs and it fits his character that will do anything it takes to obtain what he needs. But still it is a hypocrite to b***h about a thing but still use that thing for his own benefit. Well, I just find it a little weird though.
To sum things up, this story is on the very dark side of the novel. It is interesting and well-balanced if you do not mind the somewhat forced way of set-up and ruthless and evil ways of the MC. If you are preparing to read this novel and you chanced up my comment, try to read it in a perspective of a villain instead of your normal protagonist or anti-hero. It will definitely help to make your reading smoother.

P.S: Hope those that read this novel either has a free and uncaring attitude or a strong-will to withstand the actions of the MC. Happy reading. <<less
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Against the Gods
December 23, 2015
Status: --
Nice for both new readers and veterans of xianxia/wuxia novels, with the usual plot of protagonist starting out weak and advancing towards letting the world knows of his fame and power.

Different thing is, the protagonist somehow never did pass over his generations' level. Meaning, each of his confrontation is where is he is under-leveled but managed to be the black sheep and wins it all. Till the newest chapter, a total of 3 tournaments and all of it follows the same old tournament where he uses his power to... more>> prove "level gap" is useless against him. But, you gotta admit the way he writes the stuff for the tournament does not get you bored, even if the plot is overused. Personally, I'm liking it the tournament in the demon world right now ^^

As for other people's rant like why don't Yun Che gets homesick after 18 months of leaving Tianxuan Continent etc..., he did try to rush going back when he first stepped into demon world. Plus, he cant leap through space and no other alternatives, plus one big plot where he met his biological parents and their crisis. You think homesick got anything to do with these? Get lost, you furballs.

Although I do praise this novel, but it's got the downsides, yeah.
1. Overused plot-Overused but interesting still but only for now. But from how I see it, the story is still in the late-early phase if not the mid-phase so if the author got better ideas for the latter part, it's alright.
2. Harems Overload! - I mean, all men dream of harem. But, this story turns all of em' into his wife lol. From how I see it, Xiao Ling Xi, Chu Yue Chan and the little phoenix girl is 100% ending up as his "wife". Good thing is, the way relationships are initiated got some comedical romance and other plots. However, this story is still early and he got himeself around 5-6 wifes already?? Since the recent chapters are still about the tournament, no romance are enacted in the arc ""YET"", but I'm thinking it has gotta be the demon empress. This is really bad, Yun Che's age is 22/23 and the empress is not only married although a widow now but her age is...... over his damn biological pops. Speaking of yet another to be in his wife-harem thingy, once the one residing in his poison bead comes out, its gonna be another harem inclusion. This author got some bad taste, seriously. Sorry for my rant but this is about the only part of the novel that I am SERIOUSLY not happy with.
3. Slow-probably nothing much for readers reading english translation but for the chinese ones, it's not even one chapter per day... from where I am now, its still 567. Slow, too slow compared to other novel releases.

Haha, but still it's not a bad read. It's among my top reads for now (depends on how the latter part goes anyway) <<less
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Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
May 20, 2019
Status: c842
Alright, I'm stating this first; I read in Chinese and I'm just a by-passer that is free to comment.

Alright, a simple summary would be a food critic that was reborn in a fantasy world and forced to open a restaurant and make food while taking into the fact of how he commented on the food in his past. He gets a system, daughter and the body that he reincarnated in is an ex-general that was crippled due to somebody being jealous of him.

... more>>

His wife is the elf princess of sorts, I forgot since I last read it years ago. Well yeah, beautiful and all that made people envy the MC's predecessor and he got crippled and live while hiding with his daughter while his wife is grounded. Then, MC comes into the scene.


Alright, before I go for the better parts, I'll state the bad parts of this novel first.

