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pentadrian rated it
Castle of Black Iron
February 6, 2017
Status: --
This novel is one of those that has a mediocre start, but manages to get into a good pace only to be ruined by the author peddling an agenda. At the face of it, this is a post apocalyptic steampunk novel, but it's not all science. There's some mysterious acupuncture point that can be unlocked to cultivate. And here's the biggest deal breaker - extreme patriotism.

While unlike certain other novels out there there's isn't much, if any, racism, the novel keeps praising China to the extent that you'd think it... more>> was sponsored by the PRC. According to the novel, the Chinese are at the forefront of technology, military strength, culture, world dominance, yelling "I your father" and pretty much everything else. It's fine for a while, be when you see this agenda being pushed over hundreds of chapters it will get on your nerves even if you're all for the PRC. Also the MC has no idea of a family unit and literally goes around spraying his seed all over the place, to any woman willing (and there are a few hundreds) <<less
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pentadrian rated it
I Reincarnated For Nothing
March 9, 2018
Status: c36
This novel is patently absurd. There aren't even any pretenses on what it aspires to be. Much like the author's other works, you've a seemingly omniscient God masquerading as a poor mortal who apparently hates what he is (an hero, please press F to pay your respeks) but goes around doing heroic things. Completely by accident.

All characters other than the MC are one-dimenional cardboard cutouts. You've the main female lead in what's already become a harem by chapter 10. The female lead is a gorilla. Yes, you read it right.... more>> A gorilla with boobs. All she can say to the MC are "Ooh" and "Ooh-ooh-ooh" and "Kyaaaah~". Sometimes, I think this is an autistic gorilla.

The MC does MC things, and all women when they look at MC go sploosh. With copious wetting of undergarments, said female characters also lose their sense of reasoning. So far the MC has been gaining absurdly OP powers, all because he wants to be a farmer. What a n0ble goal! Anyway, the long and short of this is the MC is a self-insert. A wish fulfillment fantasy with an army of female gorillas who cant wait for the Big D of the MC, all the while going "Ooh ooh ooh", with a splattering of "Hihihi"s.

Read at your own risk. You have been warned <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Talisman Emperor
October 30, 2017
Status: c221
More like tr*sh Emperor. The novel is a poor man's version of Desolate Era. While there are obvious signs that DE took ideas from this and cloned them, the execution is so much better in Desolate Era. Here, all we have is a mix of MGA and DE. Pretty sucky overall, where the MC is a ret*rd, who despite being handed legacies and treasures of untold power, somehow manages to offend half the World, only for the other half to save his ass. Meanwhile, all the MC does is "Oh,... more>> I'm soo weak! Why am I this weak! *Laughs bitterly*"

The novel is but a series of repetitive cliches, where the MC does nothing but offend people, get some amazing plot armor power-up and rekts them. Sometimes the enemies are too powerful for even Plot Armor-san and boom! We have mysterious allies from absolutely nowhere to save his ass. Sometimes even said allies are powerless and voila! We have even more powerful allies. You get the gist

What's weird is that MC is actually pretty mentally handicapped. It's almost sad to see that. He knew that a super powerful organization was behind him, and the first thing he does is say his real name and advertise he has some ridic treasures. Obviously, suffers said organization's pursuit and all the while, laughing bitterly, proceeds to be powerless, till they conveniently run into an aphrodisiac mist, where the MC then rapes the enemies. Good job, author, for writing actual shit! <<less
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pentadrian rated it
The World Online
January 8, 2018
Status: c134
Literally word vomit. I have no idea how the author could write such ban*l tripe that is so absolutely boring. I have most definitely lost a few million brain cells and am sure will be a "very stable genius" for the rest of my life thanks to this novel. To begin with, this is set in a post-modern utopia with resource scarcity somehow accounted for where everyone lives in peace and joy and humanity has progressed from denying global warming to riding on starships in all of 200 years.

