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The reason I've rated a 3 and not higher is that for all of this stories strengths it also has some flaws that may seriously be off putting for some. While it is worth giving a try if you struggle, don't push yourself, or maybe drop that arc and jump to the next one '8 the translator divides them up clearly).

What I like:

Unique protagonist: This MC is outrageous in the headlights she will go. By far not perfect she turns to behavior that is totally out there from what... more>> is usually described in novels. This leads to hilarious encounters and sometimes strange developments that even the 'different world's story line' struggle to amend.

Contrasting typical relationships with a-typical ones: The worlds that MC visits are all different kinds of cliche story lines with very cliche relationships. MC, however has more nuanced and unusual relationships with the natives of the worlds (though she doesn't develop them in all of the arcs). This comes off as very refreshing among all the stifling plot relationships.

What I struggle with:

A special brand of feminism: The MC has very strong feministic views, which often go against the comonly accepted norms in some of the worlds she visits. This is refreshing at first, except MC isn't always consistent with the messages she preaches. One moment she's speaking up for women having a personality, next she's stating that womens most important assets are their face and body... *sigh*. Sometimes I genuinely see it as a struggle between the ancient paradigm of the world MC is in against her pwn modern views. And sometimes I just see it as the author struggling with their own feministic ideals and the modern Chinese paradigm surrounding women, which strikes my North west European sensibilities as old fashioned and disadvantageous to women.

When the Protagonist suffers so do the readers: Some of the Worlds have really strong cliches, probably diliberate so the MC can point out all of the ridiculousness. Usually the MC suffers because of outragous behaviours of cliches, the problem is, I suffer too T_T. It's horrific. I don't know weather to call it good writing because the author makes their point or to call it bad writing because the point is so well made the raders just want to stop and puke at the nonsensical behavior of the characters...*sigh* fortunately this element is weaker in some arks than in others.

It's worth giving a try. The chapters are short and quick to read. Though the first arc isn't the best it isn't the worst either and should give an idea of what's ahead.

And if you like a certain character,

don't worry. You'll see them again. ;)

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procrastination_day rated it
Gentle Beast
April 23, 2018
Status: c77
A well written transmigration story in my opinion, though it is different from a lot of other transmigration stories.

Overall summery: Following primarily the human protagonist who starts her journey of survival as a teenager and whom is eventually courted by a predator (resembling a beast-man in other stories) from the world ruled by the law of the Jungle.

The protagonist is a seemingly normal girl in terms of physical capacity, skills, intellectual and emotional intelligence, (though she does posses a trump card as you will find out in the first... more>> chapters). She struggles with surviving and dealing with the cultural and moral clashes of her own and the new world she has found herself in.

Recommended for mature audiences: because of violence and s*xual content. It's at the very leas R-15 and at times skirts the R-18.

Concerning the Yandere tag: The Male Lead (guess three times who it is) is a predator, along with this nature comes certain overbearing characteristics. However, without giving any spoilers, I'd like to point out the excellent title of this novel.

Character development: Definitely, and a realistic one at that in both direction and amount considering the time frame.

A good read in all. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Night Ranger
December 20, 2017
Status: c127
Surprisingly addictive. I started reading this with pretty low expectations, but somehow couldn't stop clicking to read the next chapter.

The premise is not overly original. A top lvl gamer transmigrates to the game world and takes on the wishes of the body he possesses, which is of course currently in dire straits.

The translations are very good. The plot somehow keeps me hooked, and the scheming is deep and will give you some surprises. The lore in the story is fairly engaging and original too without there being an overly high... more>> demand on remembering the particulars of lore.

Another big plus is the authors mature approach towards s*xuality and s*x; without their being an overly high emphasis on it, what is present is somewhat plot relevant with exposure to a variety of different s*xualities.

Deffenetly recommend this for refreshing and at times surprising entertainment. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Rebirth of a CV Star
April 4, 2019
Status: c36 part2
Unexpectedly good. I though to begin with that this would be an exaggerated and unrestrained reincarnation tale of revenge, and praise of MC's skills.

