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novelbrah rated it
World Defying Dan God
September 13, 2016
Status: --
Very badly written. Author is targeting 10 year old kids I think. Dialogue is extremely childish and redundant. Half the chapter is author regurgitating useless information and re-explaining things that he already explained last chapter. This continues every chapter.

For example... I'll write something myself that copies the author's style:

["I will win this fight!"

Chen Xiang declared he would win the fight. Everybody understood his words. Why else would he declare such a thing if he had not recently surpassed the 9th realm. If this was before when he was at... more>> the 8th realm, he would never have done this. But now that he is in the 9th, he dares to do so.]

Ok, it sounds a little similar to that. Now multiply that by 10000. Every damn chapter.

I just skip 75% of each chapter and move on. Everything else is just typical rubbish and completely useless. Only read if you're bored. And by bored, I mean stuck in a deserted island with your phone and only this novel downloaded bored. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
The Trembling World
October 27, 2016
Status: c131
What is up with all the bad reviews? Do yourself a favor and KEEP READING. Don't listen to these idealistic reviews.

Definitely deserves a lot better!! People are forgetting that MC has been a recluse without arms/legs for 1 YEAR and been living alone as a social outcast in a mansion up in the middle of nowhere. He has forgotten how to communicate with people.

When you read that, you understand WHY he's such an a**hole. Would you even want to live without arms and legs if it happened to you?... more>> You can attribute his bad manners to that. Not everyone has to fit your fake utopia personality, where you save every single person without caring about your life. THIS IS REALITY. Most of the readers would watch from afar if zombies started killing their friends. Let's be serious here.

Yea he is an as*hole at certain parts but I stuck with the novel and it's good especially if you like the Zombie genre. He gets better at least, and the story goes on.

I gave it a 5 to offset the horrible, unwarranted 1 stars. I seem to do that a lot on this site. I mean, when you have tr*sh novels with 4-5 stars and The Trembling World is a 3.4?! Please... <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
April 24, 2017
Status: v1c73
UPDATE 5-18-2017

This novel just keeps getting better. I would not be surprised if after some polish and official editing, this novel could be published in the west and sold. Loving every single sentence that I read.


... more>> Do yourself a favor and read this. NOW

Every once in a while I'll randomly click through novels to find a new and interesting thing to read, and I somehow managed to click on Legend of the Great Saint. The translator also happens to be really good and fast. In order for a good novel to be appreciated, the author has to be good, the story has to be good and of course, the translator/editor have to be good. Without these three in harmony, you will never get a great novel that transcends.

On to the story... Cultivation exists here but it's closely related to the dao one pursues. If you've read I Shall Seal the Heavens or other similar novels, then you should understand. The main character is immediately likeable. You can also relate to his situation and feel for him. I found myself irritated and mad at other characters that wished to do him harm. I also found myself happy and relieved when the MC succeeded at things. This tells me that the author knows how to write. All characters have a life to them and aren't one dimensional. Love it.


When even a ghost that can't talk feels REAL, you know it's a good novel. Just the way the author describes its actions and facial expressions... really surprised me for a web novel especially.

Also, the MC being reincarnated actually works well in this story as his educated and modern thinking helps him.


