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orblee rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
December 24, 2016
Status: 26
How did this book get such high ratings?

The MC is the Blandest of bland. He progresses slowly in everything (slower than slow) and he makes decisions not even an idiot will make.

As for the story itself... eh, just when is it going to start? All the chapters I had read so far are nothing more than fillers in my opinion with a little relevance to the actual plot...

The good thing about this story --------


I can't even read about flashbacks anymore thanks to this story!

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orblee rated it
Empress with no Virtue
December 14, 2016
Status: c21
So far...

Positives: The MC is a likeable character. Not only is she beautiful and smart but she doesn't let others step over her. The schemes, political 'wars' and relationships aren't terribly exciting or original but they are still enjoyable. And the comedy factor does exist which is a good thing in my book.

Now for the reason I gave a low rating...

Negatives: I really don't like the male lead. He's petty and so freaking... argh. I may change my opinion of him the further I read on... but I don't have... more>> high hopes on that happening.

But I'll try to keep an open heart. <<less
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orblee rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
January 10, 2017
Status: c52
So far, its interesting. I'm enjoying it so much that I don't really have anything negative to say and all the positives have already been said by others.

What little I'll say right now, is that I don't mind that theres no romance happening; because I honestly think it is not needed yet. Also, the action scenes aren't really there but overall, this is an exciting read because its... different.

Above all, I like that the MC isn't stupid.
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orblee rated it
Ba Ai Mou Qing
May 20, 2017
Status: --
No one is perfect; and the author of Ba Ai Mou Qing has done a good job of portraying this in her writings (imo)

Even though I have only read 15 chapters (the current translated chapters released) - from those few chapters I have read, I have been through a roller-coaster of emotions. This book really wasn't what I was expecting (especially because of the amount of down votes)...I wasn't actually going to read it because of the low stars but I had nothing else to read and decided to... more>> hell with it! Who knew I'd like it by the time I reached the recent chapter posted.

With this book, if you are reading this review, I recommend trying it out and reading it to the END (or, the end of the chapter release) and then making your mind up on it...I was about to drop out around chapter 7 (due to the male leads a**hole-ness mostly) but I am so glad I didn't. He's an asshole but he comes to realise this slowly which is better than never... also, the female lead has her flaws that can irritate but like the male lead, I believe she will come to realise this. It's hard to explain but this story has a REAL-life kind of feel to it~ It's made me laugh, cry and feel heartache all at once... which good stories should be able to do!~

Anyway, just read the book and find out for yourself lol. Hopefully someone can pick this novel up because It has officially made it high on my list of books to immediately read once updates.. so any kind translator out there -PLEASE xD <<less
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