But wait... more>> there's more. Apparently, despite advances in science, technology, face-slapping and being juvenile jerks, people still have to go school for doing nothing. Suddenly Earth is threatened and the only way to survive is to play video games. Man, I need to know what kinda drugs the author was on when he came up with this crapfest. And the game is set in some medieval era despite all advances in tech. This is where it actually gets worse. Apparently, there are "cultivation manuals", "chi" and "dantians" which are real. Yep, like 200% real. Realer than real, in fact. The MC discovers a manual in-game and suddenly starts cultivating and practicing IRL. When you have starships and cruise missiles, all you need is a cultivation manual for world domination. And said "internal cultivation" is detectable by CCTV camera. Man, what an advanced society it must be!

Oh, and all the girls want to suck his c*ck and desire for his glorious man-juice. The writing is dry and boring. Almost as if you're reading game logs. At least game logs were somewhat interesting if you were playing the game. The writing is abysmal and the translation is barely holding on. Grammatical errors, syntactical mistakes and the like litter the translation like mines in a no-mans land. I lost so much time that I would never get back. Take my advice and don't be me. Do better things in your life. Get a few hours of extra sleep. You'll be happier! <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 11, 2017
Status: --
Utterly and thoroughly boring. Apparently MC is around 18-20 and his first thought of romance is to r*pe a girl. The novel is a long and painful work that exists to solely glorify the lead character. Women don't matter for anything except for sex. All older men who are in positions of authority are ought to r*pe and pillage and only the MC can stop them. The novel itself is dry and repetitive, with the MC fighting different kinds of bugs, basically running a Pests R Us service in an... more>> apocalyptic city. Of course China is somehow leading the field in everything, as usual. The MC has no character. His pet octopus is a more interesting character. Rated Tentacle/10 <<less
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pentadrian rated it
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
February 27, 2017
Status: --
What could've been a good reincarnation novel ended up getting ruined by standard WN writing cliches. While this refreshingly did away with truck-sama and a mysterious God who manages reincarnated people, there was no rationale as to why the MC reincarnated, why he could literally choose OP cheats, how he was so calm after rinsing transmigration etc. I'm not sure if it's the original wiring or the translation, but most of the chapters are filled with useless onamatopoeic romanji that add nothing to the plot. I'm here to read a... more>> novel, not page after page of sound effects. The plot is hard enough to follow as it is. On top the race names are confusing as hell. But what really does the novel in is how the MC gets used to killing so easily and the rate at which he acquired absurd skills. <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Unrivaled Tang Sect
June 1, 2017
Status: c140
The novel, unfortunately is a poor retelling of the original. It has all the cliches and nothing new. The author tried to make something afresh by introducing Spirit powered guns and cannons, but imagining guns and laser cannons in a swords and sorcery world, where the most common explanation for unknown phenomenon is "Magic!", it's a stretch even for the most hardcore cyberpunk enthusiast.

A large part of the issues that plague this novel is the fact that the romance is taken to such obscene levels of drama that it's now... more>> a soap opera and a tragedy rolled into one. If your idea of entertainment is watching sappy love dramas, then this novel is right up your alley. The good parts are sadly drowned out by the mediocre parts, and the romance is overdone to the point of getting diabetes from just reading it. Overall, a letdown from the original with nothing new to offer

The protagonist makes nothing easy either. Maybe he should just be the agonist, considering how every 10 chapters he realizes he's an orphan and cries over it, trying to get the sympathy of every girl around him. In addition, he takes on obscenely ret*rded quests from the female lead's supposed father, despite having no reason. I guess this is supposed to demonstrate how deeply he's in love or something, but only comes off as a perverted definition of love, as nobody would think that suffering is the appropriate way of demonstrating love <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Tempest of the Stellar War
March 15, 2017
Status: --
Sci-fi written by someone who does not have a sound background in a science related field. There are so many fundamental inaccuracies that it's hard to handwave it all way claiming "future science", which the author tends to do. It would even be acceptable if the author claimed alternate universe etc, but unfortunately the series is set on Earth. Our MC is literally Jesus, with a dash of Superman and Einstein added in for good measure. There are no flaws nor is there any character development. All the development we... more>> see is only the MC becoming stronger as the series progresses. There is no emotional development and the MC does not get streetsmart, which is a big PITA, as the cast end up revering the MC to ungodly levels and he takes it with all the emotional range of a 21st century robot.