Not too many chapters are out right now, but I can see that adventure will also be key here. Can never go wrong with that. So overall, if you like adventure, cultivation (dao), action and martial arts, you should DEFINITELY read this. If you like rich characters and a good story to boot, then why haven't you started reading this yet? <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Age of Adepts
April 8, 2017
Status: --
In the beginning, I had to ignore the similarities to Warlock of the Magus World in order to continue and I am happy I did. I also had to rate it a 5 to offset some baseless low scores. Listen, this novel comes with its flaws. Where WotMW falls short, Age of Adepts does well. Character development here seems a little better. Still a cold and cutthroat world, but at least MC is somewhat likeable. It's too early to judge side characters, but so far I like them too. I... more>> find myself rooting for the MC here a lot more than Leylin (WotMW). At least the author doesn't use as much pseudo science for this novel. My biggest gripe with WotMW was that the author started the novel by explaining every phenomenon with "science" only to start abandoning it later on. This really irritated me. Here, there's no such thing yet. However, one of the problems this novel has is that the author likes to hear himself talk. There's some repeating and bloat going on that I find myself skipping cause nobody got time for that. Personally, after a certain amount of chapters, this clearly is different than WotMW. Better? Not enough chapters out to declare. You don't have to hate it for the similarities! I say read both and enjoy both. Personally, I already caught up to WotMW, so a new similar novel is fine with me as long as it entertains me. We aren't paying for this! Unless you donate, hold off on the horrible 1 star reviews cause this novel reminds you of WotMW too much. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Martial Peak
September 24, 2016
Status: --
Not as good as it was in the beginning. I can't believe I even rated this higher than a 1 years ago.
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novelbrah rated it
Soaring the Heavens
January 1, 2017
Status: --
If you like Er Gen's stories, then this is a must read!! All the bad ratings are from the previously translated version that was not good. What a great surprise! Was not expecting such an interesting story and fleshed out characters. Nothing less expected from Qidian (publisher). First thing I do before deciding whether to read a novel or not, is check for publisher. Qidian is always my preferred one. They have the most quality novels out of all publishers that I've seen from personal experience. Then I check the... more>> group translating as this is always important. Lastly I might check the author and read the description. On to the novel! I love adventure and this novel delivers. Most of the novels on this site are MMORPG/RPG leveling self fulfillment stories disguised as cultivation novels - not much plot, no character development or real writing. I won't reveal anything, but the MC is dropped into an adventure right from chapter 1 and has a goal in mind for his siblings. Cultivation at this point isn't even mentioned except in passing which I love as it keeps everything mysterious. Why would you reveal everything in the first chapter? Basic storytelling guys. Hell, even the random outlaw he meets has more development than some main characters from other novels. In all, the author is really good, the translator is incredible, and the story is well thought out. I'd give it a 4 or 4.5 if I could but to offset the really horrible 1 star ratings, I will give it a 5. I seem to be doing this a lot as ratings on NU are really messed up. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
August 17, 2016
Status: c205
Hmm, it only gets worse? I don't know what the reviews saying it only gets better are talking about. There is no story here and all characters are 1-dimensional. It's just a powerup story. I'd say Martial God Asura is a better novel than this.

If you're bored, then definitely read it. I skimmed most chapters. You can skip a lot of descriptions since they're repeated every single chapter. Dialogue is always the same. The only things that change in this webnovel are the villains and territories. Oh and cultivation levels.
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novelbrah rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
October 7, 2016
Status: c35
Actually interesting. People shouldn't take everything so seriously though. There's a lot of Korean humor in here but one reviewer actually took it personal that MC forced his way into some kid's home. If you have read Korean novels/comics and watched shows/movies then you'll understand what I mean. Besides that, it's nothing ORIGINAL but what is anymore? Still manages to keep you entertained and that is the sole purpose of these novels, no? PS It's not Shakespeare but I prefer this better anyway
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novelbrah rated it
A Will Eternal
July 21, 2016
Status: --
Incredible. I caught up to the translated chapters and the novel really starts taking off once he accepts his first real mission. That's all I will reveal, but the beginning really builds up the characters so stick with it! The first few chapters start out weak, and I was a bit disappointed, but eventually it all works out very well.

This isn't a novel where every character is 100% fleshed out and the story makes perfect sense, but in terms of Xianxia/Wuxia/Light Novels? It is the best I've seen when it... more>> comes to world building and character development. Maybe I'm just a frog in the well, but so far, Er Gen has shown himself to be at the pinnacle. No other author even comes close! Only negative is having to wait for new releases after reading up to a huge climax. I must add that Er Gen knows how to make escapes/pursuits interesting. I've never been on the edge of my seat reading any type of online novel like this. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
July 11, 2017
Status: v2c86
To put it in simple terms, this is like a mix between Fist of the North Star and Mad Max and Fallout. I love the gritty feel of the world and the helplessness. Gore is there, but I feel like it's done well. Some authors just use gore for reader reaction but here you get the sense of helplessness and disaster
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novelbrah rated it
Masked Knight
March 20, 2017
Status: c26
Unwarranted hate. Don't understand all the low scores as it's not that bad. Maybe the novel is a 3.5 but that doesn't mean it's bad. I think the reason for this is the stable scene with Nicole (you will know when you read it). If you get past that it does get better but it's slow paced and there are only 26 chapters out right now. Unfortunately I have to balance the score.

