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2/5 – 2 and not a 1 because it started off decently enough, but after a hundred chapters, you get the sense this is going nowhere, and after 200 chapters, it seriously started pissing me off... ended up dropping it after 260+ chapters, because its not consistent anymore, the main completely changed her character by this point. Much less an assassin, I doubt she has gone past preschool in her original life... the main who is supposed to be a competent woman, is just a whining, crying good for nothing... more>> who leeches from her family, from her love interest, and has stupid good luck... yet she feels disadvantaged and wronged by everyone who helps her... thick skin much?

To make this clearer, I’ll compare it to the main chars of Stunning Edge and Descent of the Phoenix... both stories start of similarly...

In Stunning Edge, you don’t know what the main char is in her past life. She just possesses a girl who is known only for being an idiot man chaser, she is the joke of the entire city and all men know to avoid her. Then after the possession, she becomes hard working and serious... she apologizes to the family head, asks for teachers, and starts to diligently work to better herself. She treats everyone how they treat her... kind to people who were/are kind to her, ruthless to her enemies, and generally polite but uninterested in people who have nothing to do with her. She doesn’t really go looking for men because she knows she is just so lacking she uses up all her time just catching up to her peers. But even so, she networks and does manage to make some allies here and there.

In DoP, the main char is the same as in DKC... a super-assassin who possesses a good for nothing. When she first came to the alternate world, she was ready to disappear (run away from her family) in order to train, cuz she doesn’t need to rely on anyone. But when she realizes the prince is actually sincere in liking her, she immediately seduces him, moves to his palace and trains there. Therefore, she regains the strength she had in her previous life almost immediately. Despite being a “ruthless, coldblooded assassin”, she generally treats other people well. She trains a group of covert operatives, and they become her subordinates, which is believable considering she used to be head of her assassins guild. Aside from this, she displays many traits one would think an assassin would have including ability to bluff, threaten, keep her composure, use people, manipulate people, etc. She is smart enough to act as a general to draw enemy attention, but also smart enough to realize it’s not her area of expertise so she is just willingly becoming the figure head of the army. She is also competent enough to disappear without any of the enemy countries noticing, then reappearing later in a far-off enemy kingdom to do reconnaissance and assassinate the entire enemy kingdom royal family. She’s also adept at disguises and changing her character and atmosphere completely in order to do her tasks.

On the other hand, the DKC main is the exact opposite of both these competent mains mentioned above. Su Luo, who should have been a competent woman, after possessing the body, becomes a man chasing idiot instead. Every time the main guy says one word, her brain immediately short circuits... so much for being an assassin... But. She’s also unable to understand anyone aside from herself. The guy keeps saving her over and over, and goes out of his way to help her, even once almost dying or lose all his cultivation forever... and the only thing Su Luo thinks is the guy will probably still be able to manipulate her even when hes dead, hes so terrifying like a devil... What a retard...

She’s also a complete fail as an assassin. Or more like, shes just a giant leech. She stays in her family’s house despite proclaiming she has disowned them, she keeps getting the guy to help her over and over and over and over without payment or anything in exchange, and still has the gall to claim he is somehow taking advantage of her when he helps her... All her progress is due to others helping her (but not once is she grateful), or her absurd luck. She somehow manages to attract the strongest person in the country despite being a literal good-for-nothing, she somehow picks up a pet dragon, she somehow gets the dragon’s dad to teach her some overpowered unknown magic, she somehow stumbles onto the hidden tomb of the most powerful alchemist in the world and steals all his research and treasure, she somehow picks up millions of gold worth of cultivating stones, her pet dragon somehow has the skill to pick the most valuable cultivating stones from a pile of worthless rocks... her luck is just absurd that everything she needs constantly falls into her lap, but despite all these, she is still as incompetent as ever... or she’d have already been overpowered 150 chapters ago... All she has to do is find the f***ing courage to leave her house, spend 1 month being a hermit like the main of DoP, and train, but she is just so useless it will probably take her 2, 500 chapters to get that far.

Her actions also prove that she is stupid, borderline retarded. She knows that at this point, she is weaker than her sister’s dog... yet she keep picking fights with her rivals, her enemies, her sisters,... children, pets, animals, slaves, even random merchants trying to sell their wares because they “talk too loudly” to suit her taste. She's so petty I almost expect her to pick fight with the air she breathes if she keeps this up. But she will probably lose, as she has lost to everything else already. She has just 1 pattern – thinks she is weaker than everyone around her, picks a fight with a random person that crosses her path, flees to Nangong, Nangong protects her, then she accuses Nangong of taking advantage of her.


*on top of a mountain*

aaaargh air, why will you not enter my lungs faster???!?!!!! you need a fireball!!!

*makes things worse*

i hate you air, that’s it, i’m going to bomb the mountain

*almost kills herself, but Nangong will miraculously show up to save her*

goddammit Nangong, you took advantage of me again by going out of your way to save me!!!!!! screw you i’m leaving

*stumbles on a rock*

goddammit rock, you picking a fight with me too??!!?!)



