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r0sen4y rated it
A Will Eternal
May 31, 2018
Status: c600
Meh, not one of the better Er Gen novels. Little Bai remains childish in the worst kind of way. He is not playfull, but childish in an immature way. He is always thinking like a spoiled brat and I see no progression in his character in 600 chapters. I just can't pin point it but something seems off with him. While Su Ming and Wang Lin lived a life of bitterness and Meng Hao for the most part made his own trail by himself, little Bai is always being fawned... more>> over by the sect elders wherever he goes and his is indeed a smooth journey. I rly hope he meets the Devil, Demon and God somewhere in the Universe and gets his ass handed to him. <<less
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r0sen4y rated it
Emperor’s Domination
March 14, 2017
Status: c460
Let me start by writing about this novels good qualities:
- Story is very refreshing - MC has spent literally millions of years planning, gaining knowledge and planting items through the world;
-The most domineering MC ever with the ability to back his behavior;
-Supporting cast is fleshed out and have very distinguishing features, but from the spoilers I gather their development is neglected just to introduce more followers, so they too can be neglected and forgoten;
-Physique types are a very cool feature;

Now i'll start the bashing:
- This... more>> is the most dragged on novel i've read. Translators do insane job in translating 3 chapters almost every single day, but even if you drop it for 10 days and come back to read it you'll find out that barely anything happened. The chapters aren't short, but the dragged out dialogues and completely useless garbage fillers destroy any good will I have about the novel;
- Very complex cultivation. It is very hard to follow cultivation levels in this novel. It doesn't help that cultivation is never fully explained either. That with the 3 way cultivation means and different level of techniques make it borderline impossible to gain any idea of strength levels other than take the author on his words (which are also very vague). Physique types aren't well described- if you're gonna waste chapters atleast use them to make some impressions other than- this one is super strength, this one is super speed this one can go through attacks (and that is all the describtion we get for the immortal physiques) ;
- Useless fodder are constantly introduced. That is not bad in itself if they were killed immediately, but the author goes out of his way to describe them and their clans and their brothers and sisters and uncles and whatever, then we start a 5 chapter fight with the random fodder, then the fight get interrupted for 2 chapters and then and then....... So what should've been 1 chapter conversation fight and kill becomes 10 chapter one.
- Character inconsistency of MC. He is the most knowledgeable and unparalleled under the heavens and fears no one but is extremely reluctant to reveal his identity going out of his way to hide it at times, not letting even his blood sworn in on it. If anything he should've been like "Yeah, I'm the crow, f**k you!", to be in line with his usual behavior;
- Not a giant fan of the harem gender either- for me it shows lack of imagination on account of the author failing to think of other ways to move the plot;

I could've lived with this novels shortcomings but the authors intent to strech out every single moment into ethernity. I rly hope translators drop this to focus on some more deserving project. <<less
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r0sen4y rated it
Pursuit of the Truth
June 9, 2018
Status: c625
I won't give this one full marks cause there is still a long way to go, but the current progression is very well paced. For some SU Ming might be kind of a bland character, but I feel this novel is more about the enigma and his search for his roots so far. I can't say that the support cast is very outstanding either, BUT

Heavy spoiler !

... more>>

It seems that the people from dark mountain village will be gradually making a comeback as immortals because that whole thing was some kind of illusion. I have the feeling they will play a bigger role in the next few hundred chapters so Er Gen will have a chance to redeem some of them


I enjoy the cultivation and progression of Su Ming so far. It is only nattural that cultivators spend a lot of time in the first step (chapter wise) and we have more time skips and a more rapid developement in later steps.

Er Gen does really good job with establishing worlds. I have a very vivid picture in my head of all locations he indroduces.

I don't know if it is because of the vast quantities of garbage being translated in ww, qi and volare, but this stands out as a gem and should be given the respect it deserves. <<less
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r0sen4y rated it
Talisman Emperor
May 31, 2018
Status: c150
To be honest I really did want to give this one a chance. Novel about a MC that doen't mindlesly run around and isn't all about sword formations, crafts talismans and cultivates in peace would be a nice change of pace, but alas we don't get what is advertised on the review.

This is terrible!! The MC has no personality. This writer is clearly inexperiensed- first he tries to establish a low profile introvert MC and 10 chapters later we have this heavenly expert that radiates dominance and is steeled by... more>> "countless life and death battles"by killing a few beasts in a forest for a month. So far there is no talisman inscription, just mindless droning about sword formations and heavenly treasures and miraculous instanteneus heavenly Dao compehensions. What the actual f**[email protected] A 150 chapters in the MC can kill 100 cultivators in the same realm as him in a head on battle. Where is this thing going?? <<less
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r0sen4y rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
May 31, 2018
Status: c660
This novel is worth reading. Let me agree at the start that the MC is kind of bland- but that is the premice. He is a mortal without backing, learning things on his own trying to survive and reach new heights with his terrible aptitude. So its kind of logical that he would be laying low, cultivating bitterly by himself for prolonged time. If that is not your thing then so be it. The main advantage the MC has is his brain. He can read the people and situations and... more>> plan ahead.

A few positives I would like to point out- there is no miraculous backing behind the MC and no heavenly expert has ever appeared when he is about to die. There is no overflow of heavenly defying items being "discovered"every few chapters. There is this emphasis every once in a while that shows the passing of time for regular mortals and how people which the MC used to know are now gone. Its not in a corny way, it just illistrates the journey of the MC and how lonely that path can be. The MC isn't some genius, even his appearance is average, there are no moments of "millions of people"gazing at his awesomness, while he is advancing a stage in cultivation, or doing battle, there have been no tournament arcs so far. There is no bloated chapters and repetitions that are there just for the sake of word count. The author does his best to provide an accurate and vivid record of this cultivators life. So I would say the name is freatly fitting the novel. <<less
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r0sen4y rated it
Against the Gods
February 16, 2019
Status: c700
This dumpster fire has too high of rating so captain obvious to the rescue.

This novel has two main characteristics. The first one is sensless brutality. For me that is its highest asset and kept me going to that point, but for someone else it might be a downer.

Second characterictic and the reason I dropped this sh*t is the harem on steroids. I get one love interest, a second one I can tolerate, a third one I can ignore since the carnage is so good, but everything after the fourth one,... more>> and a kid no less (the fire/phoenix/whatever princess) I can stand no more. This guy must have his revenge and he must repay his master, but after he humps everything that moves.

This abomination is repulsive to me. Proceed with caution. <<less
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