The plot does not develop in an organic manner. We see a lot of deus ex machinas and new power levels being introduced. The novel itself isn't quite sure on whether it wanted to go the VR/future war/unlocking the body's secrets route. In the end, it feels like a jumbled mass of plot points which have only two things in common - "school beauties", aka women who throw themselves over the MC for no reason and a Gary Stu MC <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Swallowed Star
March 13, 2017
Status: --
If you're looking for a sci-fi novel, this is not it. At first you'd think, Woah, science. How cool! And bam, reality smacks you right on yer face. Spirit vessels get replaced by space ships, sword-ki by lazer beams and demonic beasts by space beasts. Apart from that, this is your standard cultivate to immortality and then some shite. Pretty bland, and an absolute lack of any drama to motivate the story. This lack of suspense and utter asspulls work for the first 200 or so chapters, but it gets... more>> boring real fast. You're looking at a 35 volume saga that becomes increasingly unclear as to why it even had elements of sci-fi to begin with. IET thought he could science. He couldn't. <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Summoning the Holy Sword
January 14, 2019
Status: --
It's a nice novel in the beginning, kinda similar to The Amber Sword and Advent of an Archmage, with decent worldbuilding and kingdom-building chronicles, but all of this quickly goes to sh*t when parallel world plots and time-travel is introduced.
Actual rating 1/5, but am eating rice, so 3/5

Now, time travel and parallel worlds are interesting devices if used well, except that the author has no idea what he's doing and handwaves it all away, leading to plotholes, buttholes and other holes. I'm serious. All the novel focuses on is... more>> sex. The MC recreates his childhood friends, former guildmates etc as spirits/sexbots and proceeds to f*ck the living daylights outta them! It's frankly disturbing.

To add insult to injury,

his sister reveals herself as the supposed villainous dragon but with a disturbing brother complex and incestous s*x ensues. This isn't even the main plotline


You've poorly executed orgies, the MC has the stamina of an ox on viagra, the novel is gradually forgotten, there's in-novel cosplay and the s*x isn't even satisfying. IDK why I even read this novel, but my braincells commited mass suicide. I can't even English properly now. Please stay away. <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
October 24, 2016
Status: c47
One dimensional characters, more plot holes than actual plot and an absolute lack of logic reign supreme. For some reason, our MC, who was supposedly "left behind" for being a loner of epic proportions, suddenly is very noticeable after everyone comes back. But wait, our MC is not human. He's actually a robot desperately pretending to be one. All he does is follow the orders of his controllers, the angels, hunt and craft..... ad infinitum. All his dialogues have been him claiming how he is a korean version hikkiNEET and... more>> a few lines that might barely qualify as comedy with the angels.

Oh there's some combat somewhere, but who cares right? <<less
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pentadrian rated it
Galaxy Shattering Blade
February 16, 2017
Status: c233
The novel starts off great before quickly degenerating into a steaming pile of nationalism, blatant racism and supremacist rants that are there for no reason (they don't even advance the plot). And somehow there's something about ancient chinese civilizations, aliens, the great wall, hindu gods and greek heros.... It's pretty confusing. This is neither sci-fi nor xianxia. What once seemed to be a successful marriage of the two is ultimately nothing but a broken mess that does neither of the genres justice
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Sword of Daybreaker
March 11, 2020
Status: --
Having read ahead, this is literally RTW. Seriously, I'm not even kidding, this is almost a carbon copy.

  • Reincarnated Chinese keyboard warrior with mysterious memory to remember all sorts of blueprints (at least a decent explanation was given)
  • Awakens in the body of a noble
  • Distant underdeveloped territory
  • Recruits a shadow step capable half elf, a research mage and another capable mage who only does fire magic
  • Develops magic engines to develop territory
  • Battles evil cults and evil church
  • Apparently big war with demon like monsters happened and will happen again
  • Invents magic laser.
Well you get the... more>> point. So leaving it at 4 stars for now <<less
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