So yeah... the reason I dropped DKC is because the main is NOT an assassin, but a spoiled 13 yr old girl who has never received an education, “crushing” on a man while having the idea that the person you love = your pet. <<less
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paksheet rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
February 7, 2017
Status: c35
Don't see what's so good about this. Premise is about this hero who got sick of it all, gave up, died, reincarnated, and just want to live a lazy life. But all I can see him as is a childish, immature as*hole who embarrasses his dad who actually cares about him compared to all the other novels out there, leech off his mom, torments and tries to kill his 70 yr old nanny mentally and emotionally (keep giving him hope and killing it over and over, intentionally because its amusing,... more>> unless it's annoying, then he dumps him), and despite his aversion to violence, is the most psychopathic villain in the story.

He makes NO effort whatsoever, and yes I know he wants to be lazy, but he goes about doing it in the most asinine way ever. He ends up being a complete jerk and nuisance to everyone who cares about him. Being lazy takes effort (Lazy Dungeon Master), power (The Lazy King), and you should NOT be a bother or have people care for you (The Lazy King) because then, you're just an asshole. And yeah, the MC is pretty much a complete and total asshole.

The MC's character is quite contradicting too. He spent his entire life refusing to touch the sword, then he suddenly show off his prowess because he wants to hurry and drink coke. He hates violence and just want to be peaceful, but 1st chance he get, he slaughters his 2nd mom's entire family because it might get annoying later. He is so traumatized by his hero past but he doesn't even retain all his memories after reincarnation. Instead, he has some dreams of his past life *psh*. And his greatest ambition is to sleep 24/7 so he get to see more of these dreams? And ok if you want to say he might have all his memories or whatever, then he died fully adult (30 ish maybe) but he still acts like an emo teenager. He runs from all his problems, bother everyone around him, makes no effort towards his ambition, which means he intends to leech off his parents forever, never show his emotions or talk about what he wants, but he does assume everyone should understand him, doesn't ever connect with his brothers so of course they just treat him like the useless baggage he is, treats every random stranger like an asshole, then just powertrip and kill them just because he can. For example, 1st time he meets the priestess who was just a little kid, he goes - you're ugly, I hate you, you should go kill yourself. 1st time he goes to magic tower, he runs around and touches everything like a buffoon, unintentionally broadcasting his OP-ness he tried to hide his entire life. Too bad he didn't touch something more dangerous and just go to his eternal rest. He is so emotionally weak that after 15 ish years of reincarnating, he is at the exact same place he was at 15 years ago when he committed double suicide with the demon lord. He would have been so much nicer if he would have just killed himself than let his family deal with his baggage, which he never shared to anyone.

TLDR - MC is basically an overpowered Chinese Wuxia novel protagonist - an overpowered arrogant homicidal genocidal asshole. But he is ambitionless, scared of opposite sex, zero effort, zero intelligence, zero maturity, zero mental strength, zero emotional strength, vegetable with a penchant for drugs (coke, the drink, but he is so addicted to it might as well be coke, the drug). No hobbies, no interests, nothing he is good at because he is never shown doing anything. Not a single thing to make reading about him interesting at all. The most unbelievable thing for me is how he even became the hero in his previous life. More like trash mob B. Who survives until the end because he's basically a cockroach. <<less
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paksheet rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
August 25, 2016
Status: c90
Eh... this story started out cliche-dly fine, weak, poor MC uses his superpower called effort in order to catch up to and beat strong, rich guys... only, it doesn't. His effort skill is literally effortless after a few chapters, all he has to do is click on stats every level up, despite it being the "real world". And there are no "enemies", no rivals, only NPC chars that last at most 2 chapters and gets OHKO'd by him, over and over and over again.

MC has no personality. 90 chapters in... more>> and still no clue what he is trying to achieve. At first, thought he was like Weed (from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor), funnily stingy because he is poor and need to support his family, who then gets what he wants so he gets new interests, and new goals. But the MC in Evolution Hunter (I don't even remember his name after 90 chapters) is just plain boring. The world literally revolves around him. Every 10 levels ups, the world will change (dungeons disappear, new continents will form, etc). Only he has access to a whole category of overpowered items (intelligent monsters that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, intelligent weapons that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, his stats are continuously growing without having to do anything, while other people can't because stats are limited to items for them. By now, his stats are a least 100x better allowing him to OHKO an entire army of enemies supposedly stronger than him...).

All he wanted was to be rich, but selling 30 million USD of items weekly at no risk is apparently not enough, he wants to keep risking his "party and close/trusted friends" lives cz they're not OP and he can't afford to risk them (huh?). Every time he levels up, he makes the entire world exponentially more dangerous, but he has no choice but to level up because the world is dangerous (huh?). He basically has no goal, no interest in women, in politics, in friends, in anything. He just got what he wanted in first few chapters too easily so he got stuck doing the same thing over and over and doesn't even realize it because he has no idea what he wants anymore. Or rather, the author doesn't.

