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rGaha rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
July 28, 2018
Status: c1412
Well to be Honest After reading all the reviews, I can't stop myself from giving my Own Review on it. I will make it short... BtW its my First.

Okay, I saw someone saying that Everything in the story is just fixed from MC having s*x with Girls after Girls. Let me clarify it.

... more>>

The powerful people beside him can clearly solve all the problem more easily but they don't do it. You ask me why? It for MC. They want to him to Learn and use his Brain so that he can get used to this problematic situations. And of course He is always under strict Security but there was once when it was pretty dangerous to roam around (in hotel arc).

And MC is quiet good at Pick Up. He is kinda slow but there no one match him at reading Personalities of People especially Female, He can tell who are useful and who are not (for his "Family").

So its not that everything solve with s*x but more like s*x is necessary and extra to every problem. Its reasonable as his new family controls the Richest Brothel in Japan, so if s*x is not involved then... What will be?



1. Character Development: Probably the best Novel in this tag I have ever read. I means EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is developing from time to time. Whether it is overcoming the past, Accepting the future or Adopting to Present. And of course their essence remain same. BTW MC development is quiet slow (actually really slow). No fault with Plot or MC, its the Novel which is Slow.

2. Plot: This is not just s*x Story it have a very Dark Plot Inside. The plot exist not because of s*x but s*x exist because of Plot. And I have already explain why above.


The Novel is divided into two no... its actually three parts. The first part is Revenge Arc which have many small arc within it (lasts till 600 some chap.)

Second Part is Shrine Maiden Arc or Kansai Gangster Arc. I prefer the first one. Basically it supernatural elements becomes active in latter half. The powers does not comes out of no where and its acceptable with all the reasoning. They had to go through hard work, Pain (for female) and matter regarding Truth and sad past to gain all those Powers and their was danger for MC also, like Metal Collapse or something.

Third Arc is just Slice of Life with MC enjoying his life with Harem and solving problem which comes along the way.

And there so much to happen and But the Novel is on Hiatus for over 1 year. Its pretty sad. The last chap was about him having an orgy with 5 or 6 girls at school in evening after the last day of his High School Fest.


3. Massive Harem: They are all real with realistic Personalities from Motherly and Older sister type to Lolis. They are the type to who just for sake of Harem but they really plays a lot of Role in Plot as well as for MC development. There's like 30 girls who had snu-snu with and there are still 15 girls on wait list and I don't think it will end with only this. But MC's s*x drive is insane. He came like 12 times on the night of his first time and he is AVERAGE strength is like 6 times a day.

4. MC PoV: This might seems weird but there should be a plus point for it. I can't imagine this Novel becoming interesting without MC way of looking at it. Looked at with despair, sadness, tear slowly showing his Usefulness, Boldness and Funny way to look at other with very very little Happiness and No Trust. Its sounds weird but I will say this PoV style adds another star for me at least.


MC have a huge gap in his heart because of no parental love although he had Grandmother with him but Kindness is what he could acquire from her. And he had a very sad ending with her, this is some major story of MC past so I will not spoil it much. At an small age he took care of everything himself but little help from his grandmother as she was old and he lost her at about 7-8 year of age.

He was broken in sense because he saw his parent leaving him alone as "Normal". I mean he did get hopeless and Despaired but he never thought why did it happened to him? I'm sure if there was someone else in his place then they would complain and curse their parent but He never ever once raised complained to his parent not even in his mind. He was like ah... My father left and mother will never come back home, Well how should I be loving now?? I need to turn off light and use as much as little resource to keep the expenditure low. He somehow survived like this for 2 months and he only collapsed when his first love Yukino got herself a boyfriend and it was after conformation with his own eye.h

This attitude towards life was all because of his Sad Past (Childhood) Life. And That's why Every Women who knows about his past wants to protect and love, It activate their Motherly instinct but its unfair that almost no person fall for MC look because of his (below) average look But they end up falling for him in the end because of Trust he shows with his Eyes and s*x, Also for honesty and seriousness.

Almost everyone Closes their eye in s*x but MC chooses to look at them during the whole run to show his sincerity and trust for them and this is the reason why most of Female fall for him and some have even fall for him after seeing the whole process of him raping women so seriously and sincerely. And he always rape them to make a better way ahead for them, instead to raping it should be giving a hand and of course nothing comes for free and rape is the price for them.

Almost all of his female have their social and family problem varying from small degree to very very high degree and so seeing MC truly need them and trust he show they can't help but fall for him. Its not without any reason unless there are people who beleive falling in love is for just power, money and look. And all female fall for MC because of his Feelings and Trust toward them not for look, power and money. BTW MC is pretty Rich but he never act act like one.


5. Snu-Snu: In other word s*x. s*x scenes are quiet intense with one-on-one and threesome to Orgies. In every kind of situation and most of them are very satisfying. Every s*x scene feels Refreshing and New and the most interesting are the Rape one.

6. Dialogs: They are also a plus point, as its MC POV almost all the information comes form it, thanks to MC being dumb at the start. But what's make this more unique is their interaction and talk between them. Normal s*x and vaguer talk is not enough to make a novel run this long, The dialogs before s*x, after s*x and in the s*x is what works as the fourth and fifth star for the novel. Once you read it till end you will know why. And there is Random Knowledge drop in between Random dialog varying from Western to Eastern and also Sports, its depend on who is talking, see its their personality and interest it.

7. Author: He is used typically every skill he had in this novel. He used humour where it was needed, sadness where it was needed to appear, Darkness where it was necessary, naive ness and pureness to run it. Sometime Author makes a very Serious Situations funny to extreme like...


