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My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
November 30, 2017
Status: c1609

I'm writing this review as someone who has read both MWIBCEO and this one. Arguably beautiful CEO starts out really well but goes downhill Midway when Cultivators are introduced and the power creep is unbelievable, like a random begger ending up as one of the main antagonist. I don't hate the harem genre in general, but the main character is beautiful CEO just goes after girls one after the another even while promising his wife that he wouldn't do it again... repeatedly. Lin ruoxi has absolutely zero character devolepement and could be replaced by a mannequin and you wouldn't notice the difference. Sometimes later in the series u would seriously hate Lin ruoxi for the bitch that she is. The entire God's vs cultivator is an utter bullsh*t as later in mwbceo it's just plain cultivating levels rather than good powers.

Now about cold and elegant CEO wife

The novel starts a bit weak with all the cliche you can expect. The MC is too much of a Gary Stu and I don't get why the author spent a half a chapter talking about Huawei mate 9 phone. Im not gonna talk about the bad points of this novel, but the better parts

1. Lin xue or xue Lin (why the hell does the translator change name and family name order) is extremely cute. Escpecially her inner monologues and how she treats her love rival as a 🦊.

2. the MC doesn't blatantly try to make a harem and tries to maintain his marriage diligently like he has relations with only one other woman after marriage

3. the power levels get revealed later and its not as goddamn awful as God's vs Cultivators in mwbceo

4. The author takes opinion from the readers, like there was a chapter where Lin xue loses her memory and the readers didn't like it, so the author made her okay soon.

The novel isn't a great work of literature or something like that. I'm writing this review so that people would stop comparing it to the other CEO novel. It's just feels sad people rating it 1 star without giving it a chance

Update at 1609

I'd like to say the story is good now but the number of cliches encountered in the story is unbelievable. The cultivation system too, it's like the MC breaks through at least 4-5 cultivation levels when he goes on an exploration trip spanning a few days. The story after chapter 900 was Lin xue getting into a coma, abducted, get cursed to death while the MC runs around trying to collect the current for his wife. As of now there are only 2 main ladies (one of whom and her child are abducted (again)) . He has women outside but is afraid of his wife. I found that the backstories of both the CEO and the other girl are well executed. As of right now he has left for Mars with the CEO where the second girl and baby are abducted but something similar to true martial world happens and he and wife gets separated. The novel is moderately good but way way better to read than MWBCEO

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Godly Stay-Home Dad
April 29, 2018
Status: c337
I think this is one of the better novels in this genre and trust me im updated with most novels of the type (daddy fantasy restaurant, immortal becomes a stay at home dad). The pacing is good, romance is good and mengmeng is cute
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Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu ~Toki wo Tomeru Mono~
December 5, 2015
Status: --
As of 12 chapters, it feels like a less grim arifureta.
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