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Martial God Asura
March 2, 2016
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I am up to date for the translated chapters and up to chapter 1050 for the raws

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I won't praise this novel but will merely answer some reviews:

1. The MC CAN'T cultivate the normal way: the Thunder Gods in his dantian are too greedy and what works for normal cultivators won't work here this is why he was stuck in the second level of the spirit realm for five freaking years and it was explained in the first chapters. So if you people can't remember it how do you expect to understand this novel and if you can't understand it, that is even worse.

2. The power levels are strict here except for special cases that are the divine body holders (Zi Ling and Tantei Snow so far) and special bloodlines (Royal/Emperor,...) and that is the case or the MC so normal people can't fight an enemy stronger than them (for people who know Bleach think of it as the reiatsu pressure that is stronger so the weak opponent can't move)

3. The MC's ruthlessness: In this world the strength is the absolute rule above everything else even morals so it is normal to act as EVERYONE else does. Do you expect him to turn the other cheek around??Personally I think they should accept the consequences of their actions so I am supporting the NO MERCY policy even though it was tuned down

4. The repetition you are talking about is it in the plot or the fights???because as the story goes and the MC develops I can't seem to read the same novel as you guys and if you mean about the way the MC is treated by people stronger than him then what do you expect from people raised in that world where the cultivation is equal to strength and they don't expect such an aberration to appear (unless they have the power to predict the future)

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