  1. This is a Chinese novel and you should know most of them are long so it will be a slow buildup. Thus, I recommend those that had a short-fuse to wait for a long long time before you start reading as I know there is gap in the time between the translation from Chinese to English.
  2. This is a novel that focuses on cooking, slice of life and action, cooking for most part. Thus, be prepared to just skip over the taste descriptions, you know what I mean. You could choose not to do so, but don't blame me if you end up roasting yourself.
  3. Again, this is a Chinese novel and Qidian gives out payment based on the number of chapters they write, you see? Don't blame it for being long winded because... Cough, you know the meaning. This is actually lots better than those other that I know.
Enough of the dark sides. Alright, now is the time for the bright side of the novel then.

  1. This MC at least has his own personality and he actually grows compared to other gourmet type Chinese novel I read before. Like Gourmet of Another World, Gourmet Food Supplier, Weird Chef. Alright, Weird Chef is not translated into English as far as I know and it's a really OLD one that I remembered and still like even after more than 7 years.
  2. Then, this novel got the cute mascot, the daughter. Sometimes, you might just treat this novel as a new type; having two MC instead, haha.
  3. Only after hundreds of chapters, the story actually starts to unfold and it is going in a good direction. The world is starting to unravel itself and more important characters are introduced; mostly those that are acquainted with the MC's original body. Then, we get to see the plot starts to thicken but still balanced well within the core genre; cooking, slice of life and action.
  4. The characters are not used and thrown away. Those that seem to be useless and provide comedy at first are then slowly brought up to front. This author knows how to recycle and reuse. Yup.
So, what should I say? Hmm....

Yup, I would suggest those that are interested to wait longer until the English translation goes up. Then, just skip the taste descriptions that are repetitive. Don't blame the author for being long winded and all, blame Qidian. This book is actually not that bad at all. Give it a chance and try it out. <<less
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Illimitable Until Death
May 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok, I read in Chinese. I'm Chinese and this is why I am stating this first.

Then, let's talk about this story then, what could I say? This novel's setting is better than previous two works but sucks compared to his newest&ongoing work.

... more>>

A story about a man that doesn't fear death/no emotion that gets <Mystic Eye of Death Perception>and thrown into different worlds with mission and all. Thing is, it's all animated worlds so you might consider it a fan fiction you know? Still, it amazes me how Qidian is charging money for this type of novel (?). Welp, not my business.

Then, you see him advancing in each world while knowing the plot of anime world/forgetting but remembers a little. Then, you see him power up and the battles aren't that bad actually. Worlds included are Kabaneri, God Eater, Hidan no Aria, Gakuen Toshi Asterisk, Shakugan no Shana, Konosuba, To Aru Majutsu. The part I do not like is simple, he does not end the arcs and left it open for the future. This made it weird. Say, you are pumped up seeing him kill through the battlefield for one part and then he went off doing nothing when entering another world and the power balance are off the rockers.


Welp, that's one part and the other one I need to mention is that this is a harem novel. Alright, a fricking harem tag is tagged so for those who are complaining girls here and there are idiots that don't even know what the tags are for. So, if I was to rate this book for its harem, I would say average, slanting towards below average though.

In my mind, it does not matter if its a harem or single-winner ending. I hate it when the MC approach females and do this and that, making them fall in love with him and did nothing. That's worse. Next, I hate it more when the MC basically did nothing and became a moving s*x machine or chick magnet. I puke at that. Taking these two into consideration, yeah harem ending like this is on the better side. Note: harem is not equal to stallion type.

As for those people that complain about something like being hypocrite and taking girls from the original MC or something along the line, you suck. If you care to complain, it meant you read the book. If you read the book knowing this would happen, and you still complain about it being hypocritical, you are the biggest hypocrite of all. Even the author is better than those hypocrites that complain but keep reading on and on; he literally wrote out his embarrassing fantasy for you guys and you guys complain he's a hypocrite? Even if he is a hypocrite, he is one hella level above you bottom-dwellers.

Just admit it, you are seeking this type of book out for these type of element. And for those who complain about having one waifu at the end is enough, this genre of books will never have one girl ending. So, piss off if you really want that.

