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Well, the world building by this novel is ok and acceptable. However, the fact that the author make the Female lead give away her secret to so many people diminish the only reason why reincarnated novel is good in the first place. Reincarnated novels are good because it is a secret that give the MC mysterious atmosphere. It's was the biggest secret that the reincarnated character hold that make him/her special. Carelessly give away that secret turn the character away from mysterious type into a generic MC type that every... more>> slice of life novel already did to the death and they did it 100 times better.

If you are gonna make your character give away the biggest secret, do it in a grand event where everything is coming down or when the secret no longer matter. <<less
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nhattminhh rated it
Aku no Joou no Kiseki
August 26, 2018
Status: c2
2 chapter in and the MC secret already compromised for the sake of knowing why she is transmigrated. This is not a good thing. There are plenty of ways the author could work around how she will be able to discover why she transmigrated: either through secret library deep within castle or memory seal inside an important personal belonging. For a reincarnated or transmigrated novel, the MC secret is the biggest plot point. Throwing it away like this is not a smart idea. The proof is that many other reincarnated... more>> or transmigrated novel who did this also fall short after a couple of chapters, despite their interesting opening of the story. heck, even Bakarina from Otome game, who TAKE NOTE of her being transmigrated would not tell anybody about her secret and possibly intentionally avoid the question when asked about her odd behavior.

So yea, this might be another novel who start out good but fall off quickly after.

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So far, I rate this story 4 stars. The reasons are as follow:

+ Good story line with moderate character development

+ Moderate logic and not so many plot hole. At least, the author try to hide the plot hole.

+ The story shift focus at some point and are now not as enjoyable to see her doing mission. However, it is not that bad as the focus is now more on "how the main char develop". In the past, it is more focus on how she do the mission and you would enjoy the reality slap. Now you enjoy how other view her as she become what you would call a goddess. Well, she still as weak as an ant in the eyes of some other special characters but in the world that she created, she is basically a goddess now.

- The character are forced to be dumb at some point for no reason.

- The transition of the story are forced at some point and are very noticeable, this make the story look dumb if the reader are not forgiving for these mistake.

I recommend this novel if you have read other reincarnate novel, transport to another world novel or some sort of one more chance at life novel because most of the mission she did in this novel is to give the main characters from the novels above a dose of reality. It would give you an extra point at enjoyment.

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nhattminhh rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
March 26, 2018
Status: c295
The novel got a very good beginning and middle, but the rushed end destroy the story as whole. This is a very good story that you can enjoy from beginning to mid, but not the ending because it is not planned and executed well like beginning and middle part.
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I’m Really a Superstar
May 3, 2017
Status: c1300
This novel follow one single partern: MC discover a new job. MC rip off anything that are popular in the previous world that not exist in the current world and claim that he make it. MC destroy all stupid idiot. MC lost his job and then repeat.

This novel is good for the first few hundred chapter but think get repetitive later on. His cheat system (aka: plot armor) is so strong and the writer is not even trying to hide it. It is like putting an adult intellect, streght against... more>> a bunch of children in kindergarten and that adult is beating the sh*t out of all the kid.

If you enjoy watching adult beating sh*t out of the kid, this is the novel for you. If not then I advise you to turn away. <<less
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This novel begin ok, typical for Isekai which not many can fk that up. As you keep reading, it feel worse and worse. The whole story is full of hole, spoiler:

... more>>

Why would they give a Villian with a personality of Tyrant an event where he hesitate to kill a young girl and let her go? When someone have blood on their hand and great ambition, they don't just let something as the young girl go, they either sell them or grow them up so that they can use them later. That is what a Tyrant do. Don't give them a sob story when they literally pillaging everyone and put heavy tax on people. The only way that the girl escape should be that she able to outwit the enemy with her wit and great will to survive. Heck, you can even go with her being in Griffin (known and feared as divine beast) territory and the tyrant give up chase, not because the tyrant suddenly got soft heart for young girl.

Why would the king/tyrant negotiate with a defenseless village when he got a great army, many war experience? Why would he allowed them to self government? Are you for real? When a tyrant negotiate with someone that obviously weaker than them, they don't just allow you to have nice thing such as "self government". You submit or you die, that's it. How did you f**k that up so bad?

You are in a fantasy world, you have introduce a fantasy beast known as Griffin yet why the f**k are you ignoring all that and went with normal animal right after that instead? Did they change the author or something?


This is just some of many example that and you can find more and more as you read the novel.

If I am generous, I would give a 2 stars, other wise, 1 star is what people should give this series. <<less
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