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prinsewa rated it
The Charm of Soul Pets
May 4, 2017
Status: c718
(Edit: Summed up)

For the synopsis look up, for the good points and comparisons look previous reviews (Potatos for example). I'm pointing out some issues here.

The concept is pure gold and the story is quite good. On the other side I find the narration (or the author) too narrow minded and unilateral. After you've passed the world/foundation/character building in the first few chapters, pretty much everything becomes biased. All must serve to praise the MC in a way too obvious form!

Practically no use of implicit meaning. Every action, event,... more>> encounter, growth, is foretold. There's literally an old pet-guy with the MC to tell him everything he should do, everywhere he needs to go (Like the author telling the readers, "next we are going to make him participate in a tournament without real motive, so as to make his pets levels adequate for the following town", in a very annoyingly straightforward fashion). There's no real mystery to unfold (i can't really find the main plot anymore), only new ways to get stronger (pointless goals limited to level rising).

The opponents are either stepping stones or a older generation he'll step on soon anyway. The story is written in a way to never make you feel that the MC is inferior, not even when he actually, momentarily, is. You have a part, for example, where it is said that his father is a genius pet trainer who lead him on the trainer way with a lot of praiseworthy components, and in the next sentence the narrator says something like "of course he'll surpass him soon enough, he has his own way, not following his father's tracks...". This kind of obvious partialness creates a feeling of contradiction and incredulity from my part (you've created a story, at least allow your personas to have a meaning on their own, something other than being a cushion for the MC).

The MC is always growing up to the challenge/problem, no setbacks, never makes mistakes (only taking risks :\), never escaping because too weak (always another pretext), giving a feeling of boring linear progression. And the author keep insisting (strongly!) on the MC virtues, even when the merit is not really his.

In the end, I think the main problem resides in the way the story is told, the strong opinions and exaggerated presence of the narrator, the lack of 'process' or smooth transition, leading from a situation to another one, and the fact that the arguments are casually thrown when needed (the author doesn't seem to know how to lay plots foundations in advance). <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Star Martial God Technique
January 24, 2018
Status: c250
Granted that they generally aren't a masterpiece of logic and consistency, this story is quite okay, as a Chinese novel. Plot holes are there but since the author didn't seem to aim too high with the content the reading is fluent.

It's obvious that there was a basic storyline as events seem linked but that's also where you can feel the forcing and rushing of things. In practical terms,

  • the power levels are not individualized enough to feel the progress, the breakthroughs are too frequent at first making it almost impossible to get a sense of proportion.
  • There's supposed to be mainly 3 types of cultivation -namely Fire, Dragon and Star- and somehow the MC never fought any Star Martial Artist.
  • You only hear about them when medical attention is needed without ever describing a user in detail.
  • The MC is strongly and often advised not to randomly cure people but without clearly stating why.
  • He's against killing and will always let main ennemies faint or be K.O from powerful attacks but somehow every minion around that is obliterated with aftershocks doesn't count.
  • My personal worst one is the obsession the author has with making a certain female (lead?) the main sentimental interest over the one (s) that actually makes sacrifices and experiment tribulations with MC. She barely mattered initially and I reckon she was introduced first, and feelings are irrational, but she appeared too scarcely and didn't made that strong of an impact to deserve the job. It isn't even mentioned that he misses her frequently, just when she gets in trouble once in a millenium. I don't really care about harems -at most it makes for some nice dialogues- but I find it ridiculous to aggressively try to make so much emphasis on a character when from reading experience that one is just common. At least kill it to make some tragedy...
I'll stop there... more>> since the goal isn't to pull out all white hairs and it was quite entertaining to read. But i'd say this novel is frame focused as, basically, the story will only want you to see what makes it consistent at that moment, even if in the bigger picture it's obviously not that simple. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Demon’s Diary
April 11, 2017
Status: c173
Read this if you like SLOW and STEADFAST kind of stories. It literally gives NO RUSH OF EMOTION of any kind, you're not gonna love it, not gonna hate it, not gonna anticipate (looking forward to) anything! That's just the way the author writing style is, regular and light. There's some enormous amount of effort put into making no plot holes (so, good story I guess...) and contrarily none putting life and dynamism in the story telling. Even the fights are only sequences of smart successive actions. Yes, it did... more>> good lessening the shock, surprise, sneer (and the like) moments but saying a character is happy, or other, is not the same as being able to show it (make the reader feel it).