All in all, this is a book with enough action and well, ok romance. Oh, harem too. MC's personality could be a turn off though, depending on your own taste. <<less
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Release that Witch
September 8, 2019
Status: c970
Before I state anything about the story itself, I want to state that you are reading or about to read a Chinese novel. It does not matter if it's posted on Qidian or Feidian because these novels are mostly written by aspiring young writers (kids) and only a few of them managed to emerge after a severe fight and be a serialized writer. Even if I said serialized, they would have an editor but unlike Japanese or western books where the editors put in real effort into nurturing them, the... more>> editors here are just there for the sake of being there. Lots of Qidian serialized writer have not even met their editors' face at all. Thus, please stop bringing in comparison with western and Japanese novels that had editors helping them throughout their writing.

This is why almost 99% of the web novels in China are wish-fulfillment type of novels. Face it, this is what you get when you decide to even try out Chinese web novels.

Now, this story is about a mechanical engineer that tapped into the another world as a prince of a kingdom. The new world is a world that is akin to the medieval ages that we know of. Be aware, it is akin so don't take it as the same because the residents here have no idea what cement or steam powered engines are at all. Then, this world has witches. Yes, real witches that holds supernatural powers which are hunted across the world. This is also something that our history recorded before - witch hunt. Witches are cursed and must be killed - this is what the residents of the world was taught since little. Naturally, the MC does not care about it and instead uses the witches' power and continues bringing in technology from his (our) world into this foreign world. Fortifying his territory, expanding the territory and invading hostile territories. What we are looking at is how the MC acts as an adhesive that glues up the witches and his allies and takes on the new world.

The Pros of this Story.


If you get used to how a Chinese novel narrates a story and how the exposition goes, you will find it actually interesting here. Sorry to those that are used to western books because they would find it hard to get used to the totally different way of writing here.

So, the MC is not a useless guy that is backed by plot armors (there are but if you ignore a few spots, it's relatable) and only knows how to aggressively attract hatred from his surroundings due to his actions. This makes it slightly better than those novels with that kind of MC. Still, it doesn't mean that it's good. Then again, nothing is perfect so this MC is actually quite OK. He's a slightly clever guy, calculative and the type that knows when to act. Still, he has a lot of bad parts too.

It has interesting start but like many Chinese novels, it gets stale after it keeps dragging on. Sure, new things are introduced but they just aren't as appetizing anymore. It is still good but it just don't get any better. So, you decide for yourself after you read further. For now, I'll put the plot and story as a good. MC and witches collaborate and 'invents' new things while collecting more witches and assuring his denizens that he will lead them forward.

The relationship between the witches themselves are also a plus. Also, this MC only chooses the first witch as his wife so it isn't actually a harem. This would be a plus for certain group of readers. I don't really mind but I do have some words to say about it (below).


Cons of the Story


All right, this is the bad side of the novel itself. If you could bring yourself to ignore these points, it might be a good read for you.

    1. The MC is not a relatable guy at all if you consider it from the reader's point of view. A guy that could remember the inner workings of a gun? All right, a gun enthusiasts would be able to do so. How about steam engines and other innovations that he brought out? Nobody could remember those things. Not even a self proclaimed mechanical engineer. Even as unrealistic as it is, the author could at least make up some sh*t like the MC is suddenly able to remember all those blueprints and knowledge or the fact that he has a photographic memory of sorts. None, which is why I consider this a downside for the MC.
    1. Bringing in guns in a fantasy type novels where magic and swords thrive is a
      NO, NO.

      Although it was not executed that badly in here, it is still a big minus from me. It is like pouring cold water on a sick person, in winter nonetheless. It turned me off. It is a big mistake to bring in gun powders and expecting everyone to be happy about it nonetheless. Residents might be happy at first due to the victory and assurance the guns brought to them but the fact that guns are also a scary weapon that might one day be pointing at themselves instead never comes to them. They are all happy-go-lucky celebrating the fact that guns are made without a hint of worry. Still, just ignore it because it is a wish-fulfillment novel in the first place. Don't get your hopes high but it doesn't change the fact that this is a minus for me.

