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nikideema rated it
Hail the King
December 29, 2018
Status: c156
Dropped this when "that" happened.

... more>>

One of his followers is being bombarded by magic entering her body, and it's getting so that she might explode at any moment from the over abundance of magic. At this moment in time, the MC thinks, "Hey, let's stick my d*ck in her. That'll help!" WHO THINKS LIKE THIS!? It was so random - so out of the blue, that I had to reread the passage to make sure I was reading it right. I could have taken it if it was foreshadowed somehow previously that "it" was the 7th wonder of the world with the power of Jesus to cure things, but nooo. It popped up out of nowhere. And of course that d*ck is so magical that it cures her of all her symptoms right away. Screw logic, and screw her too I guess.


I'm just laughing at the ridiculousness of it. <<less
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nikideema rated it
I am the Monarch
October 4, 2018
Status: c232

The MC just steamrolls through every speed bump so there's very little to no tension.

Everyone around the MC has a weird and fanboyish nature toward the MC. At some parts the MC gets in danger and some of these characters start crying because of it. It's as if their long lost love was in dire danger but NO! They only have a superior/subordinate relationship and the other characters are an emotional wreck because MC is "so cool! What if his coolness were to leave the world?" After these do or... more>> die emotional outburst, as if the character was the equivalent of the MC's limb, they are forgotten in the next chapter until that time they're needed for their emotional burst again, or to prop up the MC to add extra cool points by pointing out "look, I got this super strong follower!" All the fighters are interchangeable, and they all have the inner zealot light for the MC.

MC doesn't achieve anything due to his personal talents (because he doesn't have any tbh besides knowing the events of the future). All he does is steal other people's opportunities and keep them for himself because that's how that other person did it. So technically, he's stepping on a bunch of people (GOOD people I might add) to further his endeavors.

Finished this for the sake of finishing it, but honestly, I didn't retain half of it because I was so uninvested.

Well... the constant onomatopoeia amused me somewhat. BOOM HISS BANG DUDUDUD DOOTDOOTDOOT <<less
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Read this if you want to practice your eye muscles, because you'll be rolling your eyes a lot of the time. It reads like fanfiction, with characters that are not characters, but more like caricatures of archetypes. People do things with little rhyme or reason behind their actions and many characters are so insubstantial that they're paper thin.

I question what world this is set in, because it is definitely not set in ancient China. All the protocols and society rules are thrown out the window. For example: there was a... more>> banquet held with the Emperor and people were throwing wine at each other, yelling, and insulting each other and there were zero consequences. The world feels very intangible since there's very little to no world building.

DNF. <<less
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The Anarchic Consort
October 5, 2018
Status: c28
Just started this, but I have to write this down because it's driving me bat crazy.

Every time the ML is in the scene, the author takes a paragraph or more to describe how beautiful and incredible he is. Every single move he makes is attached with about a dozen adjectives. He's the most awesomest being to ever exist, bewitching everyone even if he farts. I. GET. IT.
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nikideema rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
May 18, 2018
Status: c212
This story is pretty messy.

It's good for a light read, but not if you want to take it too seriously. There are plenty of plot holes and things that happen that can make you scratch your head wondering why anyone would do such a thing. The plot moves forward based on the necessity of the protagonist being ignorant of her surroundings and other people's intentions.

There's lots of passages where the MC's beauty is expounded on ad nauseum. There's also lots of passages where the MC does something and the author... more>> goes through multiple POVs just to show how awesome everyone thinks the MC is, even if the action is very minuscule or mundane.


There's a part where MC is captured by enemy troops and is being interrogated by an officer. She seduces him to get closer to him in order to use her hidden knife (because why capture someone and not look for hidden weapons on them right?). You'd think she'd want to go for a killing blow to escape, but instead she aims to damage his pecker. It's a flashy move, but how does that help her situation? He'd be wounded, but he'd still be alive to kill her. He of course smacks her into unconsciousness afterwards (surprise!). It just makes me scratch my head and ask, "Why??" Of course several of her admirers are standing by and rotating POVs to show how awesome they think she's being


The author forgets whole plotlines if it's inconvenient to them.


The MC is poisoned, making her weak and dizzy, and she's kidnapped. Once kidnapped, there's no more mention of her being poisoned and she's throwing around tables to rescue herself. This poison is never to be mentioned again


Now the relationship between MC and ML - It's mostly the MC being frightened of the ML, and the ML being autocratic and menacing. For the majority of the book, the MC is scared too witless to even talk back to him. She keeps a demure facade that the ML eventual falls for. MC's three modes are: Blushing, Scared, and Playing Dead. She constantly blushing. All. The. Time.


Their first consummation is when she is drugged by another party.


MC's antagonists aren't anything to write home about either. There was never a time I saw any of them as threatening for they are neither clever nor smart. Sometimes they're dumb to the point of incredulousness. The original female lead (now an antagonist) is merely a foil to the MC, taken to the extreme to showcase how much better the MC is in comparison.


This one enemy who's been poisoned by a chronic acting poison that needs to be administered an antidote every 10 days or so, forgets that she's poisoned, runs away to a hidden army camp, has the poison act up, and dies within 10 days... Why?


One thing I do like about the book is its humor. It did make me laugh on multiple occasions. The humor is less present in the latter portions of the book though. <<less
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nikideema rated it
Poison Genius Consort
May 22, 2018
Status: c293
Why isn't there a single decent secondary female character in this story??

There are decent secondary male characters aplenty (some whose whole purpose is to adore the MC), but every other female character's role in the story is to either hate or be jealous of the MC.
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nikideema rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
May 26, 2018
Status: Completed
This is so good.

I love it that the MC is so smart and he plays the long game. He can quickly get rid of his enemies, but he doesn't do that because he truly wants to see them suffer. He sometimes even helps them rise to the top, because only then will they know true despair when he takes everything away from them.

I also love the ML. You can read this as a couple that reincarnates over and over again, but they're always the same soul and they always find... more>> each other again. Once the MC appears in that lifetime, the ML is completely devoted. Even though the MC has the advantage in that he remembers all their lives, they don't instantly recognize eachother.

Yes, I wanted more from the epilogue, but that doesn't diminish what this story is in its entirety. <<less
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nikideema rated it
Cannon Fodder Cheat System
June 17, 2019
Status: c54
As of ch 54, I enjoy the transmigration of each new world as they're unique enough, but I feel so far that the relationship for the MC and ML for each world is a little too... easy? MC always instantly capitulates to ML's advances.

It's like every time they meet:

MC: Hi
ML: Hi. Let's get together.
MC: Okay.
*Smexy time commences*

There's very little change in that dynamic even if the world changes, and there's an obvious lack of tension (There's one arc where the ML forces himself on the MC, but... more>> the MC instantly capitulates in that one too). They never have to put in a lot of effort to get together. Here, it feels like the relationship is always there, kinda forgettable... but not much else. <<less
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