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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
July 11, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the first ever novel that I found in this site and read through MTL until the very end.

The story itself is great, the progress is also great, the translation (until now) is superb. The characters inside is also great.

At first, I thought of this story as the standard transmigration novel and so on. But as I was reading the translations, I unknowingly got hooked and as I was impatient about the progress of the story I challenged the MTL version....

Surprisingly, I like the story very much. Each characters,... more>> I want to get to know them more. Each villains, I want to smack them off from the face of the continent.

The only thing I am dissapointed in, is..... there is no after-marriage epilogue for the MC and ML *cries a bucket* how great would it be if there are epilogues with little bun (s) around to annoy our black-bellied MC and her friends and family.

Sigh, overall, this is one hell of a ride full of enjoyment (and also tears). Cheers for the author, and keep up the good work for the translator team! <<less
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