    1. Witches are girls, extremely beautiful girls. Only girls are witches. MC collects a lot of witches. Isn't this akin to a story where MC openly collecting extremely beautiful girls? No, people would argue that MC only likes Anna. Yes, and this is what irks me off. You don't go raising the flags on every beautiful girls around and ends up leaving them alone. If so, don't even raise any flags in the first place. This is my personal opinion so those reading this could just write it off.
        • I want to point out that I like both single-route ending and harem ending. All that matters is how they are executed and how the MC really feels about it. What I hate is a stallion novel where the scum of a MC can't wait to stick his thing in every beautiful girls.
Basically, this is a good but not extremely good read if you could just exclude the bad points I mentioned. Do read it with some attention but don't take it seriously. You might find some joy in reading it then. <<less
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FFF-Class Trashero
April 5, 2019
Status: c10
I stopped reading at chapter 10. Not because I am inclined towards kindness or anything but this MC just annoys me. I will state that since I had only finished chapter 10, I am not sure about the latter parts.

Now, why am I annoyed at the MC? I don't hate anti-heroes. In fact, I hate the normal isekais' where the MC is plain stupid/perverted/psycho/hypocrite. So why do I hate this anti-hero MC then?

This MC seems to think that killing is the only pathway to freedom. I have absolutely no idea... more>> what made him into this. From what I read, the MC was bullied/hit/attacked ruthlessly by the Alex something as training. Ok, so Alex deserves to die then. The King that treats 'summoned ones' as life stock deserves to die as well. Then, what about the one who did the summoning and the elves?

The one who summoned the MC to Fantasia is a hypocrite, as stated by the MC when he saw her after being brought back 10 years before. But, from what I read, she doesn't seem to be so at all. Then, the future elf queen that is supposedly to bring him troubles for acting rashly without consequences, I honestly don't wanna comment yet because I do not know what sort of troubles did she get into previously. It just seems to me that the MC is just interpreting others' personality 'irrationally'. Again, I state that I've only covered up to Chapter 10.

Sure, killing off those you do not like is a good way, especially an anti-hero. Kill off the King, Alex and the elf queen if you must but what did the elves do to the MC then? Revenge at the expense of sacrificing the innocents? I call bullshit. What? You say the elves aren't innocent because they attacked MC? Dude, he killed their own peoples in front of them, what do you expect?

If those above is not enough to make me stop reading yet, then this really made me stop reading for good. I seriously hate those MC that thinks of the world that they were summoned into as just tools/games/entertainment for him/her to stroll and play in. This MC totally treats the world as a playground, disregarding lives be it innocent or guilty ones. Trash indeed.

Again, I only read until Chapter 10 so if the MC suffered so much pain that he got warped which was explained later on is something that I do not know. <<less
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Battle Through the Heavens
October 10, 2018
Status: Completed
First, I must say one thing : I read chinese novel directly so I didn't know the translated quality.

The reason I came here to post this comment is to let people realize something.

... more>>
    1. The protagonist is a perverted guy. Sneaked into a 5~6 y/o girl's bedroom @midnight and hand-raped a little girl everyday for months consecutively and let the girl thinks that he did that to help her massage her body. Xun Er's meridian is suffering from side effect of no.4 fire being transferred into her body. Next, this perverted man peeks @girls bathing etc etc...
    1. The author himself got berated a lot when this novel started on qidian. That's why he made the MC a gentleman later in the story. But heck, just thinking of what the MC did made me vomit already.
    1. Ok, we omit out the MC and look at the plot itself. The setting is actually not bad. A lot of people said the MC is too lucky, yes I admit luck is (damn) too much already. But, this work is actually the ancestor of the genre (transmigrated to other world became a waste person) type of novel that you see a LOT these days. For an ancestor (pioneer), it is actually good and you have to say the "female" characters have their own personality and growth which is actually a lot better than what you see in most novels nowadays.
    1. Truth be told, this novel is above average (after taking into account the scum of a protagonist). I mean if read in chinese yeah because if translated into english version will cause lots of reading problems with all those terms and derivatives.

