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obsoletefactor rated it
Monarch of Evernight
January 23, 2018
Status: v3c62
So i've read up till the newest chapter, and I feel a lot of the reviews are unrealistic or written by people who haven't read enough of the story to give a proper opinion (thats just my opinion of course).

Here goes:

I kind of liked the beginning of the story, it seemed like a different sort of xian xia, and I also liked that it's with vampires/dark races, and set in a post-apocalyptic world. But thats where my likes end.

The story just drags on, there could have been so many exciting... more>> developments, possible plot twists, and cool supernatural elements from the darker side of the fantasy genre. But instead we get a cookie cutter MC that no matter the odds; always comes out on top. The author seems to think that by writing "suddenly" hundreds of times in each chapters, that the story telling/combat magically gets filled with suspense and excitement. Which of course is false.

The MC has an Arch Angel of Supreme Plot Amour hovering over him all the time. And the author really wants us/me/you to know how amazing and incredible everything he does is. By using almost half of every combat chapter writing about it. The author also does the same with every female appearing in the story, and in the latest chapter; Forces a 'comment' into the middle of a paragraph/sentence. About how white a female enemy's skin is, and how full her breasts are, and that the MC actually thinks she's beautiful. While he is trying to choke her to death - why is that information necessary to write? And especially in that scenario? - Lazy writing, powertrip, and wish forfillment thats my guess.

I'm sorry to say that this is imo a missed opportunity to make something amazing and different, instead it's a typically badly written xian xia thrown into what could've been an otherwise interesting setting. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
September 10, 2017
Status: c179
So i've been reading this story for a while now and seeing the unrealistically high ratings which will probably fool a lot of people (like I was). I think it's time for me to review this.

Having read non-wuxia/xianxia on RoyalRoad with amazing world building, almost 0 editing mistakes and interesting and very unique characters with actual character progression. (Everybody loves large chest, The Gam3, arcane emperor, and iron teeth are some I would recommend) I've been having a hard time getting back into the chinese novel scene because of the... more>> same flaws and errors most of their authors make.

Review starts here:

There is nothing even remotely original or 'good' about this story: The pacing is incredibly slow, and filled with regurgitated information dumps, and unnecessary monologues. There has been basically no character progression besides rising in power lvls, there are no relateable or interesting personalities, the world building is suboptimal, but to give it a plus, the author DOES try to atleast make a different cultivation system.

Tl:dr - The story suffers from the same flaws as most chinese webnovels: low quality writing/editing, unoriginality, unnecessary monologues and info dumps. Unrelateable 'cold and calculating' underdog MC, the same character tropes like in A LOT of other stories fx: The fat 'funny' friend, and the beautiful and strong (possible) love interest just to name a few. The story also suffers from 'dragging on the story to meet word count'-syndrome.

I would only give this a chance if you enjoy reading xianxia with poor quality, just to get your fix of the day. Or if you're like me and need a filler you don't have to invest too much into knowing you're gonna drop it at some point. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
The Second Coming of Gluttony
July 22, 2019
Status: c81
In the bottom of this review I recommend 4 web novels all of which are examples of how overrated this story truly is. All 4 recommendations are better than this in almost every way. If this review is too much writing, and you don't want to waste time reading all of it, I think you should at least check the bottom for the 4 novels I mention. I'm almost certain you wont regret it.

TL:DR - The negative: The MC is a typical example of a Gary Stu, with an OP... more>> ability that is kept a secret for no reason other than to force the plot, and gets saved by convenient use of plot amour every time something happens. 90% of the side characters are boring, lacks personality, and are just dolls for the MC to surprise by how perfect and awesome he is.

There's no humour in the story, there's no feels, and everybody except the MC doesn't know how to use their brain for simple deductive reasoning, logical conclusions, planning, and having a skeptical viewpoint.

None of the side characters gets explored in any way, which is very sad and awful use of characterization. We learn absolutely nothing about anybody except the MC's backstory, feelings, morales, goals, dreams or anything at all. Even something like alternate POV's of some of the recurring characters would've gone a long way. But no...