One of MC Senior (female, not harem mem) who was an international terrorist placed bombs all over Tokyo but one in to-be-destroy Takeshi's Castle. And She made a live Broadcast to it all over the country and the bomb was defused at the end of show by MC's going-to-be Security Guard Company which was pretty large, and in some sense is done for Promotion of the company but the large part was for Her enjoyment. And The hidden thing is that Police can't do anything about this, if they did tell about all this to people who believed that all this was "a funny TV show" then don't they will loss all the trust in police while something like this big happens and the police was not on time to stop it. It will to disgrace to them or so. And of course the Promotion was for the upper class people who needed bodyguard from MC's going-to-be Security Guard Company. So It was funny but a serious situation.


8. MC's Trait: Latter in the story I got to know the real Hole in MC's Heart and it really hit me. That was...


MC want other to Trust him and he is willing to work very hard for them but He can NEVER TRUST them and that's why he is willing to work hard so that they will never leave him... He really hit my weak spot and I cried. if you know about his childhood (from parents to grandmother) then it makes it more sad.


I think this much is enough for pro...


1. Very slow Paced: As also explained by Translator it took 150+ CH for 1 week only but I can even say that it cab took 59+ CH for 1 day only. It depends upon the situation and depth in it. Even a normal day is like 10-15 CH long. But the content is very good and satisfying.


Till 1412 CH it been like only 9 months from the start of story. Pretty insane right? But it feels like so much had happened and this is how real life feels also that's why it is more like a realistic novel for me...


2. Hiatus: Three years back, Author took a break of about 1 year before he continue but this time its more than 1.5 years. I means he release rate is 1 day per chap in his active time and he need break also to collect idea and write a scrip for future development but it's longer then previous break and I'm afraid that he drop this. I hoped I could visit Japan and meet the author and motivate him to continue writing more. But sadly I'm still 17 so It will be hard and expensive for me to travel there even with my family on vocation.

A very small plot hole...


This plot hole might not be noticeable but I could just directly ignore it as it was only mentioned one to two times after re-correcting it. One of the Female was mentioned to be in Second year of High School at her appearance but latter due to some plot convenience Author changed it to Third Year. And the it was reasonable also.

She was transferred to Tokyo with her two other sister due safety problem and she and her sister plays some important role in latter story. So after all done and finish only she had to to back to her home place and fulfill her family duty there (it was of no harm to her) and to show her sincerity and not get bored there she promised MC to gave birth to his child before she go back. And of course MC could visit her from time to time and it was a long distance travel and he had his normal life at Tokyo he could not always be there at her side and she could not leave that duty and it was something very important. So MC said that she could go back after he get her pregnant. So author changed her from second year high schooler to third year which makes her left with less than half year of school life. And it set for her to spend those last few months in MC school and special-only-5-female student class, One of MC's women is chairman of his High School, Pretty much the whole school is their home ground. And it was somewhat uncomfortable for her to spend the third year in that place with pregnancy for her and MC as well as us also. So it was reasonable explanation for it, although Author never explained it.


Last I will say... "Come to For Plot not For s*x" or "Come to s*x Stay for Plot"

PS- Sorry if my English sucks... <<less
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rGaha rated it
Grasping Evil
December 8, 2017
Status: c1244

I saw a lot of review giving 1 or 3 Star but the thing is they haven't even read 100 or so chapters. Trust me guys If u miss out of this then you will regret it alot.

Scroll down and see if any 300+ chapters review gave less then 5 star. I will delete my review if you found any.

... more>> Anyways I will keep it short so don't worry. Pros:

1. PLOT: A Very-very-very Deep Plot with lots of Foreshadowing and Side Stories. 2. WORLD BUILDING. Very Satisfying. Best of all.

3. COMEDY. Sometimes it can makes you laugh till you die. Otherwise its always here and there all over the novel. Its always a fun read.

4. CULTIVATION AND DAOISM. Very Interesting to read.

5. MC. The coolest and most Sane MC of history of CN Novel. He do whatever he want, no one can stop him. He doesn't even care what other think of him.

Later in the story, he got an ability to talk to non living things. And one of his Harem member saw him talking to things. She end up thinking he is mentally ill. MC tries to explain it but they still don't believe him. So he just let it be this way.


6. HAREM. Usually I don't really like JP and CN Harem. On one side there is no end to Platonic relationship and Fan-service, on other hand women are just source of unnecessary enemy. BUT here everything is for the sake of plot. Especially I like how author manages the Harem without them being an Annoyance. Even the FMCs are included in Harem because of important reason, which you know once you start to read it.

7. LONG CHAPTERs. 8. ANTAGONIST. Enemies here are not Young Master or Something. Most of the Antagonist are old fox here, always planning from behind the scene. Which makes the Plot more interesting. And We can find clues of more possible Big Antagonist through out the Novel.

9. Lastly Everything Happen for the sake of Plot. So just wait for Author to reveal it.


1. Long Chapters but takes alot of time to update. 3 Chapters in one month if you are lucky or one Chapter in 3 month if you are extremely unlucky. Usually its the former.

2. ROMANCE. Harem build is good but it lacks a little Romance mainly because MC is usually cold and have low EQ (?). But still I like the interaction between them.

3. Not much Translated Chapters. I have to make do with LNMTL. Lately the Plot is so deep and Complex that understanding it in Mtl becomes very difficult.

Honestly I will give this a 9.9/10. <<less
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rGaha rated it
King of Gods
February 24, 2018
Status: --
Few things you need to know about this novel:

1. No Romance. 2. Action, Adventure, cultivation, Daoism, SLEEP and repeat.

3. Amazing eye power but mostly are copied from other source.

4. Might have same cycle in adventure but every time its bring new concept and action.

5. Interesting Cultivation system and realms.

6. No breaks b/w events basically MC just want
to become more and more
strong. If you are looking for fun read with full of adventure and action this one here is definitely for you.
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