Now, this is the part I edited. I saw many comments about the characters being plain and undeveloped. Yes, villains are all generic and follows evil young master type but not all female characters though.

  1. Nalan Yanran- She is one headstrong and stubborn woman. I read many people commenting about her being stupid. Stupid in what sense? Being stupid to cancel the marriage? For a fiancee that never thought about her and just hung out with his childhood friend (?) when he's still a genius and then didn't bother or afraid to find her when his talent disappeared? Or she is being stupid when she accepted the fight 3 years later? Just so you know, her talent is not bad and she definitely trained, albeit proud but she had what it takes to be proud (in Gama Empire). It is just because the MC's protagonist armor is so strong that made her look stupid in the eyes of the readers. She is a character that insisted on her own path that was forced to bow down only to the so-called plot armor. Character-wise, she is unique. How many woman like her do you see in these type of novels, huh? And I tell you this book was written more than 10 years ago.
  2. Gu Xun'er- I admit her character is too plain, or broken to exact. She was broken from Chapter 1. If you read what I said above, she was sent to Xiao Clan to find the jade and also to rest. Her clan used all ways to transfer the 4th Essence Flame into her body since she was small to help with her cultivation in the future. But her meridian is very weak as she is still small and suffers so her pops let her rest somewhere else while also giving her a task. Now, what did the reincarnated MC do? The perverted adult in kid's skin used his hands to touch her body under the pretense of helping her out. Gullible little girl got tricked and fell in love. That's the female MC you got from Chapter 1 onward; broken OP main female character.
  3. Ya Fei-Your typical cunning and enchanting female character. Not much development yeah but she is one that knows how to use what she had to her advantage. If not again for those plot armor of MC that brought trouble to wherever he goes, she is still OK character.
  4. Medusa/Cai Lin- OK. I don't want to comment on her as the author specifically tailored her to be MC's pet. The author just likes to make a character that is praised to be how good, how high and majestic and then bow down to the MC in the end. I hate the author for this, seriously.
  5. Yun Yun- Cool beauty type that could think on her own. She could make her own decision on what to prioritize; her clan or love. At first, I also thought that she was being wishy-washy but she actually did put her clan above love. It's just that she lets MC go thinking that he would know to keep a low profile but you guys know what the fork kind of person the MC is. A selfless hypocrite that always think that he is right and the plot armor will always prove it true.
  6. Xiao Yi Xian- No development seriously? To me, she is the type that had her own ambitions and take it to her own hands. Whether it being the time she decided to use the poison manual and increase her cultivation using her poison body or when she created her own sect. She is one that could do what she wants. Only that the author did not focus on her like usual while setting the focus on the MC creating chaos everywhere.
  7. Han Yue-She is yet another cool and intelligent beauty. She knows what she wants and knows when to retreat. She is a genius admittedly. She is born in a slightly better family in the outer area of Central Plains and had to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining her family clan since she is the eldest child of the Han family leader. She might have the resources but its lacking compared to what those geniuses that came out later had. She had no special bloodline, special cultivating resources or pills. What she had is actually pretty average for those born in the Central Plains. But she could get to the ranks of Dou Huang at her age with those materials already proves that she is a talented hard worker; don't compare with the MC armed with plot armor. Also, she also knows that she is not suitable for the MC and keeps her love bottled up. She is easily one of the characters that is plain and does not get much screen time but stands out just as much.

Alright, there are lots of female characters that is not listed but I just wanted to say not all female characters are tacky and plain without development. Especially in the front part of the story, the female casts are indeed unique in their own way but did not get shown as the author is too focused on the MC. Try looking from the other person's perspective and you will be able to find out the better parts.

Also, I wanted to say those that say the cultivation levels are stupid and unbalanced. It's true for the MC but it doesn't seem that bad for others. They said the opponents thrown in the latter parts are OP and strong like MC even after those 'training' he went through.