The positive: I like the world and the world building, the leveling system, and a few of the side characters are interesting.

The actual review is below:

HIGHLY overrated story like most crappy xian xia/wuxia/asian fantasy stories tend to be. And here's why:

  1. Full of wish fulfillment, a ridiculously OP gary stu MC that is much stronger than his level, and who keeps surprising everyone he meets. Which gets old VERY quickly. He also has an "innate" ability that makes EVERYTHING a cake walk; because he can just look at something, and then he knows his chance of survival. Just like difficulty ratings in a video game. And he keeps said ability a secret without any plausible reason, which so far has done nothing but create problems, and make scenarios that could've easily been avoided, prevented or at least reduced them to a minor fall out/inconvenience.
  2. A bunch of boring and 1-2 dimensional side characters, with only a few that has any engaging personalities at all. I do admit that some of said side characters are interesting, but we learn absolutely nothing about their feelings, thoughts, agenda's, or history. And I do mean nothing. Which is a very sad loss of potential tbh.
  3. The author keeps giving the MC plot armour every time he's in trouble. Every single time up till now his future ability pulls his ass out of the fire or something else does, and he basically never uses his 'own' abilities/effort for anything critical. I HATE the prevalence of plot amour abuse that every damn korean/chinese fantasy author keeps abusing. It's plainly bad writing.
  4. Everybody except the MC seems to lack even basic deductive reasoning skills, ability to plan, being critical and asking questions that matter.
  5. Feelings of the MC and others are incredibly poorly written. I haven't even once felt anything for anyone in the story. Also; a lot of banter between characters feels unnatural and doesn't flow in a natural way.
I have a hard time seeing how this story has gotten such ridiculously high ratings. It is IMO entirely undeserved, and I can recommend at least 4 novels, all of which are many times better in almost every single way compared this.

And I actually think I will:

  • A Practical Guide to Evil (this story is a must read for any fantasy fan, it is simply amazingly well written and I could go on and on about the why and the how, but I won't since it would take too long. I WILL say that this is my absolute favorite web novel, and I HIGHLY recommend it)
  • The New world (possibly the best LitRPG I've read, and is a perfect example of how to write an OP character in a natural and believable way, also the world building is quite decent too) on Royalroad written by Monsoon117
  • The Act's of Androkles on Royalroad, written by Ryan English (now THIS, this is how you write a story with feels, and no it's not a tragedy or anything like it)
  • Not All Heroes (Superhero/antihero story in a grim dark setting, very well written, and a perfect example of how to write about a MC with a clairvoyant ability, that is actually interesting. Without being a gary stu/mary sue, OP-deus-ex-plot-amour-ridden-snooze-fest-machina of a character. Which is the opposite of The second coming of gluttony's MC)
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So after reading more than 150 chapters I feel I'm able to give a review. Rating: 1 star for translator and ½-1 star for vol 1.

To be honest I found vol. 1/book 1 to be very interesting, the MC was smart, scheming and I liked how he uses an assassin styled sword tecnique/movement skill combined with exotic weaponry to fight his teacher.

His friend was a decent side character, his teacher was a cool/badass antagonist with a lot of mystery revolving around him. I loved the Mo family arc, all... more>> the women were so fleshed out with interesting personalities. And then the writing and plot just went completely downhill from there. All the interesting characters from vol. 1 are forgotten, he hasn't used or even trained his assassin styled sword tecnique even a little since the mo arc. And there hasn't been even 1 interesting and 3 dimensional side character/antagonist in almost 60 chapters. Even the MC is a flat and plainly boring character with no strong sides to him or even likeable attributes to speak of. There isn't even any interesting worldbuilding/good plot mechanics and it has transformed from a interesting and potentially different xianxia, into a completely generic: "hahaha my talisman is high grade, and yours is only low grade so feel my awesome power!!" and "My magic tecnique is mid tier so I'm more powerful than you!" story. TL:DR: I recommend reading vol 1. And then just dropping it after he goes to that immortal meeting. Because there's many stories that are a lot better written, has interesting antagonists/side characters and much much better world building. And interesting likeable mc's which this story doesn't. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Masked Knight
August 11, 2017
Status: c183
So i've read up till the current ch. (I got that far because I needed a filler while waiting for chapters from other novels) and I think i've read enough of the story to give a review. I honestly feel that 3.3 overall rating is actually too high of a rating for a story such as this. 1-1.5 star (s) would be enough imo. ½ For editing, and 1 for translation + hours the author put into trying (and failing) in writing this story.

