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Legend of the Great Saint
May 12, 2017
Status: c58
I only write review when I feel like I stumble on an "unpolish gem". So it's one of those moment.

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So the story start with a village boy in a certain village. What made this boy special is the he have "innate wisdom"="Reincarnate". His parents left him an inheritance a very ordinary bull. He grew with the bull and become a part time farmer but when he starts dreaming of his past life; He starts to yearn for adventure. Thats where he learned that his inheritance isn't simple as a bull. So that marks the journey to become a Demon or a Saint.

From the current chapter people might think his becoming OP but he is supposed to be due to him being a cultivator in a world of martial arts; It's just he cultivate the body and people tend to classify it as a martial arts training. (Difference is he cultivate the body using world energy rather than pumping up muscles.)


Anyway read it if you like Records of immortal journey or any Er Gen novel due to it's detail and Chinese proverbs. <<less
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