The cultivation part that is the hardest earlier is to reach Dou Zhe. To reach Dou Zhe, one needs to keep refining the body for a good foundation. That is why it takes around ten years or more. However, clans that are at the top usually have herbal dresses and solutions for their geniuses. That is to say, the way they advance to Dou Zhe is a lot faster and almost like MC when Yao Lao awakens.

Then, those old clans and sects have inheritance. In case you do not understand, one could transfer the dou qi to others, willingly. Although some will be lost during the process, it is a good way to level up for the younger ones. You might not know if they ranked up this way, right?

Plus, Yao Lao also mentioned that MC's only exceptional part is his base mental strength which is strong only because he reincarnated. He said his cultivation talent is just good in Gama Empire, average in the mainland.

The others also have their own adventure and encounters or enlightenment. Do you seriously think they would just sit in their sect and wait for the MC to come knock up troubles?

Does it make sense now that the others could get better or same level as MC? Or are your brains not working and needs other peoples to spell out each word for you guys? Simply put, MC had his own fortuitous encounters, others too will have the same. Only difference is, the MC is backed by plot armor too much.


But still, take into account that the MC is a scum that is converted into a gentleman after the author gets too much negative review after the novel is published on Qidian. The biggest evidence is that many authors are mimicking this novel by putting in a new MC and abuse Xiao Yan ~kill him ~ntr him etc etc etc....

. But compared to Douluo Dalu mimic novels, the author generated MC (s) gets along with Tang San.

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rainx rated it
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
May 20, 2019
Status: c118
I'm a Chinese so I read in Chinese. No idea about the English translation, just saw this title familiar so I came to check out and give a bit of an opinion. This book currently has 2000+ chapters.

Basically, a guy that is a hopeless philanderer in his past life that messed with the bosses of the the planes/dimensions what so and basically met <School Day>'s ending. Thing is, he was reincarnated in his second life w/o his past memories (will be unlocked by 18 y/o) and lived his life as... more>> a baker that has 4 childhood friends. He especially likes a particular one but it was hopeless as their gap is too big. Then, he got a system and he received part of his past's memory; one where he was cut in pieces by the few girls that came for revenge. He doesn't want to die, so he could only get stronger with the help of the system (loli).

Alright, this novel is actually a good take on a harem type, you see? It puts in a new spin on the harem genre with the system's trial and the settings. Plus, it slants more towards comedy instead of actions. Until here it's all good but there is this part that made me want to puke and after I read on, I quit.


Yep, I remember that there was one particular chapter named <MC's Seed> and this is where it went downhill for me. MC could receive seeds as trial rewards and synchronize with them and get their skills. Of course, they are all girls and this part is still OK, albeit a bit cliche. Then, he suddenly could plant his <Seed> in other girls. Guess what, he planted over dozens and the effect is to share their skills with each others. However, there is also the effect of making those girls that received his <Seed> infatuated with him. As I stopped reading around here, I don't know how many <Seed> would he plant in the girls later on.

My point is, this book went downhill as a novel that focuses on harem and comedy starting from here. I won't comment on the comedy part but harem? What he did was to brainwash the girls into liking/loving/infatuated with him. There was no romance or love in between. This is already beyond harem, its a fuc-king stallion type already! It was going good between the MC and the few childhood friends but he just had to make this stupid thing. It ruined the book, at least for me.


This book reminded me of a Detective Conan fanfiction where a guy was reincarnated as Detective Chiba with a system and all. Setting is good and also harem but it just had to make all girls fawn over him for no reason. Let's say the maximum point of a love meter is 100, the girls that talked with him or saw him at first glance will unscientifically gets a 80/90. It just proves that the stupid author just wants harem but is lazy to write the process and make the girls all swoon over him for no reason at all. This book is better but the way the <Seed> are used made me puke. <<less
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rainx rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
August 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I want to say that I've read quite a lot of isekai genres; japanese and chinese version both. These genres mainly took three routes.

