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i see lots of novels where MC gets trampled on by a woman then they get together and this one seems the case too, I really wonder if most asian men have no self dignity and respect? Or do they have femdom fetish? Well its as other people said this could've been perfect if not for thornyrose
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nothingtodo rated it
God Of Soul System
March 13, 2019
Status: c317
3.5 stars

the MC character is confusing he kills doflamingo and leaves crocodile&blackbeard?

it was good till around 220 after roja beats big mom then it became boring like the author felt it will end early so he dragged it out with the ace/luffy stuff and the normal timeline although MC knows they wont be bad pirates who go around killing and loting (except for ace who would be till he joins whitebeard) when garp is sad about them being pirates he says ok I will handle that and go hits them... more>> tells them its ok to be pirates but dont be bad pirates or I will arrest u and leave them?

he let ace be arrested and doesnt train him or luffy but trains tashigi? He doesn't seem like one piece fan but hentai fan

MC wants to beat the world government (for short 'wg') but he waits for lv6? He's already the strongest what is he afraid of? He meets dragon tells him he wants to be a god? Not even coordinate a plan to overthrow the wg he has a passive to get back spiritual power from killing people but it still runout in group fights?

at lv6 he wishes to get rikua and toshiro skills seriously did u watch bleach? With shinji hirako shikai (it reverses direction) he'd be invincible. <<less
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