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nikhil rated it
The Human Emperor
April 24, 2017
Status: c523
A different novel with mix of historical + drama + fast paced action

The strategy used and how MC strives to excel even when placed with limits is gratifying unlike other novels where MC has to barely struggle and coast through to defeat his enemies.
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nikhil rated it
Ze Tian Ji
June 13, 2016
Status: c184
Good novel with slow pacing and lots of background story. Every aspect is fleshed out and characters are in shades of black and white but Dropping it for now cause slow releases and slow pacing driving me mad. Will stack up the chapters IF THEY EVER get released
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Emperor’s Domination
January 13, 2017
Status: c331
The starting point is very bewildered followed by a huge and absurd time skip. Rest of the novel is aptly described by the name of novel " The Emperor's Domination".

The whole novel till chapters translated is basically the MC showing off how bad-ass he is with choir elements first ridiculing him next sing praises of XYZ technique, how it is broken and enemy is defeated and genius hero wins. Same rinse repeat.

Hope for something exciting further on.
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nikhil rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
November 14, 2015
Status: --
One of the more under-rated novels compared to ST, ATG etc. But one of my fav. Novels.

Be it the MC, the plot line or the comedy all have good mix.

The whole plot with it's symbolic meanings and well laid out characters make for a superb read
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