TL:DR - Not worth my or anyone else's time. The writing is sloppy, nonexistent world building, boring characters except 1-2 side characters, almost nonexistent cultivation/power progression (unless he's given power from outside sources and luck), and the story is filled with errors in writing and editing (the translation is decent enough I imagine), Basically don't waste time on anything this author has written imo.

Characters: The MC has a boring personality, he doesn't excel at anything particular, he has an immensely boring background, and all his 'strength' is either borrowed or gained through plot armour, and everything is from outside sources. After reading more than 150 chapters I can safely say, that besides Andy and 1 other character there is no interesting personalities anywhere in the story so far, the antagonist (s) are as boring, uninspired... more>> and uninteresting as everything else in the story.

Worldbuilding/cultivation system/power progression: There is nothing in this story that I would use the word 'worldbuilding' for, it shares the same universe with another equally bad story (law of the devil) and there is basically no 'cultivation' or progression. Everything he gains, is through luck or outside sources like I mentioned earlier - He doesn't work for anything himself, only in the VERY early parts of the story.

Writing: I know i've written an awfully negative review, but tbh it's pretty justified, so please don't take too much offense by what I write next: It's cool that the author likes writing, and if other people enjoy his stories then all the better. But imo he has no literary/story talent at all, the writing is sloppy, it's full of sentences and paragraphs that gets repeated over and over.

The fights are poorly explained, boring, and even if you have a superhuman imagination/visualization skill, it would still be a boring and poorly written story. Also there's no tension, no end goal in sight for any of the characters. And for a story which uses 90% of the time focusing on war and battle, it's the worst story i've ever read with those genres in it.

Well I think most people would get the idea by now, that I feel this story is rubbish and should be skipped in it's entirety (and possibly anything else by the same author)

And to those who rate this story 4-5 stars: no offense intended, but I think you should try reading some of the top stories from royalroadl before you rate something of this caliber so highly. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Battle Frenzy
March 26, 2017
Status: c46
After i've been reading a bit of this novel I feel I should give a realistic review and rating.

The story has a very interesting world and the lore seems well thought of, but I feel the pacing and flow is incredibly slow and superfluous. The author spends way more time than necessary on unimportant information and the MC has gotten less 'screentime' in so many chapters than a lot of other novels i've read. Information is regurgitated over and over, and the plot has literally not progressed in the last... more>> 20+ chapters i've read. The 'romance' if you can even call it that, was forced and not believable in any way. (So far) I do like the combat and I like the mc's personality, also his best friend has a very likeable character. All in all, I give it a 2.5-3.5 (depending on if the story will start to speed up things) but I feel as of ch. 46 the 4.4 rating is completely unrealistic and overrated

Tl:dr The good: Interesting world and combat system, likeable MC and best friend. The bad: Slow progression and redundant information regurgitating, too little MC 'screentime' and unbelievable/unrealistic start of romance with love interest. (So far) <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
The Magus Era
May 3, 2017
Status: c162
Well I started reading this novel because it was on qidian international. I like the idea of magus/mages/magi and I thought the cultivation system was different. The story starts with a typical reincarnation plot, but that's quickly forgotten. The world building is rather interesting and the world is a very brutal and a harsh place with slave labor and human sacrifices, but I feel that the MC just can't get a break. The plot keeps pouring crap over his head atleast once per chapter, he never gets a breather.

Writing Style:

Poorly... more>> written, with information and sentences getting repeated over and over. There's no philosophies, poetry or anything artistic in any shade, which could be interesting to ponder over or atleast enhance the reading experience.

MC and Side Characters:

I honestly don't like the MC's personality much. He's cloned from a typical brutal/cold/intelligent xianxia MC template, there's not even 1 gram of originality in his character. And frankly I don't feel any connection with him at all. The only reason I'm still reading this novel is for the world building and fantastical creatures.