The author really seems to want to avoid interactions (maybe to avoid behavior mistakes?) but like introducing useless stuff (and characters) to the point it's ridiculous:

A very strong example is the life and death trial in the side world, where a lot of side characters previously vigorously (like reaaaaally too much!) put on the front by the author (Si Chuan, Lei Zhen, the useless jealous guy over Jia Lan in the entrance popped out of nowhere...) get killed without actual impact on the story.
You also have the episode with Liu Ming going to the Bai clan for the first time where most of the time was given to useless chatter between side characters, very little to the impression and/or suspicion (Ex: you just get later that he figured out the old lady was hidden nearby without even a hint of it, or the usual glinting eye) of Liu Ming.

Then the first story with the scarlet dragon being mentioned again and again, no real impact on the various sects, just to just end meeting his death in a weakened state to Liu Ming.


Places where you actually can expect (and ought to have) some meaningful or at least refreshing interactions and dialogue, the author keeps it to minimum. Basically you'll have endless JUSTIFICATIONS, endless HYPOTHESES (since the guy actually lives most of the story in his room... lol, let's say alone.), clearly too much of the narrator presence. This looks less like a tale and more like documentary.

Now that i've shared my feeling for this (without hate I swear!), go figure out if it's a good read or not ;-) . <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Grasping Evil
May 19, 2018
Status: --
Couldn't reach the 100 chaps so maybe it's a bitter then sweet kind of novel. But, I'm already puking so i'll pass on the potential sweet.

A very inconsistent, wish fulfilling, waste of time. It is a rushed overview of what such a novel could be. First of all the MC position is vague, weak yet somewhat strong, young yet experienced, one-two chapters righteous then fully evil, it's all over the place. And no, the emperor memories are not a reason! Knowledge, experience, composure, imposing manner are not the same, and... more>> one doesn't necessarily imply the other. The pace of the story is too fast and makes things feel way too forceful when they happen. Severe lack of building work and explaining. Basically the MC goes from checkpoint to checkpoint with barely any process in between. And this is after having read many cultivation novels and being familiar with the content and concepts. I don't even imagine the pain of picking this as one's first read.

Well, this clearly felt like a first try at writing, like a nice cover book on the shelf with only blank pages inside, a pearl necklace without the necklace. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Unrivaled Tang Sect
January 31, 2018
Status: v9
This writing is a piece of art, creative, colorful, all-side POV, character-deep, and that makes the whole definitely impressive and immersive. Descriptions are so concise you could think you're seeing it.

The author emphasizes emotions as the source of events and the main drive of the story. Everything starts with revenge seeking and then keep moving through friendship, pride, hatred, love... It basically portrays the life journey of an weak orphan in an adventurous manner, with a touch of fantasy.

I personally prefer serious, slightly distant, cool-headed and calm MCs, so this... more>> crybaby was only so-so, even more when he's described to be both. My best take is the fighting scenes and the strategy side of the story, those are really mind blowing ! Unfortunately the best is only the accessory part of the book.

The dark side :

    • A problem with highly descriptive authors in Web Novels is that after a while, with elements basically all introduced, a thorough description-analysis-comment again and again becomes pure redundancy and a waste of reader time. We've already got the point after XXX chapters.
    • Also, some feelings are better left implicit, born from proximity and time, which was not done here and created a bloated, love-obsessed impression in later chapters. That was basically head hammering.
    • Spoiler

      When you create a whole martially useless tournament to make couples of most characcters I can't say you're not biased !

    • Spoiler

      Same for Wang Qiu'er, came from nowhere just to serve as pitiful, sadistic contrast to the lead girl. No reason or enough time to fall in love, but she did, exactly when the MC was struggling for his girl. MC never felt tempted but the author pointlessly kept her and some pseudo ambiguousness in the picture just so he could later write a grand feelings combing festival in a valley for everyone (even spirits lol).

