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It was enjoyable at first with all the cooking and crafting, until the PvP part.

It seems the author really underestimates hardcore gaming to make a working middle-aged man better than EVERY PvP maniacs, I repeat, EVERYONE of them. It's suspiciously questionable how the heck the Fairy Queen lost against a casual player while she can casually weep out top-ranked players herself. And why the heck nobody bothers to solo the dungeon EXCEPT our extremely casual MC.

The difference between casual and hardcore can be described really simple, a naked hardcore curbstomps... more>> fully-armed casual. Yet, our MC, with 2 hours gaming a day, out-leveled, out-geared and out-ranked every hardcores. Either MC is a superhero in disguise, a cheater who tampers with the game using external tools, an advanced android from the future or a monstrous whale in a heavily pay-to-win game.

I actually hold favorable opinions towards slice-of-life novels, but this one generates exceptionally high hate rate from me. It's dumb. It belittles hardcore gaming. Gamers should really stay away from this. <<less
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Let's not talk about the main character which is obviously flawless as a main character he is. Let's talk about everything else.

First, game design. Who the hell designs a game where player ID is hidden? This is the very first thing that should be public. I mean, the game allows multiple characters on one account and allows characters with super generic name like USA and Edgar created far late into the game. Second, if the game is so popular, why the hell there is only one person (our MC, obviously)... more>> who knows about skill canceling? Skill canceling is the basic of the basics for high-level questing. And then there is only one person (again, our MC) who can perform the rather simple skill canceling combo. His combo is simply connecting 3 different skills by skill canceling, it won't be difficult to replicate at all, either by practice or by accident. In chapter 25 MC can even slow down his activation, mean the skill canceling window is quite lax. Let me tell you about how skill canceling works in PSO2. Jump cancel Ilbarta: first you uses uncharged Ilbarta, then before its animation ends, you press the jump button, and BEFORE you can even jump, use another uncharged Ilbarta, repeat for another 4 times, then finish with the charged 7th cast of Ilbarta. Let's not talk about Banish Arrow + jump cancel Ilbarta combo, you would end up throwing your keyboard away. And people have been doing this combo for years without macro. What, VR stuff is different from mouse&keyboard?? There will be real martial artists in the game anyway (since, duh, the game is extremely popular), and they surely has better reflex than a flimsy high school student.

Third, balance. In the prologue, MC soloes the strongest boss in the game within several paragraphs and no time skip and/or anything that indicates the fight is a repeat of the same movements. The boss doesn't have "rage mode" either. You know, to solo a boss in a short amount of time, you need more than just skill build and equipments, you need to exploit mechanics too. Which doesn't exist here. And the skill Tsubame-Gaeshi is too broken. Instantly appear behind opponent, no cooldown (in this game nothing has cooldown but it's okay). In VR games where you can't see behind like the real world, only short-animation 360° AoE skills, which I hope exist, can counter that. Rather than Moon Step or whatever, people could just spamming this over and over. It reminds me of Log Horizon with the MC's broken 11-second-bind-15-second-cooldown-work-on-both-bosses-and-players skill.

The gamer in me screams too much that I have to rate this 3. <<less
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I swear MC is Satou's disciple.

What's with using Holy Sword to cut ingredients? And negotiation using food...

A diabetes-inducing and comedical short story that I definitely recommend.
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