There hasn't been anything that vaguely resembles a stable side character with a decent personality, they're all redundant and 2 dimensional none of which adds to the progression of the story or the mc's character progression (the only character i've grown to like a little, is Man Man, eventhough I didn't like her at first).

Antagonist race:

In the early prologue we get a glimt of the 3 eyed race, and it could've been an interesting foreshadowing of things to come. But ever since we've gotten introduced to their race/clan i've been asking my self: How come a human powerhouse/nation hasn't completely eradicated their entire race? They're all cruel and are born with a royal/noble stick up their butt. They feel every race besides their own are 'barbarians' and it seems like everywhere in the world (so far) they're villains and tyrants, all with an immense god complex. Why let such a potentially dangerous race grow in size and power, when they clearly have nothing positive in mind for humans and other races?


The good: A pretty interesting universe/world, different cultivation system, a realistic dog eat dog world setting.

The bad: Uninspired/unoriginal and hard to like MC, boring 2d side characters with little to no personality, incredibly annoying and arrogant 3 eyed antagonist race (which imo doesn't make sense that it hasn't been eradicated in it's entirety yet), also the story is poorly written and sentences/information keeps getting regurgitated over and over. All in all i've given it a rating of 2-2.5 stars (could get lower if no interesting characters get introduced soon, or if the MC's personality stays the same) <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Undefeated God of War
September 2, 2016
Status: --
So, this is my first mini review on this site, I feel that the MC has a very boring and bland personality. He seems childish, very bad at expressing gratitude to the people who do him good, he's too much of the "headstrong youth" cliché, and the only deeming feature he has is that he is hard working, but when you compare it to say World of Cultivation, he has basically nothing he excels at besides his op 'intuition'. Up untill chapter 128 there hasn't been even 1 character I... more>> found interesting in the story besides his spirit general. Even his love interest seems bland and childish. The only thing that kept me going untill chapter 128, was basically that he uses close combat martial arts, which I found interesting compared to most xianxia with sword wielders. But he goes through different skills like other people go through a box of chocolate on movie night. The only thing I found 'good' about the story was the little bit of humor that made me smile a few times.

But even ISSTH has more humour and alot more interesting characters.

Sorry for sounding too negative, but if you compare this to World of Cultivation, this is a far cry from the quality of that novel. all in all I don't recommend this, unless you're waiting for updates on different novels, like ISSTH, WoC, TMW or others like them. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
November 8, 2019
Status: c106
*Warning* This is a pretty meaty review so here's a TL:DR for those who don't feel like reading all of it:

- The story has boring dialogues, and side characters that drink the kool aid from the MC's d*ck every moment they get. And most if not all of them are there to work as a fix-it-all for everything the MC might need, so he has no need to lift a finger himself.

There's a complete lack of personality in every character in the story, except for maybe the Crown Prince.

There's no... more>> crisis', no impending doom, no sense of loss, and nothing to drive the MC to improve himself or others. The MC is a weak 'slacker' who's entire (imo lack of) 'personality' is being indifferent and aloof in every single situation he finds himself in.

Even though he's supposed to be a normal human from our world, who's suddenly in a high fantasy setting with dragons, magic, beast people, elves, dwarves and all kinds of things that nobody 'normal' has ever experienced. And the MC is indifferent and bored throughout it all, he literally watches a fight with superhuman powers and finds it boring, which is just ridiculous.


A story about a completely indifferent MC who -no matter the situation- always stays cold and aloof. He literally watches superhuman battles being fought, sits through an entire 4 day long torture session, and speaks to royalty and basically everybody else; like he's not afraid of any repercussions for him speaking out of turn or being and arrogant piece of sh*t. All without it having ANY effect on him personally nor to his surrounding. And we learn absolutely nothing about his past, to make it even slightly realistic to have such a personality.


