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omnipwnage rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
April 23, 2016
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It starts of as a great read (4.5/5) as it includes a great deal of bitterness, resourcefulness, survival, revenge and misery to make for a compelling story. However, the story eventually just decides to throw basically all of that away and turn into wish fulfillment porn the likes of which I never expected. I read a decent chunk after that, and it didn’t look like they were willing to go back to those earlier themes in the least, as the MC was too overpowered to bother caring about his own... more>> past. Personally, I have a theory on that subject, which I’ve decided to believe is true.

Spoilers because It contains the event which changed everything


At the bottom of the first dungeon, during the last bit of the fight against the hydra, Hajime is up against the wall watching Yue fight against the hydra and losing. He then manages to use the last of his strength and kill the hydra. Afterwards, he wakes up in a luxurious room and is somehow not dead. The theory is that he is at the very least in a coma and still in the first dungeon. That would explain why everything goes the way that works best for the MC, ie the summoned hero’s inability to defend themselves and others, the reason for the MCs ridiculous stats, the MCs genius out of no where, all the wish fulfillment happens -after- he wakes up at the end of the first dungeon. And the reason why nothing really bad happened to him after that incident as well (at least where I decided to stop reading)

If that theory every actually turned out to be true, and the story return to what it was like before (the author having trolled us the entire time) I’ll go ahead and pick this series up again and denote it as the best story ever written. <<less
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