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niks27 rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
June 15, 2016
Status: c51
Novel started with an interesting plot but then it started to get messed up.

Generally a author would start on with world building and introduction of various things about the story and characters then comes the time for enemies to make their move but this novel starts with very little info and just within 20 or so chapters the whole story gets messed up. Arrogant enemies starts to appear and relentlessly tries to destroy and kill the MC and his clan. I just feel like I was thrown in a battlefield.... more>> I just don't get what's so unique about this story. It's the same freaking generic cliché story. If it's about cultivation technique then Stellar transformations too have cultivation technique where he freaking creates his own world. Just like people said what can you expect from the author of PMG. <<less
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niks27 rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
June 26, 2016
Status: c167
SOTR started with strong plot and nice 20-30 chapters but then after the mess of the test for Duke's ranking everything went to the gutter. Smart king became dumb, arrogance of the arrogant enemies increased and then the girl who was supposed to die in battle got an plot armour even stronger than the MC. Then same thing is repeating again in a new Kingdom. Like wtf man I was hoping that he would go on adventuring and at leave these politics behind but nope we get same thing again.

Translator... more>> releases chapters at a good pace and translation is pretty good too. Pacing of the story is decent but sometimes author tends to drag things out which gets quite annoying.

If you are new to CN then it should be pretty good read for you but if you are a regular reader then I'm sure you won't like this novel after a certain point. <<less
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niks27 rated it
LV999 Villager
February 3, 2016
Status: --
Well at first few chapters it looked promising like how a lowest level villager becomes OP but then it became same cliche sh*t.

Apparently accept for MC and his friend everybody else is just dumb

Hero is a weak ass bitch who thinks of himself as strongest and is quite annoying. Hero's party are full of stupid bitches which too are annoying as hell. There is no logic in their actions and only logic they understand is "WE ARE HEROES SO WE GOTTA KILL ALL DEMONS AND THE DEMON KING".

MC is like... more>> 'I don't care' guy but author failed to make him awesome. He is OP which is fine for me but instead of kicking that dumb hero's stupid ass he chooses to escape, I mean like what good is your strength if you don't even use it.

It started with a good plot and promising MC but the stupidity of other characters and cliched story ruined it for me. It became quite annoying later on.

Its only my opinion so don't refrain yourself from giving it a shot who knows you may like it, but if you don't like cliche story and dumb characters then I don't recommend it.

I have read it upto V3C5 and thats it for me so I am giving it a rating of 2/5. <<less
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niks27 rated it
God Of Slaughter
October 12, 2016
Status: Completed
Novel started differently from usual novels with upright MC and it took the path of an pure antihero, ruthless, shameless etc MC which may be unbearable to some people. BEWARE if you don't like this kind of MC then don't bother reading it any longer in hopes that MC will change bcoz he won't instead he becomes even more ruthless and antihero MC bcoz I have read the mtl upto chapter 800 and for people who don't like the MC will only rage as the story goes.

I believe everyone should... more>> have looked at the tags on this novel and should have expected the MC to be ruthless. Well some people might say that MC's ruthlessness is upto extreme but to me that's what makes it unique so choose wisely.

Now about the novel
1) MC is extremely ruthless and badass at the same time. 2) yes there is rape, s*xual cultivation, extremely weird cultivation technique and OP MC.

3) it has fast cultivation so yeah MC gets powerful quite quickly. It has harem obviously as the tags suggest.

4) cultivation technique that MC uses is based on negative emotions and negative energy that drives his desires and makes the MC the way he is so you can't complain about his slaughters, rapes, ruthless nature etc.

5) as the title says "GOD OF SLAUGHTER" the novel is loaded with bloody slaughter and that's where MC shows most ruthlessness.

6) MC do have sentiments and care towards his family, friends, followers and the women he loves which he shows latter in story so don't worry he is not just mindless psychopath.

7) story is well good enough at least for me. It's a story about a reincarnated guy who is addicted to adrenaline rush and he finds himself in a bloody scene and a forest where survival of the fitest is the rule so MC tries to survives. Most of the story is based on the law of the jungle rule as MC is constantly fighting throughout the novel.

Lastly I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone who hates this kind of MC, but if you are fed up with all those righteous MC and want to read a novel with pure antihero, ruthless and somewhat battle addicted MC then give it a try. <<less
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niks27 rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
June 20, 2018
Status: c445
One of the best novel I've read so far and I just love it.