1. MC became a self-righteous person that went around saving others while staking his life into it (mainly female characters) and ended up living through it with plot armors. If the plot is good and some comedy is in it with acceptable power level progress is made, it would turn out OK.

2. MC ends up going on the route of world domination after a series of... more>> 'stupid' events. Typically, these types are hyped up for badass and anti-heroic actions. But, these type normally lack the logic behind most of the decisions made and end up half-assed.

3. MC ain't a saint nor an evil one but one that is more of a rationalist. These type will need more reading behind the lines skill to really understand the context. But these type usually starts good but ends up sloppy as the characters ended up 'broken' by a series of events leading to them becoming the (2) type of novels. Still, if they could manage to stay within the perimeter till the end, it would be a good read.

Now, where would this novel be then? It definitely ain't No. (3) because MC is one of those Mary Sue characters that will try to 'save' everyone if possible. Let's just exclude the parts where MC time skips here and there and just the MC that is in the first timeline. He had the Great Sage that would be the biggest plot armor for him and he is supposed to be an adult with experience but he acts just like a little kid. Naive, childish and surprisingly self-centered too.


One might already know to at least be wary of one's surrounding; Do not make enemies pointlessly but be wary of everyone as well. No, the MC is so friendly with everyone that he could not comprehend that simple fact and ends up having his aides killed. Yeah, he killed those who did that but after those 'dead' was resurrected with his OP plot armor, did he manage to comprehend what led to the death of his close ones? NO.

In the end, it fell into the No. (1) category where the MC is a fricking samaritan that gets overpowered abilities and everything while acting like a frickin child for comedy purposes. As for the world building, it is not bad but definitely not good at all. It went from a great forest to the neighboring cities and then demon realms and angel realms etc... The scale rose so fast and big that it became complicated to comprehend with all that was cramped in all of a sudden.

As for the plot? Cliche but still ok. It's the typical start with world building to resisting foreign invasions and leads to MC invading instead. Nothing out of the ordinary but with foreign surprises along it made it quite OK.

Characters? NO, seriously I give a big NO. I mentioned above but the MC seriously don't get much development in his characters at all. It just went along the flow of the story to fit it instead. Most characters are one-dimensional where they are given fixed personalities and will act along the line with little to no development at all. You guys might say that antagonists are at least interesting. I say the most intriguing one would be the Orc Disaster.

Hinata? OMG, you expect me to say this thing is interesting? She is pretty much a one-line character that is crammed with a stupid background and expecting readers to pity and understand the reason for her actions. As for the last boss, Yuuki or something like that, that is just a fricking chuunibyou that was planning world destruction. I wouldn't go as far as calling him a rip-off Aizen but heh, he is pretty much a typical villain with the difference of knowing to hide his fangs. Even Orc Disaster with his normal sad past made him a better villain in the novel.

Lastly, too MILD. Seriously, grand scale wars and battles here and there and the casualties are just... I don't need bloodbath or gore but be reasonable. You expect a war to be something that you could casually stroll in and win with no casualties. A dragon rampaging in a city and ended with no casualties. Even those dead in the series later are revived and all happy end. WOW oh WOW, what a realistic intake on a war.


Basically, this novel is good for a binge read. If you're planning on reading it and understanding the motives and reasons behind the actions and everything, just give up. The MC's actions are inconsistent and subpar with his supposedly experience of being an adult. MC is basically just acting as an adhesive that glues up all elements in the story but that's all. Wouldn't say its a bad novel but definitely not a good one. <<less
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Battle Frenzy
September 8, 2019
Status: c624
I read in Chinese at Qidian so I'm here to remind those that are about to fall into this plot. Do not be tricked.

I am determined and seriously telling you guys not to fall into the trap called 'Battle Frenzy' and ended up wasting your time. The front part of the story is actually enticing. This is the first book that I actually read the details of the battles. I admit that it is interesting. But, the whole thing is destroyed by the author himself.