Every single character that is not the MC, are only in the story so they can suck the kool aid out of the MC's d*ck every time he does or says something. Everybody is filled with respect and almost undying loyalty for him, but he has literally not done anything to deserve such loyalty from them in the first place. He shows no respect for anybody, but earns it himself in spades. Yes he helps a few of the characters, but all of it is for his own gains. And they know he has an indifferent, cold and calculative personality -or at least it's supposed to be known, but he doesn't have much of a personality in the first place- but they still love him for no reason.

All the side characters have 1 of 2 purposes:

  1. Work as a fix-it-all for any shortcomings the MC might have, just so he doesn't need to improve or evolve as a character in any meaningful way.
  2. Sucking the MC's d*ck every time he stays indifferent and aloof, or does something that really isn't impressive at all. Just so we as readers get a feeling of how amazing and 'smart' he is, although he really isn't. Everything he does is based on his omniscience gained for free by reading 5 volumes of a book.
None of the side characters have any personality either, so there's not even a reason to write anything in depth about anybody but the MC in this review.


We know absolutely nothing about how or why the MC suddenly wakes up in the body of a character from a novel he's read 5 Vol. Of. There's no explanations, nothing about him having the memories of the count's trashy son, no mention about the body feeling odd, or weak. There's simply nothing for us to interpret on our own. It just IS, and then the MC goes on his merry way without a care in the world. I mean really? This is just so the MC can abuse his deus ex powers of insight (know it all) he's gained from reading the books. Which is an awful excuse to give him ridiculously OP knowledge he can abuse; right from the start. That's the only reason we learn it's a novel at all.

In the beginning I thought the premise was kind of interesting, I would've loved to see a calculative son of a count building up his fiefdom, and improving their county with out of box thinking, interesting ideas and well planned politic stratagems. That would've been very interesting when put into a fantasy world setting; but that's not how the story goes unfortunately.

It's basically the MC using his deus ex machina knowledge of every easy-to-get power-up he can, none of which takes any effort on his part. There's no sense of loss, no impending crisis, nor a feeling of impending doom and he doesn't lose anything important; his family is incredibly rich, and powerful so he doesn't have to change anything, nor improve himself or others in any way; which leads to him lacking any driving power at all.

Everybody else caters to his every need from the beginning of the story till were I currently got to. This just makes the story incredibly boring because he has no real goal, besides being a slacker, which is frankly not an enticing nor interesting character trait for a MC to have.

There's no threats looming in the background, no mysteries that sucks you in. The only antagonists in the story is some unknown organization which we know nothing about; we get no POV's of; we learn none of their goals, characters or anything which could've otherwise made the 'mystery' interesting. Also the MC knows about them from the beginning. So that also removes any intrigue we might've had.

Writing Style:

It's written quite poorly tbh, the conversations are boring because every character in the story lacks personality -MC included- and all of them worship the MC's every move. They keep giving him 'meaningful' looks when he doesn't see it, to showcase how much kool aid from his d*ck they like to drink. Even the cute 'animals' in the story have no 'cute' personalities either, and all of it shows in how it's written.

Closing words and thoughts:

Over hyped boring slogfest of a story, which had the potential to be something great and different. But instead feels lifeless, hollow, and uninspired. It has a theme that could've had amazing writing, well written dialogues; insightful and flavorful monologues. There could've been some very interesting character, and personality shaping POV's that gave us a reason to give a crap about the characters.

Unfortunately this story has none of that. So i'll give this a 2 star rating only because 1 star is for the truly horrible, and awful stories; which this story isn't quite. But it's not far from it either. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Dominating Sword Immortal
March 5, 2017
Status: c175
As far as chapter 175 this novel has offered nothing new to the already repetitive genre, there hasn't been even 1 moment of suspense yet, the characters have boring personalities and gets forgotten in 10 chapters, the writing is subpar at best, the world suffers from what I would like to call "bigger is better" syndrome, where a lake can have a length of 650k miles. Which to give you an idea, is larger/longer than the circumference of jupiter by 150k miles, so it's impossible to imagine even with a... more>> superhuman imagination and thats only 1 river in 1 'country'. The 'martial arts' are pretty much the same generic aura/chi/qi attacks with not even a hint of real martial arts. Don't get me wrong, that can still be cool if it's explained properly, but this isn't, instead the author throws around words like invincible and extreme, pretty much every fight so far.

