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I'm with all the others who said that they liked the first two volumes, but not the others. Too much rape, not enough good plot development/story. It almost felt like reading two completely different stories (first two volumes compared to the rest). It felt like the MC changed too much and gave up the things I liked about him all for being raped by the ML and being broken to pieces. Sucks because the ideas of the story were really good, but everything kept going back to development of this... more>> rapist ML. The MC started out great, developing into a character of the world he transmigrated into really well, going through ups and downs, encountering interesting stories, then all of a sudden he is just a s*x toy for the ML and there is just a lot of cat and mouse play the rest of the storyline. I am like some others, I had to stop reading because it started to feel like sandpaper on my brain, then stumbled upon it again later on. <<less
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I honestly don't know how to rate this story. The first chapter, or first part is amazing and even gave me deja vu. It went downhill from there, and I had to stop reading at chapter 5, when the MC is reborn as a dog. I feel like I should have stopped when my instincts told me to, but I ended up reading most of that chapter.. (Cries). Even after this world is passed and he is human again, I don't want to keep reading since everything has been going... more>> steadily down hill towards a certain direction. I almost feel like the First world should be it's own small book, free of the brain shredding or bad influence from future reincarnations/worlds. <<less
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June 14, 2019
Status: c7
It is really hard for me to get into this novel because the first character the novel introduces and follows is the new recruit... meanwhile he is just a side character? A third wheel??

Me: completely rooting for this little wimpy kid and his new Partner in business, Then suddenly this teacher comes in and steals his love? WTF?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Who is this guy? Wait??? who is the MC and ML? I have been tricked I tell you! who is this little wimpy kid? Not the MC?? what? why... more>> introduce him first... why lead me on like this.. *cries*.. <<less
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don't read those R rated chapters!!! eee! they hurt, they HURT!!! Don't be tempted!!! trust me!!! The dragon region was a dead killer!! I gave up on it at first but I will continue to read... (sigh..) It was very painful to read!!! Pretty much entirely rapist... Those dam dragons!! I don't know if that was the hardest area or not, if I go any further, will the beast regions be worse?? I don't know if I want to chance it. Everything up to chapter 51 was pure bliss, then straight into 52 was like rubbing a cheese grater against my brain... not sure why the writer changed so much. I ended up feeling like the MC in this novel when he read through the novel at the beginning and the author kept torturing the readers. lol. The translator group name Bursting Chrysanthemums is not for nothing!!!


update: Just skip the dragon section if you don't want to be horribly broken..... (゚Д゚;)...... =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ (´Д`) ノ ... the rest is good so far... o.o
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raindroptree rated it
Misplacement Game
June 9, 2019
Status: c139
This book is so freaking good! So good that I couldn't wait for updates and mtl'd it like others, but I will probably re-read it after it is translated as well just because it is really freaking good. The mix of comedy, horror and romance in this novel was so well done. The characters are amazing as well, I never found anything I disliked about any of them and the world's for all of the characters was very entertaining! I am sad that the novel ends here??? Not sure as... more>> I can't find more chapters and it says it ends at 140, but the novel is obviously not finished? So sad because I want to keep reading! QAQ <<less
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raindroptree rated it
Game, Live Stream
May 26, 2019
Status: c30
really loving this, can't wait to read more! This Horror/escape game type BL with a comedic perspective is my favorite genre! O (=´∇`=) o♡
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raindroptree rated it
Welcome to the Nightmare Game
May 13, 2019
Status: c33
I would give the first book about a 4.3. Good book, I love the escape game genre, and this one has interesting plot twists that I really liked, and unique MC characteristics. At the start of the second book, the genre is all over the place and irritating religious stuff started to pop up, so I ditched it there, but sometimes I wonder if it starts to get back on track later on..? Not sure if I really want to push through what it turned into though. Anyway, it is... more>> great if you just read this first book and stop there, albeit a bit tragic. It was good enough for me to translate through google and bing! <<less
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