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pauguste16 rated it
Knights & Magic
July 18, 2016
Status: c25
25 chapters in and all I could say is meh. The general premise of the story is okay. The very first major battle however was the highlight of what I've read so far. The novel suffers for being excessively wordy and descriptive for things that you will inevitably forget. Additionally there are paragraph long descriptions for actions as mundane as walking. Basically what I'm saying is you can skim chapters and be fine. On another note the side characters are very very very 2 dimensional and over done; not at... more>> all interesting. You have the serious stoic Edgar, the hothead Di, mature female helvi/tiffa, young and in love Female love interest Ady, laid back guy Chid, burly mans man Boss/Batson, you even have the eccentric King. All their actions revolve around these actions. Which is not Necessarily bad but makes for an uninteresting series of events <<less
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pauguste16 rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
March 2, 2018
Status: c500
1.5 stars

i tried I did my very best to slog through it but it feels like its been written by someone who has never read a book before.

Solid beginning. The best part about this story is actually the heroines. Thats about it

... more>> Cons:
bipolar MC. I have no understanding of his motivations. In the beginning he was rather shameless in a funny way but then he was like, "i would never be attracted to this girl becomes shes too s*xy, and too many people will fight for her".

he also is unrealistically cruel to the point where its detrimental to him, like someone would give a minor insult to one of his girls or family and 10 chapters later he is like fighting that persons entire clan.

The enemies are also unrealistically dumb, they'll be like he's only this young with no background so its okay to offend him, but literally a few chapters ago news spread of him wiping out a powerful clan

cultivation, literally makes no sense and seems to be written on the fly. First MC has his own cultivation system, but there is also the standard system that has standard levels, okay cool thats fine. But then it goes off the rails with strength based on countries, then it adds like 9 forms of martial arts each with their own levels. In addition to alchemy level, where the author names like 12 ingredients required for a pill that you're supposed to remember., his time dilation dimension takes you out of the story. Then they add black smithing levels, beast taming, and a whole bunch of nonsense.

80% of most chapters is him progressing in what was mentioned above, 10% is his interaction with side characters/ heroines and the other 10% nonsensical bland fights

pacing and writing is just god awful. By writing I dont mean translation I mean just bad story telling. He is weaker for like 10 chapters against a certain opponent then he makes a break through and trashes him.

the sad thing is this isnt like MGA or something similar where you can turn your brain off and kill time and find it somewhat enjoyable. There is so much useless information where you dont know what to skim and what not to so a few chapters down the line you have no idea what happened. My best description would be if a transformers movie started to explain to you how the actually technology works step by step <<less
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Volume <7 4/5
Volume 7+ =3.5

I'm not gonna sugar coat this review DM is either loved or hated, however at this point im indifferent. There are valid reason to both arguments. Essentially, Satou, the MC, is laid back, arguably the most OP character out of all the OP characters out there, good at everything and has a harem.

The reason for the drop in rating has nothing to do in a drop of quality its just that nothing has changed for better or worse the author did not try do... more>> change up the dynamic with the exception of characters getting stronger there has been no change in the dynamic of mc/ support characters/ and enemies. the "story" gets stale after reading the first 6 or so volumes. When I say "story" I use that term loosely almost 15 volumes in and is really no allusions to who the enemy is or where the plot is going. Though the actions scenes are very descriptive in the beginning and showed the MC "vaguely struggling" Im at the point where I skim some of the sequences because more often then not he's fighting Cocky Bandit A or some comparable irrelevant enemy that he inevitably uses the same attack on (magic stun).

I can go on and on but there is just so much to read that its impossible to give a comprehensible review of whats good or bad. but at the end of the day there are times when im excited to see a work get updated on this sight but when I see death march im like... eh maybe later <<less
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