Though indeed there is some revenge and plenty of praise of the MC's skills along with the MC unrealistically constantly seeming to get female roles it is slightly rained in.

More interestingly there are some elements that details present in the pot that make this story a bit fresh and a hole lot more interesting:

... more>>

MC isn't the only transmigrator. So far there is the ML and one other and none of them come from the same origin world.


Some of the elements concerning voice acting seem highly unrealistic, however, having the focus on voice acting itself is quite interesting and feels a little more fresh.

This story has left me pleasantly surprised, though admittedly I did not start off with high expectations. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
As the Minor Gay Rival in Het Novels
March 29, 2019
Status: c1 part8
The premise is fun. MC though not gay has been promoted to become a the role of the Minor gay Rival in Het novels. It's also fun when the author points out the inconsistency and illogicality of the cliche situations in said Het novels which are then prompt brushed aside.

Something odd happens, however, and the plots start to derail completely seeming to transform into BL novels which revolve around the MC. Who who laments and complains about it to his system. Said system often notices that something is off before... more>> the MC does but usually keeps quiet about it.

So far this story is pretty average though the premise gives it a little freshness. Making it a fun read. 3.5* <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty
February 26, 2018
Status: v2c9
This is just the beginning so rating may change.

I sont have much to say on the story and the plot yet other than it seems fine. It's interesting to have an older women as the transmigrated protagonist. Though she's a bit of a pervert, she is also self reflecting at times which I can show appreciation for.

She holds an interesting friendship with what sort of can be counted as her only real friend.

I'd probably given this story a 4/5 if it weren't for the recently very poor translation quality. IT's... more>> so bad I can barely understand what is happening. Hopefully this will improve. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
January 13, 2018
Status: c74

At first this story appears to be your run of the mill transmigration, with the protagonist having a miserable background, having a stroke of luck along with talent, intelligence and a scheming mind, with strong principles. Even when the additional otome game plot point is added, this initial cliché impression merely change to that of a 'canon fodder otome game transmigration'.

Otome game clichés there are a lot of in this story, however not in the way one would think. All the potholes and inconsistencies and conflicting aspects that are typically... more>> common and ignored in this genre are seriously brought up in the story. I'd like to say that it makes fun of these clichés but the truth is that they become in some twisted way, innocently sinister to the reader and even more so to the protagonist.

As the story progresses Bothe the plot and the characters grow and mature, giving a very realistic and human impression. As a reader I will came to feel strongly for these characters, both the 'villains' and the 'heroes'. Further more the plot keeps surprising me at every turn.

Currently the translators of this series have decided to inform the author of their translation of this novel and of the authors opinion. If translations are discontinued I'd consider trying to get a hand on any official translations which may be made available. This story is decently with it. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
The King’s Avatar
December 11, 2017
Status: c840
If your not into gaming and know nothing about this, then you might still like this novel.

When I started this I didn't know anything about e-sports. Sure I'd played MMORPGs before, but never got past lv 40 and could never win a PvP. My typing was so slow I couldn't even finish a greeting in the chat before other players had moved on to the next topic. I was in other words a noob, and didn't even know to what extent I was one until I started reading this. I've... more>> learned so much about gaming and e-sports from this novel, in a way that I never could from all the VRMMORPG novels. For the educational value alone I give a thumbs up.

The premise is not unusual, a top player falling to the bottom and slowly tries to make their way up again. The main character is as expected very proficient in both his knowledge of PvP and Professional players. He's also got a mysterious background, and there's a hint of a tragedy in the past. He is also confident and can shock people with his shamelessness, however, he somehow manages to pull this off as being professional and he has enough modesty not to ever be overconfident. A balance rarely seen in many of these novels.

