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ploufi2 rated it
Top Management
August 18, 2017
Status: c117
Chapter 72 : A very good novel, the original idea is not very innovative, but the novel is very well written and it makes you think.

If you see your future, and in that your dream of carier are realized, will you risk this future hoping to have a better one? Or live your life normally?

Chapter 117 : I am now in chapter 117. And I thank all the actors who participated / participant / or future participant of this translation. I also thank the author of this novel. The story... more>> is very well written, everything is explained clearly.

The MC has to deal with unexpected situations, which will not revolve all alone. Only his relentlessness and his willingness to do things right have led him to what he is becoming.

He does not think of his own merit, he thinks of his family, of the people who rely on him. And he is there for them, with or without power.

He is there, and I myself rely on him to transport me to his world.... <<less
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ploufi2 rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c14
Have you ever dreamed of entering a library and discovering a mysterious book that takes you to another world?
This novel gives me that feeling, I look at it every day since I do not know how long.

Stopped net in chapter 14. Maybe someday someone will take it back and we will finally be able to discover the story that this novel holds for us.

Will this novel carry us with him? This is the question :p
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ploufi2 rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
August 28, 2017
Status: c174
An ordinary story, of a boy rising in the world thanks to luck but especially his fighting spirit. I particularly like this story because this young man does not make life easier, he always takes the most difficult paths, to get out even more winner. And then I like this inventive side and engineer of this boy. A very good story!
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