    • Ultimately the author tried too much to make MC perfect, loved and praised by all, always right, so much responsible and popular that it became inconsistent with his character. He was already made legendary before having done what should have earned that legend. The world didn't just revolve around him but was made for him.
Globally, I distinguish two parts of the novel, the Before Dong'er (so great, read that!),

and the After Dong'er (imagine yourself as a child having looping images of your parents hooking up stuck in your head... yep exactly that sickening). The love part takes too much time and importance, it's like telling everyone you know, every day, why you wanted to be a firefighter as a kid.

That being said, the immolation of Qiu'er later was spectacular, a perfect extrication !

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prinsewa rated it
Ze Tian Ji
November 3, 2017
Status: c646
A good read with a simple and nice story, if readable. It is definitely beautiful and absolutely not prose. The novel is indeed different, but before comparing you need to consider that what allows us to judge and make opinion on most chinese novels is their common traits. This one is performing in another category. I say performing due to the writing style of the author. With picturesque scenes, and the emphasis on descriptive details, it gives a feeling of theater. This makes its audience target more specific and so,... more>> lesser.

In my opinion this novel is emotion oriented. It aims at moving the reader, inspiring feelings through intricate characters, their interactions and a larger point of view. You'll have more social situations than solo events, more people crossing paths than adventure. The difference between blurry and mysterious, you know something is happening, probably knows the actors, but not yet how it'll occur. Not the usual novels where author suddenly strikes with lucky encounter, unknown entity pulling strings in the shadow...

Now, the author's way of going around to describe everything and the strong literary imprint might be a plus otherwise but this is a web novel, meaning periodic releases, screen reading, and sustained engagement through sensational. People wait for it, not always comfy at home, and expect a minimum of gratification each time. That's where this novel failed to deliver. Since the rushes of excitement are too sparse, it is harder to read 'until the next explosion' like one would with common web novels. It appears slow and draggy, even scattering about.

In the end it's a matter of individual preferences and definitely patience. That being said, if you can grow attached to characters (preferably more than a handful) it could make a smoother experience. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Plundering the Heavens
May 27, 2018
Status: c4xx
That is really great at first, the shamelessness allows quite a variety of scenarios you can't usually see in xianxia due to face restrictions - basically everything they don't do because others expect them not to. It illustrates quite well the spirit of being free and unfettered in life and cultivation. And obviously we can't do without mentioning how hilarious situations can turn out to be.

Eventually, the novel suffers from the same disease as most of them, vulnerability to time, word count and feedback. The readers love the MC deviousness,... more>> author needs more time to assemble a subplot, so there must be more of that, to the point where logical reasons or chain of events for such actions lose their weight. But at the same time you can't just paint white on white, to emphasize one trait of personality it must be contrasted with another, lightness with seriousness, rashness with restraint... Alas, even after a long time the kid is still a kid, rashness before, while, and after! No character growth to speak of. His successes and losses entail no self-questioning or any visible maturation.

This might have been better as a wuxia, with no real need for depth and the level of mind to comprehend a Dao. The little guy is clearly made to live in the mondaine world, not transcend it. <<less
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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
March 27, 2017
Status: c777
The plot tells the story of a man with a blurry past and mystical identity, recently back from overseas to his birth country. The narration wants him to be looking for a way of healing his wounds (let's say suppress his inner demons) by the way of a calm and quiet life. As you can guess, veteran readers that you are, that was hopeful thinking. Indeed, our bold, direct, shameless, powerful although ordinary looking protagonist will soon find himself thanks to a classic fateful (or alcohol-driven) night entangled (in all... more>> meanings) with a cold tempered, outwardly strong but inwardly shy and somewhat childish top beauty, CEO of a big company.

There most of you can already get the picture right... well, that's exactly that! But by all means, read the stuff (preferably in a mild paced manner) because the author, with a slice-of-life way of presenting, will introduce you to a lot of characters, each more colored than the other. You're gonna have some shady businessmen looking for fleshly gratification and larger power, some (more like a really vast variety like gorgeous, strong willed, shy, daring, elusive and whatever) business women, some godfather-like gangsters, some high school teacher/student, sect people, monastery guys, government agents, gods (yes indeed)....

