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osiato rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
September 9, 2017
Status: c112
It's an amazing story.

It seems very unique, it's just that the description on this site is sh*t.

The TL is not the greatest, and there are lots of forgotten parts, but as long as you ignore them the story is great.

... more>> I'm going to address the other reviews now:

Valor is correct, this page does not accurately describe the story so far. There is no harem, and the synopsis is just an outline of the first arc at most.

Okuri is generally correct, and I agree with their opinion.

Simsi is kind of correct as well, but what do you expect? This story is based on a 16yr old kid, not a soldier. The story isn't going to be him living alone on a planet for hundreds of chapters. I like the romance, we finally got somewhere in the past few chapters.

The first half of keks review is accurate, because it's a fantasy story and Chinese at that. The robot is mentioned a bit, he's still trying to revive it. As for the last point, I see where they're coming from, but it's covered a bit more later when she leaves that class and they start slacking again. They were just trying to show off. Also fighting giant mutating bugs isn't something that happen IRL that's why it's fantasy.

Ogd's review is good.

And pork buns review I covered in the beginning. This page is setup sh*t. <<less
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Atypical Reincarnation
January 9, 2018
Status: c71
It's decent. Kind of generic, definately going to be a harem later, but it's got a different system (for now) and instead of having just cultivators you've got summoners, rogues, swordsmen and healers.

I forgot to change stars I'd do 3.5
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My Disciple Died Yet Again
November 20, 2015
Status: --
I recommend picking it up at 40-50, if you don't want to wait. It's not a troll, just slow.
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