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- Interesting main character background: I like transmigrations into hated main characters and their struggle to change.
- Beautiful character design in the illustrations. Even the supposed horrible "piggy duke" is kinda cute.
- Translation is average (sticks too much to the original language, untranslated bits here and there, some weird sentences...). I've seen way worse though, so it's a pass I guess.

- No logical explanations on the MC goal, he does what he does just because.
- The MC is way too emotionally driven, it's like the... more>> fact that he was a transported person is completely forgotten. And it's weird even from the original piggy MC, who is supposed to hide that he's actually smart.
- The comical effect of the "buhi" interjection becomes quickly annoying: we get it, the MC is fat. It's the same with the "I'm hated because I'm fat" overuse too. In fact the comedy kinda kills the whole story for me.
- The background lore is too simple. <<less
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pomoli rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c92
It was interesting and good in the beginning, but frankly boring and predicable after 60+ chapters.

I thought the MC would be clever and witty, but he's just knowledgeable about the game, and doesn't even seem to use that knowledge wisely. He's just getting really strong, with no effort or clever way to plan his future.
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Really good, in a relaxed way.

The main character isn't a "fake" adult like many other reincarnation stories, as they usually behave like teenagers while supposed to be dead as adult. Actually he reminds me of a less powerful Satou from Death March.

You also feel family love, and side characters are properly developed, some of them being reasonably powerful.

... more>> BTW there is NO romance (for now as of c66) for the main character, though there is between side characters.

The only con I have are the somewhat long technical explanations he sometime does, that I usually pass on by reading diagonally. And that DUMB yen conversion too. <<less
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pomoli rated it
The Novel’s Extra
August 12, 2018
Status: c82


  • MC is interesting, good natured and kinda dense, while trying to scheme around knowing what's going on, resulting in people thinking he's way more amazing than he really is. The idea to make him a side character makes the whole thing actually attractive.
  • Secondary characters are all developed, as you follow what they think and understand their reasoning. I think that's really the best part of this novel.
  • The world is interesting, even if the focus on Korea being the greatest powerful country is kinda too much IMO. A balanced setting would have made things more enjoyable.
  • The secondary romances are cute, with the MC not seeing people being attracted to him.

  • MC becomes the focus of various powerhouses a little too fast IMO.
  • The Dungeon system needs a little development, for now it's too vague.
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pomoli rated it
When A Mage Revolts
November 4, 2017
Status: c200
Way better than I thought. I recommend it!


  • MC is a good guy trying to get by in a fantasy European like world, and there is character progression in the story. He's relatively bright too, which is good in a story where he isn't the strongest one around.
  • Side characters are all interesting, every one of them way more complex than the simple minded fools you see usually in Chinese WN.
  • Same for antagonists.
  • You feel like the world is not centered around the MC, each and every character having his life and little scheme.
  • Comedy is down in latter parts of the story, and that's for the better.
  • A few plot twists that really surprised me.

  • The heavy comedy in the beginning was almost too much.
  • No romance (until now at least). I always feel like it balances a story when a good romance is introduced.
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pomoli rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
April 7, 2017
Status: c174
One of the few stories that I bypassed the first time seeing it due to to some harsh critics. How wrong I was!

It's an incredibly detailed story, maybe way too much sometimes, but clearly a hundred time better than the lazy stories that don't bother to lay out any lore at all. The world felt literally alive when reading it, especially as chapters are long and fulfilling.

Characters are fleshed out, interesting, and not just the MC but the whole cast is developed. Also, no ridiculous power ups just to fill... more>> up some chapters: the character gets better really naturally through the story. Finally, kudo for the quality translation.

The only things I would nitpick about is maybe about how "average" morally the MC is: don't get wrong, he isn't the pretentious jerk you see so many times in Chinese WN, but he could slightly be better I guess... also, I wish it had a better romance, with maybe a female character to upset and balance the overbearing personality of the MC, though that's just personal preference. <<less
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pomoli rated it
Possessing Nothing
April 30, 2018
Status: c56
This is a great second chance novel.


  • The MC is believable : sufficiently mature, not unkind or a psycho, while not being overly genius to pass as a normal dude getting a second chance.
  • All characters are kinda unique and well developed. The MC is really the underdog here, with many incredible geniuses around.
  • Plot twists! There is a sense of mystery in the story, really interesting.

  • No romance (as of now), but maybe there will be later.
  • The translation is good, but it needs an editor.
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pomoli rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
November 12, 2017
Status: c302
A transmigration story properly done. I highly recommend that one.