The author does a good job piecing all that together, it flows nicely and doesn't look too stacked.

But like any other work in sequential releases and with so much misc elements there's bound to be inconsistencies in the long term and there are here too.

Especially when the author tries to paint the MC as a dominant character and at the same time wants him to be considerate of others feelings, you start perceiving some creaking. Then comes the little trick the author uses for pacing and delaying, the famous 'if someone doesn't want to say things one cannot force it'. Nicely done at first but if used too much, every time one actually want to understand (get the fact that this way doesn't give you that much of a clue to ponder on right?) you find yourself considering even the relevant events in between like randomly popping stuff. You also have the way actual discussion kept been avoided for a long time between MC and Legal Wife, although the setting was on point, considering it takes time to read, the cold war should have been a bit less (and I'm even reading after completion, cannot imagine those who actually followed the original release). It's alright to want your MC to be OP yet not absolute (god for so long, seemingly absolute since there's no actual cultivation or even periodic training) and then appears suddenly stronger than gods which get your MC yearning but because one need luck and sudden enlightenment so it's useless to train? And when you say he has a huge organisation without ever mentioning the size or even making use of it when needed (only to steal a bride so far and never to prevent the overly occurring kidnapping of his relatives) pretexting a peaceful life while also stacking up weaknesses (lovers, parents...) and bringing frequently trouble to his door, I don't really want to be annoyed but I am.


Wanting to point out the slightly disappointing things you're gonna have quite a number even if I believe it also to be subjective.

To close it up i'd say that's definitely something worth reading, hopefully not too fast or too deep because you're gonna rise your expectations up, forget it's a slice-of-life kind and then find some things more annoying than they should be.

EDIT: (How to get from 5 to 3 stars)
Past the 400 something, although that's where you can feel a real plot, there's only a bunch of illogical stuff that the author doesn't even try to justify with shamelessness anymore. He can just hoodwink all sense of logic to link events together, I know this work is emotions-based, and those are by definition not rational, but it's still too much for me. I'm probably gonna mass skip to get it done ! <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Talisman Emperor
July 11, 2018
Status: c321
It's a good story, very similar to Desolate Era in many places. A good point is that the term Dao is not just added to stuff to sound mysterious, there's actually a weight to it. Progressing is not only done by leveling up but also by gaining combat experience which is pretty authentic. Mostly coherent (ish) up to where i've read.

The thing bugging me is the writing style, where you get those pointless praise dialogs and mini-reviews after every action the MC takes. One chapter and a dozens sentences telling... more>> how much this and that the MC is, how right people are for perceiving him that way, how wrong are the others... Feels like being invited to a banquet with the host always by your ear whispering (or even shouting) what piece of the meal you just ate taste the best. Excuse me but I can think for myself! We don't all have the same standards so having forced upon oneself what is good, bad, genius, honest, fair, justice and the likes is very annoying.

It's mostly due to CN author's tricks for word count, in my opinion. Not everything has to be explicitly stated. Once it's done one can only agree or disagree. The repetition will only accentuate that. I believe that implicitly guiding the reader to the meaning and allowing him to consider and appraise by himself is a higher way or writing that shows respect and consideration.

Once again, the story is really good and substantial. Restrain your synopsis-induced expectations and you're up for a nice experience. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Shrouding the Heavens
June 29, 2018
Status: c620
Not bad. Entertaining for sure, and even more if you're expecting less. The world is colorful, vast and well bounded, characters are varied and the story itself is good.

That being said the writing style is overly verbose in my opinion, with too much dialogue, explicit descriptions, and redundancy. It can get very tiring reading half a chapter of obvious 1+1=2 relations, while the first few sentences implied it enough. I will spare you the details of overusing the funny interactions, cursing, eating dog meat, kidnapping beautiful princesses... It looks more... more>> like a human society story with elements of fantasy, taoism, buddhism... than an actual cultivation novel.