Don't be disappointed by low ratings or negative reviews, just read at least 50 chapters before you decide to continue or not.

This is a slice of life novel with mild action and good romance with a lot of cuteness and fluffy moments.

Zhang Han / Zhang Hanyang / Hanyang Immortal is a protagonist who came back from the world of cultivation and was a great Hanyang Immortal so arrogance is an obvious trait he has as people shouldn't... more>> complain about him being arrogant and his indifference about everything else other than his daughter, her mother, and his relatives & friends. But he calms down because of his daughter and becomes casual and his character develops as he becomes much more understanding became of his love for Zi Yan.

Romance is pretty good in novel much better than typical Chinese novels. MC and FL become couples around chapter 300 and their characters develop as the story goes.

Zhang Han is a doting parent and loving husband that's what makes this novel so good and leaves you wanting for more. And Meng Meng is one of the cutest character in the novel you just help but love her. Every character other than MC and his family are well written. The story is good so far as it doesn't feel repetitive or forced. There are many face slapping moments and MC becomes ruthless the moment others mess with his family.

Overall it's a satisfying novel and highly recommended. If you can't wait for new releases then try mtl as its not as cancerous as other novel and it's much readable. <<less
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niks27 rated it
House Dad’s Literary Life
January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the very few Chinese novel that I found pleasing to read, that doesn't have all those stupid classic clichés and tropes of typical CN. This is by far one of the best novels I have read.

This novel is about a modern assassin who died and got transported to a parallel modern world similar to our but there's some differences between two worlds like history, technological advancement etc.

MC soul merges with the previous soul who's a retired army officer with stoic personality and heavy patriotism. He may have been... more>> a badass assassin in his previous life but he would be a loving husband and a caring father who tries to assimilate within society by not killing. So don't expect any action or some sh*t like that.

This novel is completely a slice of life novel so plz don't down rate it for it not being a novel that you were expecting. I saw two one star reviews and they were complaining about MC not killing like seriously wtf bro? MC is trying to live peacefully for his daughter and his wife and you want him to kill people just bcoz he was a assassin?

Anyone who's tired of all those stupid CN rapes, murders, endless cultivation and are looking for a some healing then look no further bcoz this novel is full of sweetness. Give it try and I'm sure you won't regret it. Just keep in mind that this is a slice of life novel so don't expect anything serious from it. If you want to read it just read it on lnmtl coz it's not being updated here. <<less
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niks27 rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
September 24, 2017
Status: afterword
Great novel, just love it.

If you're tired of those typical JN and CN novels and are looking for something refreshing and satisfying then this novel is for you.

Yu Ilhan is a loner. He gets OP early and creates OP artifacts to steamroll most of his enemies. Since MC creates his own artifacts people shouldn't complain about him using OP artifacts. Some people are complaining about the reason why he was left behind on earth for 1000 years after reading 20-30 chapters, don't be stupid everything is explained as story goes... more>> so stop complaining when you haven't read the whole thing yet. There is reason for his OPness and its rightly justified in the story.

This is not a apocalypse novel, it is about earth being upgraded so stop complaining about the seriousness of the story.

Its mostly a light hearted and comedy story but there are serious moments when needed.

MC starts out as a loner with a useless angel and there is no nakama nonsense either. His character develops as the story goes. Other characters besides MC are not left behind as they constantly gets screen time and develops with MC unlike some novels. Romance is good too.

Give it a go and please read at least 100 chapters before you give ratings to this novel. Highly recommended. <<less
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niks27 rated it
Summoned Slaughterer
December 16, 2015
Status: --
A refreshing and unique story. The MC is a total badass, ruthless and OP as hell. He doesn't care about anyone and kills people hostile towards him without a doubt.

If you hate those MC who becomes like "I WON'T KILL ENEMY" then I would recommend this. This is quite good and I am enjoying it.
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niks27 rated it
A Slight Smile is Very Charming
March 30, 2018
Status: shan side story 5
Nice heartwarming novel that calms your mind & heart and puts a smile on your face with good romance, likeable character and a sweet story. What more can you ask for. I just love it.

If you want a relaxing novel then its highly recommended.

And don't worry about those negative reviews just read it. I just can't understand why are people are critical of FL and ML being handsome or beautiful or being genius like WTF, can't you just enjoy a goddamm novel and not hate it.
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