    • MC is a good and clever guy, and you really feel character growth.
    • All characters are complex and interesting.
    • The whole idea of using modern science to enhance magic instead of outdated notions (4 elements) is refreshing.
    • World building is excellent.
    • The focus on music is well done.
    • A few twists I didn't expect.

    • The library concept is not properly explained.
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The story is supposed to be about an old genius wizard going back in time into his younger self body. It doesn't feel that way at all unfortunately: he thinks like a teenager, acts like a teenager, so this doesn't feel believable at all. No cleverness, no wisdom, just a bored teenager "leveling up" because that's what all people need to do after all, senseless level up. Also, the level system is so standard it's useless and actually makes the story worse.

Also, the translator (for vol 1 at least)... more>> is so so, with Japanese words mixed in, and random non vocal words written as actual sounds (like the little "tsu", I hate this one, it's so misunderstood: it's supposed to be a voiceless sound dammit!). <<less
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Miracle Throne
October 24, 2017
Status: --
Good and bad. I read it just to quench my curiosity on the next invention, but then dropped it because MC and antagonists are unbearable.

Pro :

  • I like the fact that the idea to use future inventions to accelerate development is implemented and not ditched after 3 chapters.
  • Actual female MC descriptions, not just "jade like beauty" like I usually see.
Con :

  • MC is an idiot savant, knowing many technical things, but as careful as a bulldozer in a china shop, making an enemy of practically everyone he encounters. He is arrogant, hot headed, and immature. At least he isn't a complete psycho, only destroying the ones against him (but that's basically everyone else).
  • Many characters are behaving like hot headed teens instead of mature people, making dumb decisions, having muscles instead of a brain, needlessly cruel and wasteful of human resources.
  • Exclamation points! So much of them! Everything is exciting!
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pomoli rated it
Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
July 14, 2017
Status: --
Good, then boring.


    • Interesting story overall.
    • Interesting and slightly more realistic than usual feudal family structure.
    • Main character is calm and not super immature.
    • No level like magical system with status screens and so on, but a more real world like "analog" feeling.
    • Translation isn't bad (though onomatopoeia are kept in later chapters, and it's annoying and cringy to see a good translation riddled "Ano" and other "Jaa")

    • Summary of the story on every damn chapter, seriously super annoying.
    • Nonsensical local money to yen translation. Economy 101 : no exchange of goods between Japan and the different world means no possibility of any exchange rate.
    • Excess of little details while there is no big main character development is boring in the later chapters.
    • I ultimately didn't feel any attachment to the main character, and that's what killed the story for me.
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pomoli rated it
Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items
October 14, 2017
Status: c10
Meh, too much plot holes, too much nonsense. It could have been awesome, instead it's just below average.



  • The idea of a transported story without an overpowered hero is good. At least that way modern knowledge is used, instead of being forgotten after one chapter like I see in most stories.
  • Pretty illustrations.
  • Long chapters.
  • Pretty ladies but not a ton of ecchi content ruining the plot. At least not in the beginning.
  • Not a fan of slightly pervert MC, but he's not a huge one, so it's still bearable.
  • Translation is OK. No Japanese words kept because they are "cool" like I see sometimes, making it a cringe fest to read. Only honorific titles are left, and that is acceptable.

  • The MC is WAY too carefree: he's transported to another world, nearly dies because of his stupidity, but no anxiety, everything is alright...
  • Side characters are too open about him not being from there. They accept it just like that. No one is bothered that a totally literate stranger appears like this in a random village? Come on...
  • Side characters lack personality and revolve too quickly around the MC. It's like they were waiting for him or something.
  • Business and people reaction are weird.

    For example, Lyle helped the MC to make bombs without asking for anything in return, and after that always being with him in his business. Or the MC negotiation skills being non-existant. Or the Earl they see in Est being super polite with someone who is basically a nobody.

  • Huge plot holes, especially in how he creates his inventions. I mean,

    there are bombs, and he is able to create them just like that. No explanations. Last time I checked, even an engineer would find that super difficult without any prior base industry to lean on. And also, NO ONE thinks this is great for wars? And outside of that: gunpowder is invented, but no one cares until he does something with it???

  • The exchange rate between Japanese yen and this world currency is dumb. No exchange of goods, no exchange rate, economy 101.
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pomoli rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
June 20, 2018
Status: c113
I was enticed by the tags and some comments. Don't be like me.


    • MC isn't so bad, he's kinda dumb though, lacking the strategic thinking I'd expect from the reincarnation of a 1 million year prince. At least he's calm and not a complete psycho.
    • The world seemed interesting.