1 star = awful
2 stars = didn't like it
3 stars = ok
4 stars = good
5 stars = incredible

The main character does something an inexperienced teenager that doesn't talk to females would do (kind of).... more>> This just means that there can be lots of character development since he isn't that likeable in the beginning.

As for story, it reads like a young adult fantasy novel. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
September 19, 2016
Status: --
I find it funny that people are giving bad reviews to this novel when dumb, childish novels get inherently better ratings. I also find it funny that people try to use "reason" and "science" to review this novel, but don't do the same for other wuxia/xianxia? Hypocritical.

Ignore them. If you are a fan of dark, gritty stories, then I'd give this a try. It's well translated and one of the only novels I actually like reading in its entirety. Most other novels I find myself skimping chapters because of... more>> the boring/overused descriptions.

No it's not your typical teenage story about being bullied then becoming a genius through a fortuitous chance while everyone showers you with compliments and enemies come out of nowhere just because...

Reasons you might avoid this novel: low attention span, low maturity level, don't read fantasy novels.

If you possess none of those, then give it a try.


Translations were a lot better in the beginning and so was the writing. Things fall off after a hundred chapters or so. Pity. All that logic the author tried to use and build up in the beginning and he ends up ignoring it after.

4/5 but still interesting to read <<less
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novelbrah rated it
The Wizard World
May 8, 2017
Status: c53
So far, it looks like Warlock of the Magus World is a complete copycat. I suggest everyone saying that Wizard World copied WMW to check the DATES of both novels.

What brings this down is the translation. It's just not good enough to portray the true feelings of the author. Lot of stuff reads like a children's book unfortunately.

If you like similar stories like WMW then it wouldn't hurt giving this a chance.
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novelbrah rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
July 14, 2016
Status: c149

Most of the people complaining about the story being slow probably don't read actual literature. This isn't some Martial God Asura clone or whatever... There's an actual story and it has no senseless fighting. I'm more interested about what the MC will do than seeing ridiculous fights with comments from onlookers.

Someone said that if you like I Shall Seal The Heavens, then you'll like this one, and I completely agree. Although, I do like A Record's plot a lot more than ISSTH's.

If you're the kind that likes fast... more>> paced action that repeats itself, then this isn't for you. If you read fantasy books with actual plots, you might enjoy this one. Clearly it isn't a work of art, but compared to the rest of the novels here? I think it's top of the line.

EDIT*********** 3.5/5 NOW

WTF happened? After the first arc, it feels like the author got lazy. I need to wait a bit more to truly make a final decision. Hope it picks up soon. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Galactic Dark Net
March 29, 2017
Status: c133
I really enjoyed it for entertainment purposes but eventually I got tired of the bad editing/translations and the author.

The author is a good bullshitter. He managed to fool me in the beginning but I caught on eventually. This is like the Japanese series Magi combined with Stellar Transformations and every generic cultivation novel out there. The author has no idea what he's writing about, never going into detail about anything. Author has no clue about martial arts or about "sci-fi" or anything else for that matter. Every detail is generic... more>> and sometimes cringe to read.

So the MC starts out as a relatively average and normal person, but suddenly becomes:
1) master tactician
2) master fighter
3) master alchemist
4) master engineer
5) master creature creator?

Even though we are in a futuristic setting, it still feels like modern day or earlier.
Even though we are spread out across the Milky Way and other galaxies, it feels smaller than the Earth.
The whole novel is plot armor galore.

This is a decent enough novel to pass time with but you have to skip the repeated tidbits of information telling you how great MC is, how strong the monsters are, how hard the current situation is, etc. LOTS of repeated useless info dumps that are used to balloon the word count. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
The Book Eating Magician
August 13, 2017
Status: c113

Honestly, this gets worse with every new arc. Protagonist is so boring and feels like a 13 year old but is much older. Author should have started with a much younger MC and possibly taken his time. He hasn't matured at all or changed. He's regressed. I'll keep reading it but as a chore not for fun anymore. It reads like a check-list... Ok, got this new upgrade, now this one, ok next one... bland.


I will leave the rating at 5 for now, but it feels like... more>> the protagonist has lost his personality. He had more when he was weak and working hard. Now the story is just him traveling places and eating stuff. Shame because this story had potential but it's been wasted. We also see a small harem growing which isn't my thing either.