The ONLY saving grace so far has been the MC since he's intelligent, has a good heart and great aspirations. (By xianxia standards atleast) But everything just seems so anticlimatic - every skill he has he masters to 'peak level' in like 2 days and at most half a month to a month, he goes through new skills/martial abilities like a box of cookies, never staying true to anything. Where in other novels they find their OWN style and try to futher it by creating new skills/attacks or trying to comprehend some law in conjunction with said skill. This guy hasn't done even 1 thing that has been his own 'style' yet. Tl:dr - As generic and uninspired as it can be, with nothing new added to the mix in any way. Suffers from "bigger is better" syndrome and is poorly written almost as if this is the authors first try at writing a story. I would only recommend this to people who are waiting for updates for other xianxia and need some generic filler in the meantime.

I am going to drop this when I have more chapters for other novels to binge on. Going to give it 1 star since I can't give it 1.5 <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
November 21, 2017
Status: v22c185.1
So i've been reading this novel for a long time now. And honestly all the 5 star ratings are unrealistic or just plain wrong (imo).

TL:DR - typical poorly written chinese xianxia, that makes the same mistakes as 98% of them do: information dumping/regurgitating, stupid and unnecessary plot armour because of lack of writing skills, badly written fight scenes with no unexpected twists, hyping characters powerlevels on the fly, just to force story progression and justify bad writing. The only good about the story is the teachers, and the very little proper comedy and the cultivating system is a little different than others.

I would strongly recommend to those of you who've gotten sick of the same poorly written chinese novels (like I have) to check some of the stories on royalroadL instead. Some of the novels there, are at the same level as a professionally written book or best seller you would buy for money.

... more>> the good: I like the world building, the cultivation system and the mc's teacher (s) are pretty cool, and a very small part of the comedy is decent.

the bad: brace yourselves there's a lot of bad so hold on tight.

The MC is a boring character, nothing new or original about him, and he get's everything handed to him by poorly written plot armour, and unrealistic character interactions/reactions. The harem tag feels like the authors own wish forfillment, and is incredibly unrealistic and not even well thought out (harem can be good if done well, this is not done well). The story would've been atleast 3 times better without it.

The author can literally spend more than half a chapter repeating and regurgitating information you've read atleast 60 times earlier in the story and it's like he feels the need to explain every single little detail he can think of in every damn chapter, almost as if i/you/we the readers are completely brain dead to logical thinking, or like we have a non-existant short term memory.

When there's supposed to be an EPIC hard to win battle, he feels the need to spend 40% of the chapter pushing the 'scenes' hype lvl upwards, just to make it even remotely interesting. And the rest is wasted on plot armour, unrealistic developments, and badly written character reactions. And also information dumping.

the latest 2-3 chapters are perfect examples of this. He's wasted atleast 3 (very short) chapters hyping a female 'love' candidate's power levels so absurdly high, that i've literally skipped 70% of the lasr 2-3 chapters. and the fight is still not over yet, or even close. All of it right after the MC has gotten a huge power boost, and defeated atleast 2 people who should by the author's own machinations, be much much stronger than the love interest.

To those of you who have read the latest 2-3 chapters, try to filter all the bs hype and unnessary filling, and see how few "...." there actually are, that has anything to do with the actual fight scene/action. I think maybe 5% of the writing is about: the how and the what, is happening in the fight. The rest is useless information, and powerlevel hyping just for the sake of progressing the story.

If you'd like an example of well written combat/fighting scenes, I would recommend reading some of the sci-fi story called Paladin or The Gam3 on royalroadL, eventhough it's a different story theme and set in a sci-fi universe. The actual fight scenes are intense, exciting, non-predictable and gives you a REAL picture of what is happening in the fight.

The only reason i've followed HJC for so long, is because of lack of proper wuxia/xian xia stories, because of the same stupid mistakes 98% of them make: Information dumping/regurgitating, unnecessary plot armours because of poor writing skills, boring 1-2 dimensional characters and poorly written pacing. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Praise the Orc!
September 25, 2017
Status: c30
Normally I would read a lot more chapters than only 30 before making a review, but to be completely honest this story is crap.

