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Gomen ne, Onii-sama
August 18, 2016
Status: c4
Wow... what can I say about reading this series... Reincarnation is my favourite genre in LNs and wow this series was like a breath of fresh air.

Ok, the general blurb of this series is about a girl who died not by accident (truck-sama was busy) but she was sick. Her original life was centred in a hospital who can only dream about having a normal life- in her final moments, she wished to live like the MC of her favourite Novel. When she reincarnates, she realises she became the... more>> little sister of MC who was the main antagonist of her beloved novel.

Unlike most LNs that have the genre of Reincarnation or 'I-got-reincarnated-into-a-game-must-avoid-destruction-flags!' the MC of this series does the complete opposite. She welcomes the destruction flags this was because of her love (admiration) for the MC. I love how she's so easily understandable- you know her reason for doing things; this was the biggest driver for me to read this series.

Sadly, it seems that this amazing series was dropped or is on-hold. I hope a translator will pick this series up! <<less
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onlooker rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
June 14, 2018
Status: c204 part2
If you crave a Doc!MC that isnt as godly as 'Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife' in terms of cheat abilities then this is the fic to read. MC is seriously admirable in personality and ability, she really tries her very best to fight against the bad situations (aka. Drama) thrust on her. The translator is doing a great job with this story. There's so many good things about her but there is just one thing I seriously hate about this story. That is the ML.


I've read a... more>> lot of infuriating characters before, like a lot, but omfg I cannot stand the ML. This dude takes the cake for being 'over bearing' to a different plane of existance. Every single character in this is scared of him, not just because of his ability but also his temper. Honestly, the things he does if done by someone without his appearance he would be deemed creepy, manipulative, abusive etc. From the moment ML

didnt trust the MC who already went beyond to get him to tolorate her and trusted a 'divine doctor' out of despararion to heal his legs when MC was falsely accused.

my opinion of him just went downhill.... as the story progressed (to where I am rn) he doesnt even feel apologetic and has the gal to feel wronged and that the MC must care for him.

I get that he is a general hated by his own emperor and is suspicious by nature and be rational/practical but jfc he is so freaking unlikable. Rather that calling it romance between MC & ML it's more like "let see how long her mental strength can last until she's pretty much nothing more than a robot to do what the ML wants her to do". Like the dude wont even giver her space to get to terms of what he did to her. Like even if every single pore of her body says for him to stay away he wont and forces her to always stay with him. She cant even do anything about it because ML will kill her- she doesnt even have any support from her family and the one friendly relative she has cant help her. She is alone and doesnt have anyone on her side. Because all the helpers/maids she has by her follow the ML to the death. Rather than thinking of her situation/feelings, like

when she ran from ML cuz she couldnt stand him (for a good reason)


I adore this MC but because of ML I cant enjoy her story anymore. <<less
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September 1, 2016
Status: c44
If you're looking for a typical shounen novel of the MC being OP and creating a harem of brainless girls left and right; this novel is clearly not for you. But if you're looking for a story with meaning full character development then welcome!

This story starts off with a clichéd beginning of his death, a hit and run accident. He spends ten days (if I remember correctly) as a ghost waiting for a reaper to appear and collect him. But much to his dismay no one appeared; leaving him to... more>> deal with matters into his own hand. Once he finally made contact with the reapers it appears that his 'birth' in our world had been a 'mistake'. The MC then finds out that his real form was a Spirit King that rules over water; not a human. The years spent in the human world left his intended world to suffer because the new Spirit King hadn't been born- the reapers were also equally confused as to why the new king hadn't reincarnated but now they found the reason.

The reapers prepare him for his new life as the Spirit King by giving him a draught to wipe his memories of his previous life. But being a powerful Spirit King that that ruled over water- the potion didn't work. He then reincarnates back to his original body but with his human memories. All is well as you may think, but a superior being with memories as a human isn't going to work out as well. This is a story is a journey of him letting go of his human self and accepting his new role as a King of spirits... Maybe... <<less
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onlooker rated it
Secret Nights In The Inner Palace
September 16, 2018
Status: Completed
TBH this should be a 4.5/5 rating but NU doesn't have a rating system like that, anyway back to my review.

WOW.... like, I didn't think that I would get that much character development in 7 chapters but here it is. I wasn't expecting anything grand for a novel tagged with 'Smut' because let's be honest, we all know why we (readers) are here. Because all I was expecting was straight up Dark PWP but what I got was something with substance.

I know everyone is aprehensive about the 'R*pe' tag considering... more>> this novel has a 'Romance' tag as well. It is what it is, no one can justify what was done to the MC. But after that part was done most of the smut was implied

excluding the obligatory delicious jealousy/punishment arc

their smut scene wasn't anything extremely horrid, but well written and translated in comparison to other novels.

What I do love is the introspection the MC does of his changing feelings towards the ML. He hates the ML because he was the reason his remaining family killed but he also questions the 'what if' his country wasn't attacked- like what would happen to him who was pretending to be the heir (his sister) and the consequence of it.

I wish this was longer, yet it's already good enough as it is.

Commentary: The Romance


I personally think that that MC fell for the ML because he (ML) accepted his body as it is. The MC has always been ashamed of having both sexes (look up Intersex) and yet ML accepted all of him and fell in love 1st. I don't know if the author did it on purpose but they wrote a story with body acceptance for an MC who always considered himself weird.

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Rating 2.5-3.0/5

If you are interested in reading this don't expect anything similar to 'Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter' or any of those stories transmigration/reincarnation stories with heavy plot & intrigue. Not to say it's a bad thing, so I hope readers will read this with lightheartedness.


The story is interesting with quite a few funny and sweet moments but I think this story should be rated at least r15+. There are many racy scenes throughout the story ... more>>

implied scenes too

so if this makes anyone uncomfortable keep this in mind if you're interested in reading this. The plot has its charm and can keep you wanting to read more of the story but once you hit the arc where the last couple gets introduced in the story it kinda went downhill from there. There was one arc I kinda found unnecessary and it ruined the mood for me, so the ending gave me mixed feelings even though its a HE (Happy Ending). Overall its a good story to pass the time.


NGL I like the main protagonist of the story (not the otome MC) her relationship with ML is refreshing for once, I don't have to read another story with another whiny sub bi- *cough* I got a bit carried away there. Anyway her and ML are cute together and they're really fun to read. The supporting cast are ok, I don't have a favourite among them but they're cute in their own way. I do have a side character I like but their story kinda ruined the overall plot for me, because like I said their arc was unnecessary.


To reiterate, approach this story with lightheartedness and it'll be enjoyable. The translation is good but later chapters could use a editor/proofreader BUT it's not jarring like if you MTL the novel. <<less
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