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piscesiadr rated it
Ascendance of a Bookworm
March 2, 2018
Status: c65

Here guys the ones who rated this only one star:

1. Yes, this is slow paced, because this is a slice of life type of story. No action. Well I read this so far up to chapter 65 and there's no action by far. So warning for you, this is something you need to be patience and keep reading.

... more>> 2. You will get a bit thrilled when you reach chapter 25. That's the point when someone or two acknowledge Maine's abilities and smartness.

3. You will face Maine's road to be inventor (rinsham, paper, hairpin, purse, etc) somewhere around thirtiesh chapter. Also she and Lutz getting richer bit by bit saving her money.

4. She started to embrace her current family as her own around chapter 40ish something. This for you who judged her as stupid and not adapting well. Especially her feelings toward Tury and Dad around ch 60ish where she has to reveal her sickness to her family.

I mean, for you who likes Isekai stories and want to see MC applies their previous knowledge to the parralel world so amazingly, just keep reading and you will see there is no Isekai web/light novel like this! <<less
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piscesiadr rated it
Only Sense Online (LN)
February 4, 2019
Status: --
A slice of life MMOVRPG story. Usually I enjoy this kind of genre. What disappointing is, Yun is a boy that turned female since start. I like gender bender stories, but this MC Yun doesn't deny it at all for being a girl. He even allowed his sisters to call him oneechan. He just sometimes says it "I'm a man" but no act like man at all. I see him as a feminine guy in real life who finally becomes a girl in game. A real man should be disturbed... more>> to be a girl, but he doesn't show that. And this novel apparently full of cute girls, cute clothes, cute things etc. I don't see a man or any guy at all except MC's two merchant friends and his bestfriend. Even they don't contribute much in this novel. You will not see Yun grow up as a character, it's just a story about plain daily life of girls in VRMMORPG. <<less
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Alright. This novel is for girls. The romance between Aqua and Tiara is really sweet word by word. The Author seems really know how to make readers, aka me, rolling on bed giggling while imagining on it would be so lovely if someone I can be Tiara who is loved by Aqua that much, especially when Aqua proposed Tiara. A really sweet romantic and lovely read.

On the other hand, it seems the Otome influence on Tiara as MC only as far as first chapters because MC died in previous life... more>> without knowing anything about sequel. Well I only read until chapter 18 so far, so I dont really know the development after that but it seems after she moved to Aqua's country, the story is not about otome game anymore but more like a noblewoman trying to keep her love life in medieval europe setting location. I mean, the MC cannot rely on her knowledge about previous life and her played otome game anymore as it is already finished. Now she struggling by herself to know what should she does and what not. <<less
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