    • Repeated repetitions while trying to remind you of things already repeated in a preceding repetition. God I hate this cheap way of adding words...
    • Ridiculously arrogant and cruel antagonist young masters who don't understand the expression "thinking before acting".
    • The worst forced plot armor for an antagonist I've seen in a while at around chapter 100.
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pomoli rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: v2c49
Amazing! I don't understand why it's not more popular.


  • Old wise MC behaving like an actual old wise MC. Also, good natured, and really clever, compensating his weak strength.
  • Many characters behave like human beings instead of killing machines.
  • Interesting love interests who are developed in the story instead of being thrown away after 5 chapters.
  • Interesting world.

  • I wish we had more stories about MC before the beginning of the story, like a prequel.
  • Chinese words kept in the otherwise high quality translation, it's as weird as when groups do that for Japanese WN.
  • Translated super slowly, and now no longer translated : (
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pomoli rated it
The Gate Of Good Fortune
February 19, 2018
Status: c374
This was way better than some comments made me think it was. I recommend it, it's a really good story. Pros Good natured MC, retaining his Earth morality and not becoming a psycho.

    • He actually has a goal, and do everything to attain it, way better than nonsensical power ups for nothing.
    • Many characters are kept all along the story, instead of being thrown out after a chapter or so.
    • Long fulfilling chapters.
    • The romance is cute.
    • The harem is not badly done, as all the girls have their own goals and things to pursue in life. It's not overbearing, and that's a good thing.
    • Latter parts actually surprised me.
    • Friends exist, not everyone is a crazy sociopath.

    • Dude has too much coincidences going on.
    • Some classic style dumb characters unable to contain their evilness.
    • Sometime some concept are badly explained.
    • Would have been better with some more chapters not about the MC.
    • Ridiculous laser like ability from antagonists to know exactly that it was MC who has done something, even in the absence of any witness.
    • The overuse of vague duration expressions is annoying.
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pomoli rated it
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
March 20, 2017
Status: --
This is a gem :
- The developed world may be simple game like, but only in surface, as it has a well developed culture.
- The main character is really interesting, strong and always scheming. In fact, all of the characters are interesting, and none of them really that stereotypical.
- The bittersweet unconfessed romance is really touching and cute. I rooted for them when reading the story!
- The chapters are long and satisfying.
- The translation is good.

Read it if you like any of the above, you... more>> won't be disappointed. <<less
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pomoli rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: --
It's so bland!

Everything is so average, it's certainly not bad, but it's difficult to get involved with the characters when the MC is so transparent... I thought in the beginning that having his ancestors teach him will make him better in some ways, but no, still the same bland MC.

I like dense main characters, but dense isn't bland, and this one has zero personality.
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pomoli rated it
Assassin’s Chronicle
November 30, 2017
Status: c185
Western style Xuanhuan. I highly recommend it!


  • MC is maybe an assassin, but not a crazy psycho evil one. He is clever, scheming everything, really low key, retreating when necessary and not prone to useless revenge. His character feels like an assassin's, not arrogant like many other Chinese fake "assassins" are. Also, he changes over the story, becoming a better person as a whole.
  • Lots of scheming!
  • All characters are well developed, and there is practically no one useless. Characters also change and mature over the story, especially the MC's companions.
  • The romance is cute, but neither overbearing nor unnatural, perfect for a story like this one.
  • The world is well developed, and feels alive, not here just for the MC.

  • Maybe not enough time between events for the MC to grow stronger?
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Can't say if it's good or bad, I just can't get past the cringe of reading a translation where random Japanese words are kept in English.

And no, not just the honorifics, that would be bearable, but words like desu, darou ne, kore wa kore wa, nanto... It's ridiculous.

You have been warned.
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pomoli rated it
Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey
September 23, 2017
Status: c161
Great so far, I recommend it!


  • The dao isn't ridiculous like in other works, and actually gives tangible but not exaggerated powers. So no destroying mountains, moving millions of km, etc.
  • Main character is really well done, clever and thoughtful, even a really good person overall.
  • Side characters are all developed. For example, enemies actually plot, meaning no brute like charges against the MC.
  • Author seems to know where he is going.

  • Slow in the beginning: it became interesting maybe after 50 chapters, and really captivated me after 100 chapters.
  • Also confusing in the beginning, but it got better quickly.
  • The romance is not the best, but not bad, it's just not the focus at all in the story, even if important.
  • Again a story where the fact that the MC coming from the modern doesn't matter at all.
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