For more -not really spoilers- details:


I felt the story too conflict centered, with quite an annoying pattern. The MC rarely is left alone to introspect and grow. He only goes from places to places to get whatever ressource he needs at the moment, and somehow, he's always followed or preceded by every significant people or powers of the story (whether they are locals or completely on the OTHER SIDE of the map) so that conflict may occur. As if the side characters only exist where and when the MC is around. Anything they could've lived, and would thicken the story, while allowing the MC to actually cultivate, is thrown as info dump!

Speaking about MC cultivation, it's quite unrealistic to read that he barely closes up for more than few weeks and then he can't progress anymore "daily sitting in boredom", so he needs another pointless conflict (as if he couldn't go fight strong demonic beast instead of annoying people he shouldn't even be able to contact with his current level), while the side characters have years of actual cultivation and training and end up eating dust. There's also the complete lack of rigueur with the cultivation realms, and the ever "stronger and more perfect, without a flaw" slogan, at every breakthrough, without actual substance. Almost at the last known realm of cultivation and the MC still fights like before.


I think the worst is that i've never understood how he went from calm and composed guy with long-range vision to a classic chicken blooded brat, and the fact that he's supposed to pursue immortality without even trying to transcend the mortal world. As always, we start with a nice novel just to find, a third of the story later, that we're given a whole other, cliché-ridden, recycled script... sigh. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
Lord Xue Ying
March 19, 2019
Status: v13c3
Overall good story. A bit shallow to my taste but it may suit another reader.

Sometimes it gets you hooked, some other times it gets you bored.

Nothing magnificent fight-wise since there is barely any strategy involved, but powers are still amazing and believable in the context. So, action is not bad.

It will read better or worse depending on individual taste, but I really felt the narration had too much praise for MC. Almost every chapter, from everyone, regardless of friend of foe, public viewer or close ones. The frequency is ridiculous... more>> and it makes reading strenuous.

After hundreds of chapters we are supposed to know how good his talent is, how much of a family man he is and how obsessed he supposedly is with the spear...

Not to mention how those supposedly old and wise elders of the clan can't keep their praise for themselves. There's a reason why spoiled kids are spoiled. And yet MC is supposed to be impervious to arrogance and pride, unrealistic.

And the assertion-explaining-justification-speculation model became unbearable later on. Too much explaining filler parts. A story is not a report, it's supposed to be immersive not flat.

Also, MC speaks as a third party, MC speaks as narrator, narrator speaks as MC, that's very annoying. Elements were thrown at the reader out of place.

Well, in the end, the story was good but the writing style lacked narrative quality, or maybe it was just shameless word count priority ! <<less
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prinsewa rated it
World of Cultivation
March 12, 2018
Status: c763
Absolutely great novel ! The story really is good, diverse and adequately paced. Huge world, many events and places, enough characters, and enough exposure to really express the singularity of each. One thing interesting is that the MC actually works for his gains. Real work and strategy to progress towards his dream of riches - a clear goal but not too rigid -, not the usual petty scheming. Later on, the author's work shows clear signs of deterioration and rush (as expected for this genre), but the frame is still... more>> solid.

The real strength I see to this story is the ability to almost perfectly manage proportions. For example, the world stays firm and even if a big fuss is made (breakthrough, unusual talent...). What is depicted is the actual ripples caused (same generation feeling threatened, elders having hope/disappointment...) and not an exaggerated reaction from the whole galaxy like usual novels do (whole sects chasing MC for just that spark of talent, 1000 years old monsters starting eyeing you or the like). You can clearly see that, yes, it is a big event for the MC, it might be rare, but no, it is not that important for the rest of the world. That was sooo refreshing!

And then... it all collapses, characters are ghosted or uselessly dragged along, people start having divination masters that can predict where to accurately get the MC (ew!), almost everything becomes large scale battle oriented, forced events, contradictory actions emphasizing an aspect of MC while opposing another trait of his...

Finally, I got the feeling that the best part (MC life in sect... until forming his first group of brothers) was just a setup for the less good one. You can feel that the author wanted his new era of armies conflict and multiple POV so much it biased the rest of the story. A bit of disappointment for the potential, but the reading was definitely one of the best! You should too. <<less
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