At some point, he discovers humans he kill drop better items than monsters so he doesn't kill them, only lure them into position where they want to kill him so he can retaliate without hurting his conscience. He's like a serial killer of killers. And despite him killing over 200+ people without getting even a scratch, he thinks he's saintly clean because he never does the 1st move.

TLDR - MC is super boring. He is basically a robot with a stuck command and a broken logic code. He actually accomplishes his goal in 20 chapters, doesn't realize it, so he keeps doing the same thing over and over and over without change. There is only 1 character, his party = cardboard cutouts without opinions, everyone else = trash mobs. The story keeps getting less and less tension, interest, or originality, and has hit what I would call critically boring so I'm dropping it. <<less
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paksheet rated it
The Demon King’s Game
July 25, 2016
Status: c24
Hmmm, how to say, the premise was interesting, getting summoned to play ranking games for a demon lord... and surprise, those ranking games are for some reason, just real time strategy (RTS) games, and the MC is a retired pro e-sports player, but whatever.

That lasted all of 10 chapters. Now, he returns to the real world, and it looks like he is venturing on his (feels like a 2000 chapter) quest to return to the pro scene from scratch, almost exactly like The King's Avatar. Unlike TKA however, the... more>> MC here is a perfect superhuman basically,... good looking, rich, tons of fans, fashion revolves around the fashionless garbage he wears, women stalk him and have orgasms just from him showing up to do live commentary on a game, blah blah... and with the cheats he obtains from the demon lord (never grow old, never deteriorate, perfect physical condition forever), despite being past his prime for a pro gamer, he will forever be unrivalled (in TKA, he is clearly past his prime, he knows it, everyone knows it, so he is rushing to return for the few scant years he has left, in addition to being unable to return pro for 1 year because of his contract). In the 1st place, he already had a 90% win rate, so there are no "rivals" anyway. So, MC is boring, there is no room for growth, and there will never be rivals.

Secondly, the game he plays is Star Craft,... so... reading play by play moments of an RTS game is boring. There is no sense of continuity like in an MMORPG character, and you don't really understand anything either. For example,

MC advances 4 gunners to enemy base, controls them to defeat a force twice their size, and retreats.
The enemy rush back with 6 spitters to retake their base.
MC returns with 2 tanks, and the exact second his upgrade for stronger fire power is finished, the tanks do their 1st shot on the enemy harvesters.

So dry, and just don't care at all, especially when 60% of every chapter for 10 straight chapters is like this...

1. doesn't follow premise, wanted fantasy setting of demon lord games stomped by a gamer, instead getting a VERY unrealistic pro-gaming scene where there is ONE pro, and everyone else are total noobs. (pros are literally noobs, does this even make sense?)
2. MC is superman, everyone else are just blind, deaf, bald, disfigured monkeys with 1 arm, and the remaining arm only has 3 fingers left.
3. play by play description of RTS games just doesn't work. <<less
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Haven’t even finished chapter 7 and can’t go on... so many things that bug me about setting/characters/etc etc. This story is so detached from reality, as in, even for a fantasy work, characters need to act in ways that are relate-able,... as in, somewhat human (logical, or understandable, or emotional, whatever). The characters in this story act like either robots or aliens T_T

setting – because VR tech was developed, all companies *only* exist in VR now. No need for stores, for paperwork, for any hard copies of anything, even service... more>> industries now only exist in VR it seems. Schools don’t exist, and seems people are born, log online, and only ever log off for food and sleep. The stupidity of the author is astounding... a single EMP will cause society in his world to completely collapse. Tbh, don’t even have a clue how society functions. Since people never meet in real since there is no reason to. Unless of course, they live in the matrix. and the game world is a matrix within the matrix.

Character – so many inconsistencies... the char has apparently played the game for 4 years, and despite it being a learning game, his gear+stats+skills have not changed in 4 years. people like him disappeared for 30 years, but he still expects the old players to do the exact same things they were doing when it was still a game. wut? as in hey look I got transported to the future and everything became real, my best friend likes to play basketball... so of course he is you know, still playing basketball, who needs to even know what the hell happened to us anyway?

The 1st thing he notices when he gains consciousness is the smell of grass... so the 1st thing he does,... is pull it out then eat it... wut o.O? then he notices the taste of his drool... But despite his apparently godlike observation skills, he doesn’t notice that his gender has changed lololol.

the char is complete opposite of The New Gates char – no foresight, no planning, no sense of danger, no sense of caution... in fact, the char is “special”... from putting grass in his mouth to staring at butterflies to completely not noticing people talking to him and just blanking out... dude doesn’t even try to log out, and when he finally notices he can’t, no biggie.

game settings – people are pretty much forced to join a country because not doing so has several disadvantages like... complete item box lost on death, 24 hour death penalty, etc etc. Just based on that, its obvious that the game is a complete kuso-ge (sh*t game). w/c is quite understandable since the game has only been updated 2x in 4 years... which is a pro for the players...

players trapped in this world for 30 years, and there has not been any improvement in technology... like log horizon where everyone is a caveman...

So many more things... the details are what makes stories like this enjoyable... so...


then I think this is really ridiculous so

1/5 <<less
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