However, I see this a lot in Korean novels anyway, where the characters have sort of lifeless personalities. They're robots that DO and ACT not showing much emotion. As of me writing this, the MC is 20 and still feels like a 13 year old kid without much confidence or sense of self. He's still very immature, especially with girls.


Finally with the change of venue and disappearance of annoying harem members to annoy the protagonist, there's a breath of fresh air. Story would be so much better if it was MC traveling everywhere and dealing with monsters and helping people. Still decided to change it to 4 stars. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
Lord of All Realms
September 10, 2016
Status: c113
The biggest problem with this novel is that the author repeats stuff so much. We know that authors get paid more the lengthier their chapters are, so this diminishes the quality. I have to skip a lot of regurgitated sentences. It's really such a shame because underneath the typical bloated Chinese novel, there's a really good story with decent characters and an interesting MC.
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novelbrah rated it
Castle of Black Iron
April 20, 2017
Status: c55

Honestly, I have a problem with having high expectations and always being disappointed. I saw where this novel COULD go, instead of seeing where it MIGHT go. Overall a letdown, and I was ready to rate it a 5 early on, then it slowly went further down as I continued reading.


... more>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Worthy of more than 3.6 but I understand why some voted lower. I like where I THINK this is heading, but the ecchi is annoying. The author also likes explaining things too much and will waste a lot of words to describe MC doing something useless. If you don't usually read other books besides web novels, maybe your ADD will pick up. At times mine did too. While I love when web novel authors take the time to develop characters and the world, this author kind of fails. Even though we get so much "character development", MC's group still feels flat. They don't really have personalities besides "little brother stroking" and women. We get told how poor MC and his family are but it doesn't do much. We are supposed to feel for him, but I just can't find myself able to. These characters aren't relatable. MC is over the top at times. We still don't really know the scope of the world because the author has not explained it well.

In all, it's like a slice of life up to now. Nothing really happens. Boring school life, boring work life combined with farming. The author could have fit the same story of 55 chapters into 30-40 easily. However, we all know that authors get more money by inflating their word count. Anyway, I'd rate this a 4 not because of the current content but for potential. There's a huge world to explore and MC hasn't even started fighting yet. This is like a prologue or prelude. I'll make a final judgement after it gets juicy. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
The Lame Daoist Priest
March 10, 2017
Status: --
Another hidden gem! I am glad I found this novel but it isn't for everybody. This novel is like a Chinese version of the Dresden Files if you've heard of that series before. Obviously the translator/editor aren't pros, but it's good enough and there's lots of entertainment. There is cultivation but it's not the focus. This story focuses more on events and development. Highly recommend reading up til chapter chapter 25 at least. Really good arc starts around there. You have nothing to lose.
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novelbrah rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
December 14, 2016
Status: c171
UPDATE 4/1/2017********
If I could summerize Tales of the Reincarnated Lord in a sentence, I'd use "best character development I've ever read from an amateur novel comparable to many published fantasy novels".

The novel keeps getting better. There are a bunch of world/city building novels out there, but this really takes the cake. Why? Alpha MC. That simple. Not only is he smart and quick on his feet, he also is ruthless when need be. It is also a lot more realistic in terms of behavior and not a... more>> harem. Men and women have needs, whether they're sexual or emotional, and TotRL focuses on BOTH unlike some novels...

Another similar novel is Release That Witch which is also really good, but the MC is not alpha, can't battle and is a timid virgin entranced by women, always apologizing. Also, the harem keeps building, so it's very frustrating to read.

Original REVIEW**********

What a joy it has been reading this novel. I won't lie and tell you that the first 30 chapters are rough. Too much info dump, BUT, the story really shines after that. I knew from reading some reviews that I just needed to go through the initial grind to reach the sweet end, and they were right.

ALL the characters have life and personality. This is a masterpiece as far as web novels go. I am not surprised that it's published under Qidian as they have QUALITY novels.

I highly suggest reading this! Sooner or later, this novel will become really popular and I guarantee it. Right now it's kind of a hidden gem.

PS Being a noble back in the day brought a lot more advantages and privileges than just being rich... If you've read the first 30 chapters you'll understand why I say this. <<less
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