The supporting characters and even the random characters brought in from the side are however this most amusing part of this story. They are very human, they make convincing mistakes (like getting stuck while jumping over something, or accidentally typing "sldf:;, :k" in the chat when they're in stressful situations.) and mistaken assumptions, yet in other times show moments of applaudable brilliance weather they be the current friend or foe.

ugh detail is put into the battling in the games, and this is both engaging and can - in time become rather heavy to read - yet soon after their'll be a new arc that will grab your attention and have you screaming for the next chapter.

Absolutely worth a try. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Reign of the Hunters
November 20, 2017
Status: 157
Very good. What I particular appreciate is the mature attitude of the protagonist. She is well aware of the ups and down in life. The waxing and waning of fortune, love and relationships.

What sets this story apart from other time-travel stories is the protagonist's goal. It is neither hatred nor survival. There's no typical 'I was betrayed so I'm going to isolate myself from everybody and do everything myself. Rather it's the revers; in her past she was selfish and self-centred, in her second life she does things for the... more>> sake of others and doesn't abuse others trust in her; in the past she was independent and arrogant, in her second life has companions and is humble; in her past life she was full of regret and resentment, in her second life she is full of hope and resentment. This leads the to more heartwarming, and sometime tearjerking moments for every victory and defeat.

Don't let the above lead you into thinking the protagonist went from a villain into a Samaritan, however. She doesn't let her self be trampled all over and she is still capable of dealing out crippling retaliation. What this means is rather that she can keep some distance between her past feuds and debts and the relationships in her second life.

As for the antagonists in this story, they too have a varied side to them. They are flawed, but not innately evil. Past enemies can turn into allies and vice versa.

If you're sick of hard core revenge and blood shed or overly cheesy and simple protagonist, then you will likely find this story to be a breath of fresh air. <<less
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This story is not bad, average in quality, I'd say. Which means it's worth a read provided you not looking for an epic story.

The stetting has a little twist to it as is shown by the summary.

The protagonist is a little different however fro what you usually find in these kinds of novels. HE describes himself as 'gives his boddy, but not his heart' kind ow man which so far has stayed true and looks to continue on like this. He's up for having flings and s*xual relations, though he... more>> keeps to his principles and stays true to who ever he is with in whatever world, this ends as he enters the next... Only in this last mission is he forced to face reckoning for his past relationships, which he doesn't do very honestly. Instead he desperately tries to hide all of his exes under the bed so that they stay unaware and don't meet each other (haha). Anyway, the MC is highly task oriented and it is only now that the MC has to come to terms with whatever guilty conscience his past relationships awaken within him and what he does to his exes in order to complete his current task.

The MLs although all are very formidable overpowered capable of overturning heaven and earth and seem to have the general quality of possessiveness, if to varying degrees of severity and obviousness. They do have varied backgrounds and so far distinguishing habits and personalities that aren't overly cliché (note overly). Following I mention one last thing that I have put as spoiler just to be safe.

Not all of the exes have been lovers to the MC though all of them have had s** with him.


The s*xual content: though not very explicit it happens often and is frequently alluded to. There are also mentions of rape.

The System: The system is a common feature in multiple transmigration stories and sometimes they are a pleasure, and other times they are a great annoyance hence a section dedicated to it. In my personal opinion this particular system is not very disruptive. It does not have a cliche personality which is a +. Though there are some interactions between the MC and it that hint at background stories that are so far not terribly elaborated on and likely make up a part of a previous series. Though faintly interesting it also comes off as a bit irrelevant to the story. More on the systems personality:

The system is Straight for one, which comes in a little conflict with the MCs interests making their interactions a little funny at times and above all feel fresh. It must be said that he doesn't come off at all as a homophobe. He also seems to like lolies though at this point not much more can be said. He's intelligent in terms of calculations offering his services on this front and occasionally noticing aspects of MCs lovers that MC has overlooked.

Overall. A good system with a non cliche personality that isn't overly intrusive or annoying.

Story telling: Though it's an interesting perspective to tell this sort of story from, since the. backstories of the relationships between the MC and ML are all in the past, whatever trials and tribulations they may have gone through are ultimultly summaries very quickly which hampers the impression into the love story which is why this story only deserves an average rating from me. This said, it is a testament to their pasts that I feel a little moved even when reading these highly abridged pasts.

