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Review for up to chapter 160. While the story is still okay, I'm maintaining that MC is a moron. Actually, to be honest, it would be far believable for the MC to be acting as moronic as he does if he does not reincarnated. The other better premise is the MC is reincarnated while losing his memory but retaining his 'instinct to be near humans'. But on the plus side, it seems he has capable companions such as that rabbit with Doraemon-class storage

Review for up to chapter 80. Yup, I... more>> believe that MC is a moron. Probably a kid when he died before the reincarnation. Or he was previously a donkey before coming to the new world. An enemy A threat to everyone else and MC is still trying to knock the threat unconscious. I'm beginning to think the lizard would have made a better MC...

Review for up to chapter 29 and I am surprised by how stupid the MC is.

No, I'm not referring to it trying to talk to humans but the way MC simply waited for a possible threat to emerge without at least trying to hide himself.

Imagine you're alone in the jungle and you hear the sound of an animal coming.

Do you really wait just like that to see whether it's a tiger or a jungle cat? Or would hide yourself or even better set an ambush?

But, I'll be reading this story and revise my review accordingly <<less
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