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pipMcDohl rated it
World Customize Creator
June 5, 2017
Status: v0c0
I've only read the manga adaptation of this story.

The story is about a japanese who is send to a fantasy type world.

Of course the Main Character is given a cheat ability.

... more>> This ability, as the title of the novel imply, is the customize things. Just like in the video game that the MC was playing in japan, he can change the various attributes of a given item.

With one big difference whith the game he used to play: there is no clear limit to the customization such as use of mana or customization points.

The MC quickly realize that fact and how absurdely powerfull his customization potential have become.

If I was the MC, at that point my first move would be to customize equipment and accessories to max out my intelligence and wisdom. So that I would find the best use for my power.

My second move would be to make sure that I am safe.

My third move would be to extend that safety to the people I care for.

My fourth move would be to turn 4 nuts and a sheat of paper into a carriage, apply Flying ability to the carriage, extend the size of the carriage to a few kilometers wide. Then change the name and specs of the carriage into Galatic Empire Battleship. Star Wars style.

Thus I would be ready to face whatever is send to me.

Yet what is the MC doing ? Nothing much. He seems unable to plan things in advance, at least not in the huge scale allowed by his cheat ability. Instead he got sucked in little political strife and is given an unsignificant position in an unsignificant army.

Basicaly, the author have made a huge mistake by giving a cheat ability that turn all the plot he imagined into useless stuff that don't match the power of the MC.

The MC is supposedly smart except that he is not, he is just playing around brainlessly. He is just a sheep that goes with the flow without much thought.

No surprise that the plot-centered story quickly become boring. <<less
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pipMcDohl rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
February 7, 2019
Status: c200
A nice read if you want to enjoy some slice of life novel with cute element.

I did enjoyed it, especially at the beginning when the novel was slice of life/cuteness/comedy/adventure.

But as the story goes on the adventure aspect dwindle to the point of disappearing while a new aspect appear and slowly become more invasive: Food.

There are a lot of time spent describing cooking and eating but there are not much details and the taste test only end up with [Delicious] every time, many time for each new recipe, rinse and... more>> repeat.

Once the MC have proven that she is totally OP, the author don't seem to care about developing her adventurer side anymore and just give us more cute scene that feels like bugs in the matrix. Mostly always the same events happened. Going there, end up having to distribute food, everyone happy.

Their are a lot of side characters and I'm OK with quantity but quality is good as well. The characters don't evolve much in time, MC included.

The MC is afraid of standing out and becoming famous to the point of keeping many secrets about her powers but when she end up standing out and becoming famous... Nothing, she don't really care and resume her daily life as usual.

The author don't create any plot that are worthy of reading and don't hesitate to use the same plot several time which increase the feeling of déjà vu. At some point I just needed to read the title of the chapter to know everything that was to happen in the chapter.

The bad guy are always male, while the cute persons are always female. Mostly female characters as well as some s*xist content. Nothing too harsh but still.

The MC is not a Mary Sue. She is a girl, OP, she make everyone happy around her and help the weak child. But! Aside from that she is a selfish person.

Example: She possess incredible healing ability but hide it so she can enjoy her life without being harassed. She don't try anything that would allow her to cure dying people anonymously. She just don't care. Or more likely, the author has no will to waste time on ethic or plot, he only care about describing cute scene in an easygoing daily life.

So, once more, a good read as long as you don't expect interesting plots, interesting characters, interesting adventures.

It's a pity that the author dropped the adventure side/MC growth. The novel had high potential. <<less
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