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poloniapoloni rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
May 8, 2018
Status: c1704
This is probably one of the worst novels I have ever read.

At first it starts as an average xianxia with the MC focusing a lot of time in women (at a bearable level) with some interesting aspects of cultivation. However at some point the whole story starts following the same pattern:

    • Find and get a new woman while rambling that it goes against his morals since his previous life monogamy was valued (even when he has 10+ women in his harem)
    • Random arrogant antagonist appears and tries to get one of his women
    • He kills the antagonist
    • Antagonist family/sect goes after him
    • He destroys the family/sect
Also the amount of random encounters to level his beasts companions and himself are on a ridiculous levels and after they happen the author shows a bunch of random numbers/skills showing how much they powered up that no one is keeping track or cares.

Overall, this novel is DEFINITELY NOT a piece of work I would recommend. Do not waste your time on this one.
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poloniapoloni rated it
The Portal of Wonderland
May 8, 2018
Status: Completed
Differently from Demons Diary, this novel follows a standard xianxia plot which disappointed me.


  • It has a good world building
  • MC that doesn't have any extreme characteristics (e.g. Bloodthirsty, cold, righteous) and doesn't acts arrogantly
  • Few antagonists moved by beauty and arrogance

  • MC centered. This feature is not always a con, but since the MC is a bit bland it drives the story down a bit
  • Lack of development for certain antagonists, abilities, magical artifacts and side characters
... more>>

The antagonists only appear when fighting the MC and afterwards they are not mentioned in the story until another conflict with the MC at a more powerful cultivation level.

Side characters that you might find important disappear for hundreds of chapters. E.g. Zhong Xiu, who he has looking for a long time is present for ~10 chapters and they separate from each other a few chapters after they promised they won't be apart

Certain abilities are given importance in the beginning/ middle and are simply ignored during the rest of the story. Also some of them lead to you believe that they will be important but are never developed. For example:

  • MC is shown to have a high talent for space magic. This is never used afterwards
  • MC focus a lot on using and crafting talisman. This is almost never mentioned after he leaves his planet either
  • MC obtains an magical artifact that can teleport him from the real world to the dead world. It's never used or mentioned again

The novel also has a loose ending and doesn't have a good romance plot. This aspects don't bother me, but if you are someone who values this points, you might be disappointed.

Overall, an average novel but it's quite inferior if compared with Demos Diary. <<less
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poloniapoloni rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c150
This novel is not bad, but it doesn't have any characteristics to be a good one either.

The biggest flaws as I see it is the MC who is supposed to have great knowledge of the game spends the majority of the time "going with the flow" which is following the orders given to him by the Demon King and remembering quests and events nearby the locations he is sent to that can help him achieve his ultimate goals instead of making active decisions on where to go and what to... more>> do. Also the side characters are a bit shallow and the political issues that are given greater light in the beginning are underdeveloped in the story which results in a boring and bland story.

Overall, it is an okay novel to spend some time, but you shouldn't have high expectations. <<less
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poloniapoloni rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
May 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Classic chinese novel that follows the same cliches just like other novel of this author.

So expect a lot of arrogant antagonists creating conflict with the MC, beautiful women start liking the MC after a few interactions and a lot of lucky encounters.

Besides that, this novel also possess one of the most annoying antagonists of all the stories I have ever read that should have been killed a lot sooner.

Overall, read this one if you don't have anything else to read.
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poloniapoloni rated it
The Great Ruler
May 25, 2018
Status: c501
This author continues to write mediocre novels just like BTTH and WDQK following the same patterns seen in most chinese counterparts.

Do not get me wrong, this novel is not bad, but it doesn't bring anything different or exciting that kept me engaged in the story (e.g. The academy arc, which I didn't finish, has little plot or character development and it is extremely boring).

Certain aspects that bothered me:

  • Over 90% of the conflicts are created because of women that the brainless antagonists like
  • Lot of fights just happen to occur after the MC levels up
  • Every woman described as extremely beautiful starts as a cold person and a few chapters later end up being a bit interested in the MC and "blushing their cheeks"
Overall, it's an OK novel, read it if you have... more>> nothing else to do or if you read the other 2 novels of this author and wish to learn a bit about the other 2 MC's fate. <<less
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poloniapoloni rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
May 15, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel starts with a good and original concept mixing a RPG theme where the MC is transported to a dream World where he can capture buildings and create a base, also his actions and development cross to the real world and vice versa (e.g. Purchasing a building in real life allows you to capture it in the dream world and increasing stats in dream world helps increase his capability in real life).

At some point however this concept is thrown out the window by the author which focused most on... more>> the dream world. Furthermore the story becomes more leveling up driven (with tons of lucky encounters) and the plot almost ceases to exist.

It's a pity because this novel possessed a lot of potential and could even reach 5 stars if the author had planned better.

Overall, this story is bellow average, but I quite enjoyed the beginning and ending of it. <<less
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poloniapoloni rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
May 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Another generic novel from this author, however I find this one a bit above TGR and WDQK due to the cultivation system used by the MC (the divine fires) and the alchemy.

When reading the story expect a lot of the following:

    • MC shows up to save side characters at the exact moment they are in danger after he closed up for cultivation for a long time
    • A lot of lucky encounters
    • Every single woman described as an extreme beauty has interest in the MC
Overall, this novel is decent, but I would only recommend reading if you haven't found anything else on this site.
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poloniapoloni rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
May 12, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel consists of the MC being teleported back to Earth after suffering for 20 years in another planet to discover Earth is in danger where he acts more like a protector of the ones close to him while ignoring the rest of the world criticism towards his actions.

The story is well written and was able to capture my attention through its entirety using the mix of RPG and apocalypse theme that it contains. The minor negative points that I found was the Korean nationalism contained in the story (with... more>> a bit of prejudice against Japan also), the "romance" (which was a bit forced and the novel would be better without any of it whatsoever) and the MC glorifying that is common to many stories.

Overall, it is a fun read that I would recommend. <<less
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This is a lighthearted novel that follows the MC who is transfered to a villain in a otome game so she tries to act to avoid her fate.

The MC is quite dense and doesn't realize all the effects of her actions which lead to the formation of a harem.

Overall, at least the main story is definitely worth reading. The writing is done well, using the 1st person perspective throughout the novel and switching on and off between other characters which allows the readers to understand their thoughts and backgrounds.

As a... more>> negative though, I felt sometimes the constant focus on introducing new people didn't allow to dig deeper on the rest of the characters and if this novel continued down on this path it might decrease my interest on it, however since it's a short novel this didn't bother me too much. <<less
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