Translation: Very good, I have absolutely nothing to complain about aside from the occasional typo. The English comes off as English with just a dusting of Chinese expressions that come through in some of the dialogue, but that takes place in a Chinese (story) setting. <<less
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The plot runs smoothly and progresses at a steady pace. It has often an easygoing feel to it inspire of the protagonists many worries. But occasionally and suddenly shocking scenes may turn upp- the Yandere aspect.

The different characters are fairly mature so they may pleasantly surprise.

There's also a minor, but nice twist at the end. May leisurely enjoyed.
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The Earth is Online
April 9, 2019
Status: c245
A superbly written apocalypse novel.

The plot is well thought out and the plot development as well as the world building I clever and detailed.

The bulk of this story lies in loads of mind puzzles, the schemes if other humans, and battles.

... more>> There are loads of characters that are unique and distinct, even among the cannon fodders and the minor characters. Even though the MC isn't particularly emotive, I think you as the reader may well come to appreciate many of the personalities in this novel.

Scattered throughout there is also a bit of romance and an odd brand of humour that is occasionally funny.

All in all, it is well rounded, and well written. The translation is also superb. This story is of exceptional quality among the others found on NU. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Begging You to Break Off This Engagement!
November 30, 2018
Status: c2 part1
So far pretty entertaining.

The interactions are a-typical and the author has done some research on the living conditions during the ancient times which deserves an extra star from the average enjoyable rating (for me that is 3*)

Seems like it is a pretty easy going story about daily living otherwise.
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procrastination_day rated it
Screen Partner
November 18, 2018
Status: Completed
This was a little unexpected for me. Unexpected in the sense that the story telling was way better and more thoughtful than what I expected. I'd gathered that it was more than smut, but still...

It's so good, I'd give it a high review even if it didm't belong to the smut tag. I say this because usually I have very low expectations for this genre in terms of good and moving tory telling, so whenever they have a little essence beyond s*x it deserves a little star, while I have... more>> more stringent requirements for other genres. That said they rarely get 5* stars

4* in terms of pure story telling: The backstories of the MC, though described simply is relevant to the characters experiences, struggles and perceptions. Which results in letting him conquer the wound in his heart withoyught making the affaire unrealistically mellow dramatic. The struggles and experiences come of as genuine yet there is a sene of humble simplicity that give enough realism to this story to allow it to stand on such a high level of story telling.

Side characters though not described in great detail play a relevant role in the story in terms of allowing character growth and adding to the faded bitter-sweetness of reality, while also playing the typical 'spurs on with jealousy card' on the ML and MC.

The smut: The smut is very detailed, different from others of it's kind that I have read where the phisical acts are sort of glossed over or exchanged with metaphors. A lot of descriptions of the characters emotional experiences of both the s*x and the surrounding environment is added and stays true to the conflicts of the protagonist up until that point and its after effects are concise in their influence on the character development.

To summaries: The story telling beyond the smut give a very warm and sweet feeling that comes with hurt and growth, while the smutt is solid and comes of as real.

A good read which might well leave you pleasantly surprised. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy
October 17, 2018
Status: c60
A light hearted story with an interesting permis and setting.

The role of Cultivation in this story I unique and interesting.

The cultural difference which the hamster encounters are taken into account but not blown out of proportion.

... more>> The MC had a low IQ, but doesn't come of as degradingly dumb, just hamster level intelligent. MC has some out of the norm behaviour and values, but that are consistent and explained by his background. Making his behaviour fun and refreshing.

ML is a typical, asaxula-until-I-met-you, cold faced, overpowered, influential, clever and charismatic but silently good-natured perfect guy. He is also an ideal representation of the thoughts and values of his science fiction, Alpha-Omega world. The twist with becoming a snake does add a layer of complexity to his interactions early on. Along with slowly learning the foreign Chinese language that MC speaks and whatever misunderstandings that develop from that.