TL:DR - Waste of time, badly written, unrealistic MC motivation, no humor, boring characters, incredibly boring 'fight' scenes/action scenes, the only positive I have to say is: I like the choice of making the MC an orc, and a few things about the orc's I enjoyed, like their greetings, but thats it.

The premise could be interesting - a virtual reality so real, that it feels like... more>> it's all happening in another world. But the author is incredibly bad at making the story exciting, or get the reader to give 2 ***** about any of the characters or happenings.

There's no tension or feels, no comedic moments, the 'fighting scenes' are probably some of the worst written and frankly utterly boring and lackluster ones, i've ever read or seen. The author really needs to read/research other stories to maybe get an idea what makes an actual 'rpg'-based story exciting. Which this is not.

Sleed's review also talked a bit about the mc's motivation in starting the game, and his reasoning behind continuing playing the game, and I have to agree. It's a poor reason and crappy motivation, just like reincarnation stories that write a completely redundant prologue, just to forget about it after writing 1-2 chapters.

Why even make up such a bad excuse for the mc's motivation/background? Why not just write something like: The MC was a old war veteran, and after seeing the horrors of humanity and war, he needed a place to get order, stability and balance in his mind. So what better way than playing in a virtual reality world filled with beauty, wonder and fantasy? Or something that actually feels realistic and true to the mc's persona. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Lord Xue Ying
February 16, 2017
Status: v7c29
Okay so i've been enjoying this novel by iet a lot more than I expected. I like the MC to a certain degree, I like how firm he is in his beliefs, but I feel his personality is a boring cliché typical of xianxia novels, nothing unique about him tbh. The scale of the novel really explodes at a certain point and I feel that his crossover from semi-weak to basically a legend in the mortal realm is way too fast. It's written decently well, and there has been a... more>> lot more interesting side characters compared to most other popular xianxia i've read. That said I feel there's a few of iet's flaws that makes this story/world/plot less exciting for me. Fx. A lot of characters just gets kind of thrown out the window, his brother is basically still useless and hasn't had any substantial progression in character or cultivation since the beginning,

And the same could be said for anybody in his 'family' besides his love interest. There's a lot of interesting things that have been foreshadowed which iet has either forgotten/given up on, or it'll get explained much later in the novel. (Which I highly doubt considering it's iet)

tl:dr: All in all a decent 'filler' novel for people waiting for more chapters for some truly well written storys like fx Way of Choices. Nothing new or 'unique' in the world/cultivation and basically escalates from semi scrub noob to supreme pro gamer, in less than 3-4 volumes. Worth a read if you've enjoyed some of his other works, because it seems he's improving in some areas, and in others not so much. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
Ze Tian Ji
February 4, 2017
Status: c215
Well this story was a big supprise for me, it's probably the best written novel i've ever read, it's filled with incredibly philosophical views, very well thought out characters with actual personalities, a really engaging world building, an interesting cultivation system, and decently described fights. But I have to agree with some of the other reviews, it's very slowpaced, not in the way of storyline or repeated sentences (like in a lot of xianxia/wuxia), but in the way it's told. As of chapter 215 the cultivation has progressed like 5%... more>> compared to all the expositions and world building, we learn pretty early that there's a legendary cultivation realm, where you literally become able to change your fate and become the equivalent of a deity. But with the pace this is going, this novel would hit like 3k chapters before we'll come anywhere close to that. Of course it's the journey and not the ending that is a thrill, but I feel that the author really needs to pick up the pace.

I've checked the next chapter titles, and it'll be atleast 15+ chapters before they even leave where they currently are at this point in the story, which I feel is WAY to many chapters than necessary. Like somebody said in negative review, earlier in the story we literally have to read 7 chapters just to finish 1 fight. Which is imo overwhelmingly boring no matter how well written it is.

tl:dr - very well written, fleshed out characters, amazing philosophical views, and engaging story/MC, but gets drawn out way more than necessary, almost on a dbz scale. <<less
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