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Spirit Realm
February 21, 2017
Status: c301
Spirit Realm is pretty good. World Building is quite big and we get introduced to the cultivation rank system and sect rank system in chapter 1 so you get a general idea of the scale of the current events. And the cultivation system is well though out as well, it isn't just "level name" #1~10, so it is interesting to see him get stronger. And because the sect rank system is introduced in chapter 1 alone you know how vast the world of Spirit Realm is.

The romance in this story... more>> takes a bit of time but it is ok. As of the chapter I'm reading there are 3 (or 5 depending on how you interpret things) girls who show interest to MC and by interest I mean are potential lovers. All of the girls get a bit of screen time. MC also isn't that oblivious to love and is shown that he can be flustered, his interaction with the main girl is quite warm so it's all good. MC is MC. In terms of comprehension he is quite far up there, quite expected since he has a supreme background as stated in the summary and his family/sect/protector left him a useful treasure which also sealed his memories (grants him his reason for cultivating and not just "I want to become strong because becoming strong is cool"), later on he gets other reason for becoming stronger. His personality is a bit warped and inconsistent but that's because his memories are sealed so it doesn't bother me that much (not really a spoiler as it is explained in the first few chapters). There are some male characters (and have pretty good backstory) who aren't enemies but are friends/rivals (not in love but rival like Ash/Gary rival) to MC. You won't get that "this is so stupid" feeling since the author doesn't overuse the arrogant young-master trope and the enemies have motives and aren't just driven by blind jealousy or wanting to shame MC. It doesn't follow the generic "find lucky event>>>training>>>trouble/fights>>>find lucky event>>>etc" stuff some other cultivation novels do. It actually has a plot but it makes it less hype than other cultivation novels and there is less anticipation because the readers can't see very far into the story (you might think you do at first but the novel doesn't follow the flags it sets up). The overarching story is quite good and because the story does not follow the flags it set up there are some nice plot twists. All in all a good novel. It does have some bit of fun here and there but usually it is serious. 4.5/5.0 but I rounded it up to 5 because I enjoyed the novel even though there aren't many comedic scenes. <<less
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