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peachgummy rated it
Screen Partner
January 28, 2019
Status: Completed
Closer to 3.5, but I'll just round up.

Pretty cute and fun read! I read it in 2 short sittings. The MC is funny and somewhat relatable in his thoughts, and the ML is very... possessive and seme-ish, but not in an unattractive or off-putting way. Their interactions are cute as well. However, while it was pretty enjoyable I'm not sure I'd revisit it. I couldn't get very attached to the characters (the short length didn't help here) and I didn't find the way they fell in love to be particularly...... more>> riveting, I guess. The story just didn't stand out very much to me, even though it was cute. I was also kind of underwhelmed by the love scenes, but seeing as all the other reviewers seem to be quite satisfied, I think that might just be me being desensitized from having been a fujoshi for too long, haha.

Lacks some depth, but honestly I'm pretty sure this story wasn't meant to be very deep, so that's okay. I'd recommend it for a quick read, perhaps as a lighthearted break from a longer novel.


Was anyone else left wanting an explanation for Ruka's "friend" + Ruka's relationship with his dad? Felt like there was a huge story behind those that definitely could have been fleshed out, or at least explained...

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peachgummy rated it
Cold Sands
January 31, 2019
Status: --
Amazing read.

This was one of the first Chinese BL novels I read, and I'm so happy I found it. I'm writing this review nearly 3 years after having finished it, but I still remember the insane feelings I had while reading it. It's such a beautiful story, but be warned--even if you are ready for the angst, it might hit you harder than you think! The characters and plot are so wonderfully crafted and they'll string your emotions along with them.

... more>>

By the end you might be mad and sad and resigned, but miraculously satisfied because the author lays out all the circumstances that led to that point, and shows us that life is really full of difficult decisions.


I'm pretty sure I'll end up reading this again at some point, it was so memorable to me. <<less
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