The author made a good... more>> story by combining cultivation and academy at first. It doesn't matter even if the setting leaves the academy because the author made it clear that the world is so big. If its so big, of course someone (MC) needs to go out and flex a bit, NO? Then, this is where it went downhill, real fast.

The characters are alright. The battles are detailed and interesting, at first. The world is big and mysteries about it are scratching the readers' heart - wanting more. Seems good? Yep until the author killed everything himself.


The writing style where it is detailed and filled with many 'useless' descriptions are annoying. But, I don't blame the author. I blame Qidian because of its pay per chapter that made the authors like to water the story excessively. It's alright. If the story is good, I can tolerate that much.

Now, even after 500 + chapters, the tournament that the MC and his team partakes in still did not end. A tournament for almost 400+ chapters. The battle skills that are brought out no longer looks like the early chapters. It will be full of some absurd special abilities and even monsters and all. A bunch of bull crap if I would say so. If its just this, I accept it. It's within my limit of tolerance.

Then, comes in the worse part. A stupid love struck MC. I love that girl even if she doesn't love me. I love her and would do anything for her. I would sacrifice anything to let her look at me. This is basically what the MC is doing all the way for hell's sake. The worse heroine that I've ever read in my whole life. She didn't accept MC because he is weak and she needs to do what it takes to protect humanity. Even after MC showed his strength and potential, she is still indifferent towards him. Alright, she made her own choice and her stance is clear. But, the love struck MC is still like an ass chasing idiot that would not give up. Reading some bullsh*t like this made me puke.

And now, the author made his choice to end the tournament after doing a whole lot of ass-pull for the MC and his team. Lots of sudden power-ups and all is already unable to make my broken heart be further broken. Then, as if trying to hurry, the author rushed into a new arc with lots of things cramped into a few chapters. This made it even more complex and weird. Until here, I stopped. I stopped every damn thing. Not just me, a whole lot of readers on Qidian are also angry. Very angry at how this sorry excuse of a work turned out to be.


This book is just a shitty book with an alluring opening but turns out to be a pain in the ass, hair-pulling and heart-killing read. Skip it. Skip it. Skip it. Mentioned three times to remind you guys how depressing of a read it was for me. <<less
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rainx rated it
The Amber Sword
January 9, 2017
Status: c1141
Edited on 20/5/2019 ~ 1 * to 3*

Well, I decided to change a bit on my review after seeing this review of mine from years before. Thus, I thought back on this story. I could not remember everything but more than enough to comment, yeah.

I'm a Chinese and I read the originals.

This story as I remembered is quite unique with its game system and reincarnated into the gaming world. The system itself is somehow like DNF but more complicated. For those reading it for the first time, remember to keep... more>> in mind the difference between MC and normal people's way of strengthening is entirely different. I remembered getting mad when I first got into this novel in the past but it gets better later on so just continue on. Do your best!


The action and battles are pretty good too but to be honest, it gets bad in the latter parts. I won't deny it because the author kinda lost track of all those things he introduced earlier and it just gets cut off here and there.
The plot is what kept me going at first. Even after I reached the thousand chapter, I was still immersed in the plot, trying to know what will happen. But, the plot just went haywire when the author finally decided to reveal the female MC's (Roman or Romantica?) background. I think that was the first time I got so mad I rewarded my laptop one punch.
Well, that is just for me anyway. For those that likes deep plots and plot armors all around, feel free to be a customer and wait patiently.
Then, there is also the fact that this novel is centered around politics, very much. You will get to see lots of ugly asses trying to pull the MC down and small skirmishes that will last for hundreds of chapters. Then, the MC is also the type that tends to raise the cockroaches. Yep, the villains are cockroaches where they don't get killed and keeps coming back again and again. Well, not all but I remember some of them are like cockroaches indeed.
Also, as a side note. This author's naming sense is fantastic in it's own way. Making the name long to increase the word count for his chapters in Qidian is one unique style of writing indeed.
Well, this book isn't that shabby. For me, it is just average due to many parts that earned my minus. But, it should be quite an enjoyable read for those that likes isekai and gaming with a deep plot.

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