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ntbmike rated it
Spirit Vessel
August 12, 2016
Status: c1150
This is Bao, the translator for this series.

I just want to write this review to get make a few things clear. I'll start by saying this is one of my favorite series after reading many completed Chinese novels, more than just the translated ones to English, and Spirit Vessel particularly stood out to me as one of the best. It was also within the top 1-5 ranking on 17k. Com as well so it was received quite well by others.

Many of the reviews here, which I unfortunately have read, are... more>> missing an integral perspective when reading a novel. But this is not the reviewers' faults, it is because they have come to expect certain things with Chinese novels, such as lack of depth, repetitive plot, and a clear and spoon-fed narrative as well as a godly MC.

However, Spirit Vessel is none of that. The author wrote it with a clear plan ahead for his story and characters. Keep in mind that the novel is 1150 chapters long, not 100 chapters. This is something that should be celebrated, but in this case, it is to the author's detriment since his effort resulted in many negative and inaccurate perceptions about the characters. Now I am not saying Spirit Vessel is the epitome of CN webnovels, it certainly has many flaws. And later on, it becomes more wish-fulfillment like other novels such as ATG or MGA to a lesser extent. But its best quality lies in that there are no repetitions with useless words. The story is written in a wuxia manner, driven by characters, plots, and events.

It is populated with side characters that will remain relevant for nearly the entire series, and the portrayal of female characters is commendable in that the main ones are independent with their own thoughts, not revolving around the MC. The girls here are extremely powerful, and they will often drive the plots themselves. This is not to say it doesn't possess certain male dominant characteristics like other novels, but it does try to paint female characters as capable existences in this universe.

On to address the main problem mentioned in the reviews:


I understand that this is a "reincarnation" novel, and readers expected the MC, Feng Feiyun, to be more like Li Qiye in Emperor's Domination. However, this is not the author's intention. As readers will read on, the author will present clues to show everyone that everything is not what it seems. Feng Feiyun is not an "ordinary" reincarnation of a Phoenix Patriarch so naturally, he would not possess the wisdom or emotion controls shown in Li Qiye.

I do not want to spoil the big twist because it will raises more questions than answers, and only by reading the series will one get an acceptable solution. It is just discouraging to be privy to the fact that everyone's criticisms will be addressed by the author and was all part of his plan, yet due to the fact that not enough chapters are out, Spirit Vessel is facing unwarranted criticisms that might deter new readers.


I started translating to share the two works because I enjoy them, but the community are sometimes too quick to judge which is very discouraging for translators. <<less
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ntbmike rated it
Shen Mu
June 30, 2016
Status: --
This novel along with Coiling Dragon started the xianxia wave in Asia. It is just a bit sad to see how it is so unpopular in the west. I'm not sure if it is because of the prevalent thoughts that a Chinese MC has to be perfect and get all the girls or not, a bit too wish-fulfillment for my taste. The MC is just a poor child with his family dead, and he wasn't a talented/extremely intelligent person to begin with. As much as I like ATG and MGA... more>> for how mindlessly enjoyable they are, certain works like this are downvoted just because the MCs aren't a living god or possess some weaker traits. <<less
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