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q25t rated it
Reign of the Hunters
July 23, 2017
Status: c103
There's a lot to like about this novel to be honest but one aspect just ruins the whole thing. This is a VRMMO novel so obviously there's a game that's being played and is unbelievably popular. The problem is that game is terrible. The bits and pieces we get of it make me as a gamer wonder how this game got a 1000 players let alone the millions it's supposed to have. It has dungeons with "puzzles" whose solution can only be determined by dying repeatedly over and over and... more>> hoping to stumble into the right path. No skill, no reasoning, blind luck. Skills are not acquired easily but again by largely blind luck.

There's another issue in that in MC's first life she plays as a spellcaster type character and now plays obviously as a hunter. These are not identical playstyles. All of her skills seem to transfer over somehow. Wat?

The author also seems to have a hard time making up their mind on how good of VR there is. NPCs have as much of a personality as actual characters yet somehow spells and other things seem rather stiff, like there's no customizing them.

The character interactions are actually fairly decent although the most recent chapter is likely to have me drop this. The MC tells a child several days after his entire family's death and him becoming an orphan that he should essentially just suck it up because no one cares. I can understand taking this tact when it's been weeks or months but it's mentioned the funeral hasn't even been held yet. Seriously, WTF. This child then develops respect for the MC. Maybe there's something cultural here about how people deal with the death of a loved one, but the MC currently comes across as a callous b*tch. This is after much character development in her getting along with people.

For a second chance story where the MC is attempting to gain allies as she realizes she can't do everything herself, the MC is way too unlikable and doesn't really try very hard to make friends with people. She's one of the top players in the whole game playing a DPS role yet spends almost all of her time with no party all by herself. Right, what was the moral of the story?

Right. I should actually mention some positives. Translation is fantastic, no complaints at all. Writing is actually pretty good save all the griping above. The pacing is also ok. There seems to be some big plot going on with her class that's slowly developing. <<less
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q25t rated it
Against the Gods
July 10, 2017
Status: c890
This novel is essentially heroin. You know damn well it's bad for you but it's still addictive.

The good.

World building is actually pretty damn good. Multiple powers and realms with discrepancies in power levels for semi-decent reasons. ... more>>

An overarching conspiracy about the world MC is on right now.


Fights are actually done pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but they're certainly good enough.

The bad.

Practically everything else.

Writing. Everything in this entire universe is composed of jade. No female mentioned in the novel that I can even recall isn't a peerless beauty, which is a bit of an oxymoron since there are about 8 of them. The whole idea of expanding your horizons and finding stronger people is fine but it's happened maybe 9 times thus far. From his branch family in a small town to a slightly larger town to the capital to the overwhelmingly stronger other country to sacred grounds to divine realm people. I'm probably missing some.


I'm almost positive that the only reason YC killed the whole f*cking burning heaven clan was just to develop Fen Juechen as a villain. This whole novel actually has a weird habit of acting like it's virtuous to drag thousands or even millions of unrelated people into your own personal problems. In the war with Phoenix nation and blue wind, the empress doesn't surrender, thus resulting in millions of casualties for some reason? She expected no reinforcements, had not a chance in hell of even denting the enemy, and had no particular reason for resisting except for face.


Everyone is this novel is ret*rded at all times except when YC does some face smacking. YC has on likely more than 10 occasions walked by choice into situations that without plot armor would kill him in two seconds. If the protagonist of the novel goes into a situation willingly without current powers to resolve it, you don't get to call him smart. He's an idiot.

Phoenix nation has a war over a mine. Really big mine even so the superpowers above them would even be interested. Must mine discreetly. How is this accomplished? Launch a full scale war out of the blue on the nation who has said mine and then station troops there whose entire job is to pound the ground to cover up the noise of mining. I have no words for how preposterously dumb of an idea that is.

The romance. The first few of YC's harem had fairly normal reasons and were acceptable. Cang Yue was saved by him a few times and spent a decent amount of time together with him in a perilous situation. Sure. His aunt is weird in the incest sense

but they're not actually related so...

but The relationship is actually normal. The ice fairy he got pregnant in the weird I need to r*pe you to save your life situation. O.o The demon empress I honestly don't have any idea why she likes him. Effectively he ends up blackmailing her into not killing him for his bloodline and they fall in love because she's goddamn emotionally scarred and broken. Real nice. Princess #2 of Phoenix nation falls in love with him because he is literally the only option she has had. She grew up seeing apparently no one and just sort of stayed sheltered because her dad and brothers are all kinds of f*cked up about her.

This is the only novel in all of my life that I've rooted for the main character to die. This includes multiple anti-hero protagonists and just straight up villains. The combination of being a raging as*hole and also being so unbelievably s*upid just makes me root for his death. It might help him learn a motherf*cking lesson for once. And because he has OP as f*ck artifacts, he'd just reincarnate again at this point so the novel wouldn't even end. <<less
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q25t rated it
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife
June 30, 2017
Status: c303
This is the author's first novel and that shows so very much. The first 300 chapters were apparently written in two months since he started writing.

The best description I have for the novel is a bad soap opera mixed with a really bad xianxia novel. It does neither well. Multiple characters have been on the verge of death and been saved through nothing but the sheer s*upidity of their opponent. I can understand if your main villain has some trump cards that can allow them to escape from the MC,... more>> but when their escape plan relies on the genius MC and her genius husband to be idiots, it falls rather flat.

As for the combat and pill-making aspects of the novel, while being rather central to developing much of the plot, we know very little about either one of them. The MC is supposed to be a peerless genius in making medicine. This falls far into failing to show not tell. Making pills apparently is nothing more than putting ingredients in a cauldron and melting them. This is the description we get when the MC is the most godly alchemist to ever alchemist.

Combat and cultivation are a mess. There is no other way to put it. Combat seems to be turn-based while you fill a special meter to unleash your true power. That's only slightly hyperbolic. I haven't even the faintest of ideas how cultivation works or how much stronger anyone is compared to anyone else. The MC's parents are big shots in an entire domain yet aren't even remotely powerful. The MC has skills from a previous life where she was supposed to be OP that don't do anything whatsoever. There's no methods to use energy more efficiently, elemental suppression, tactics, strategy, or anything even remotely clever.

If you've run out of reincarnated tr*sh female lead novels then read this. Otherwise, read nearly any other one. <<less
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q25t rated it
Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
June 13, 2017
Status: c52
The translation is good, the plot is great, and the characters aren't terribly one-dimensional.

The problem? The chapters are tiny and practically nothing happens in each one. Literally a single bet about what stones were worth took from chapter 26-38.

If you're going to read this, and I recommend it despite being annoyed at chapter length, saving up a few chapters is probably best.
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