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puppytoe rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c813
This is my second time leaving a review, and mind you, I did stick around until what is currently the latest chapter to date to see the MC develop. The MC develops from an unlikable unsociable human being to a unlikable human being that bribes people into adoring him.

The amount of plot armor this fella gets is unbearable. You could have a secret organization bent on ruining this guy in one arc, only to have the head of said organization down on his knees begging for the MC's items in... more>> the next. And EVERYONE ends up with the same mindset of "Well I didnt recognize his abilities, but now I do recognize it and want to be his friend". At a certain point, the novel begins to follow a "pubstomped, so I guess I'll follow this guy" kind of trope.


Its been 4 years in the novel, and yet everyone globally still thinks the MC is going to lose the international competitions despite the MC continuing time and time again to prove himself broken. Why is everyone except the MC's kingdom/associates so daft? Which results in meh "OMG, this guy just broke my expectations" sort of reactions.


Also, I dont mind the harem genre, but what seemed to be strong supporting women turns into 2-dimensional mindless women whose only goal is to somehow woo their one and only MC savior, who gives them items that keep them relevant in the story amongst the 50 other supporting cast members.

The story went from bad -> better -> good -> I saw that coming -> boring -> bad <<less
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puppytoe rated it
The Returner
November 29, 2018
Status: c105
This is not a bad novel, but its definitely not what I believe some people were expecting. The prologue gives a dark vibe where a man becomes a villain whose willing to do anything to go home.

Upon returning, the plot takes a major turn when the MC will literally do anything to avoid working, no matter how frustrating. I think a lot of the issues early chapter reviewers had was with this major turn in genre from dark brooding fantasy to lazy protag comedy instead of something like "Seoul Station... more>> Necromancer".

The jump in genre wasn't the best transition due to the MC immediately becoming a frustrating hikkikomori. While at first, it seems fine, the plot begins dragging and the initial first arc could be called :


"The SDF's sorry attempts to recruit the MC". A very frustrating arc where the MC only ever uses his experience from the otherworld to avoid working for the main organization that defends Korea and to play them.


A positive factor is that the MC never acts out of character. Unfortunately, his personal character is sooooo unreasonable & selfish; its one thats been destroyed by his time in the other world and it takes almost 40 chapters before the MC gets any sort of character development (in his defense, he had thousands of years of character development in the other world).

The story also takes a while to get going, which is covered up by the MC's selfish actions and leaves you with this "where is this gonna go" sort of feeling that doesnt get addressed until muuuuuuch later (and not very well).

MC has a good excuse for why he is the way he is, but its not good enough to wait for the story to get better. Read if you have free time or need something to kill time for your other novels to update <<less
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puppytoe rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
March 26, 2018
Status: c37
Honestly, the story had a lot of potential when I first started reading it. Loved the MC's backstory and even how the MC handled his mother's death and revenge. I usually can even deal with the absurd amount of OP the MC gets since it essentially got explained in his reincarnation backstory.

What Started bothering me was his weird harem of ghouls as a toddler. As some reviews said, the story goes downhill once he starts playing Sims and it gets extremely lighthearted despite the author's attempts to keep the story... more>> dark as a result of giving the MC a harem town. <<less
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