The first arc comes off as a wilderness survival story. The second arc is very different however and may cater to different kinds of tastes

Following that there is

the returning into the futuristic society with the typical Chinese internet gossip and slandering scandals with the inevitable 'face-slapping' afterwards


An easy lighthearted read with just enough plot and misunderstandings to keep one's interest. <<less
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Overlord (LN)
July 31, 2018
Status: v12 afterword
If I were to describe this to my friend's I'd say it's like a Japanese version of Game of thrones but only with a bias towards the MC Ainz. Although with a bias for Aninz, so you could put money on him surviving and prospering.

That said, this stories reputation may strike some as a little overblown initially, due to the MC's fundamental, banal- ofice worker personality. But the true measure of the scheming and backstory of is deceptive only gradually emerging from hidden deaths to make a brief appearance every... more>> now and them.

Meanwhile this story will likely be able to gradually ensnare you in it's thrall with it's vivid, if flawed side charachters through wholes eye's we see the diversity, cultural clashes, strife and both aweinspiering and very much horrifying emergence of Ainz Ooual Gown. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
February 6, 2018
Status: c5 part12
The MC is a transmigrator who's lived his second life up to his fourties. He has no ability whatsoever to harness the magical powers of the new world he's entered so what does he do? Find a comfortable position for himself and prepare a few cheep - and loads of very expensive tricks to survive.

However in spite of this, this whole story is in essence a power trip with loads of jokes thrown in. Why? Because of all the cheat like students he trains as well as the ultimate trump... more>> card (s) he uses to keep those students in line.

It's a pretty easy read, there are no heart rending moments so far and few dull moments. The only demerit so far that the plot progresses to easily, with all the adversities being overcome so easily. But in spite of that it's immensely satisfying to read. Definitely worth a try. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari
December 3, 2017
Status: extra 2 part2
If you want plenty of s*xy action and just a pinch of comedy with a teeny winy bit of facade plot then this is for you. Though do bare in mind the *rape* tag.

More than that, shouldn't be expected from this novel, however.

The 3 stars encompass only up chapter 12, if I were to include the extras I'd honestly just give it 2 stars.

There is additional extra R-18 content in the extras (where the rape tag is also applicable), but unfortunately the heroine along with the her original intentions take... more>> a nose dive, so if you liked her and the way the story ended you won't be missing anything if you skip the extras. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
Dawn Traveler
November 26, 2017
Status: c26
An interesting storyline and storytelling approach, written by the Author of "Legendary moonlight sculptor", unless I am mistaken. In spite of this, the story is somewhat different.

The protagonist at once both hardworking and easygoing, one life balancing out the other. He has a foresight and wisdom rarely possessed protagonists due to his mind reading abilities which leads to him acting differently that your usual protagonist in various situation. In spite of this wisdom there is still a certain shade of childlike logic and reasoning, which is quite intriguing and also... more>> gives the story a lighthearted feeling.

Unfortunately the translator seems to have dropped this story at ch. 26 so there won't be any more updates until it's picked up by someone else. Still worth a read though, even though there are only 26 chapters translated this story has some meat on it because the chapters are fairly long. <<less
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Pretty good story all in all.

MC is pretty cute and has a tendency of attracting the gay love the other characters in the world. Because MC is an artificial creation he sometimes has a hard time understanding the way people behave in the world he visits as well as the ML. But his character is very steady and good tempered.

ML: A really jealous guy who loves s*x and likes to take out his jealousy through s*x. Otherwise very OP and dependable.

IT takes quite a few arks before there are any... more>> plot developments beyond what happens in the worlds they visit which makes it feel a little repetitive in-spite of the fact that the worlds they visit and the side characters populating them are quite different from each other. It's somewhat exacerbated since the ML usually behaves in a similar fashion and pushes the plot to devolve into something he finds convenient. The only difference being that MC gradually warms up to him.

I like the system a lot in this story, I'd even want to say that it is the best written character that goes through most development and turmoil.

Recommended for casual reading, one arc at the time. <<less
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