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neolyn rated it
Release that Witch
September 2, 2017
Status: c880
I'm not really fond of CN novels, of those that I've read many are full of things that don't go with me at all, mainly portraying discrimination and racism as a good thing.

In this novel it's the other way around. MC try to build a better life for his people with the help of witches and his previous knowledge as an engineer. He's working really hard for it and until now, he's more or less successfull.

And that's great but the problem is : only the MC interacts with the witches,... more>> not always but most of the time. We don't really see the results of witches being accepted by ordinary people. We know that they accept them, thank them but we never see how the witches' life is in town. We are just told about it and for a story which tries to bring mortals and witches together it's a big flaw.

What's more is that we have many chapters focused on a witch (sometimes it's witch A, sometime B or C) who relate what she's thinking about. It's a golden opportunity to create bonds between witches and mortals but nope. Not happening.

I'm nitpicking a bit here, I admit.

About the MC, I'd say... he's an idiot ? He has all this knowledge as an engineer but absolutely no imagination.


One of the first witches he meets is named Wendy and control Wind (wendy /wind see what you did there Author). For, like 840 chapters, NOT ONCE he thinks " Hey! maybe she doesn't control wind but gas ? Could be Handy if she could, I don't know separate oxigen and Azote and other gas in the air to get the chemical elements I need to make bomb and stuff ".

To make it simpler : He thinks with his knowledge not his brain. There are many witches whose power is under-used and developed just because it doesn't fit his knowledge.

Another example : Nightingale. Her first power is turning herself invisible, but not like the invisible man where she needs to be naked, all her clothes and equipement turn invisible too. AND NOT ONCE did he think " if she can turn her clothes invisible maybe she can turn other things or people invisible too".

So much possibilities and yet nothing. It's depressing.)


Aside his stupidity it's a good MC we got here. Ruthless when needed, and merciful and supportive when needed too. Not arrogant (thank god, enough we the arrogant MCs) keep his word and doesn't ponder for like 100 chapters about things. Except Romance.

Ho god, romance. I don't know if it's good or bad. Let me explain :

When MC came to the "new world" he encounter his first witch: Anna. Since she controls fire she's at the base of everything technologicaly advanced (she create fire arms, canons etc...). She's not only pretty but smart as hell (even MC admit that).

No surprise here she's the main heroine, but god... WHY ? We barely see her. From her last apperance to the next, everytime the relationship between her and the MC have developed but we almost see nothing of this development. It's forced and rushed. We are told how and why but we see and exeprience nothing of it.

That's why I'm saying that the romance is bad but on the other hand we got another witch who is like 24/7 at the MC's side (Nightingale, she's his bodyguard).

For a long time I thought she was the heroine, she's the second character we see the most in this novel, she has many chapters focused on her much more than Anna. She's always there.


Hell, when the prince almost died taking a shot aimed at Anna, the story is focused on Nightingale and what she's feeling at the moment ! Anna ? we got two lines where she tells about her feelings and it's 2-3 chapters later !

About 600+ chapters (and a "will you marry me?" between Anna and MC around chapter 400+), MC before Nightingale's heartbroken state for failling again to protect him (funny, everytime it's not her fault) decide to throw her a bone. Short story short he will talk to Anna about her, and she will need Anna permission to be romantically involved with MC.

It's around 880 now and still nothing... just more about her in the MC interacting and a few scenes with Anna.

It's damn frustrating.


So I'm really lost here, the romance with the main heroine is awful but the romance with the second heroine is unbelievably great.

About the villains... most of them are really pathetics. Every single nobles is an arrogant and self suffisant idiot and not interresting. On the other hand, the church is suprisingly good. Lot of secrets and plot and it's done well. We even got from time to time chapters from the church's POV which sometimes tell us more about the plot and the world of the novel than MC focused chapters.

Well, after all that text I'd say release that witch is worth reading. Not the best out there, but definitively one of them. Give it a good try. <<less
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neolyn rated it
January 12, 2018
Status: c25
I didn't expect anything from this novel and I was right.

Unlike many isekai novel MC, this one is very carefree, but hard working ! Nice ? Yeah, well it would be if the hard working part was really hard working.
Why ?

MC use his common knowledge of his exterminator job, to wipe out groups of monsters (using a small monster he killed with poison to kill bigger monster who got posion by the poison meat of the small monster and die). Now he does it with not just one... more>> little monster, but a lot, a great lot. And for every "bigger" monster kill by eating the "small" monster which died by poison MC got EXP, and level up fast, like very fast, like in 3 months without getting out of town and killing a single monster in battle, his level is superior to the last hero who killed the demon king 300 years ago.

And that's not the worst part. Everytime he gain a level, he gains points. He can use them to level-up skills and by skills it's more like job proficiency (like pharmacology, Magic circle making, tailoring etc...)

In a few days he got from Level 1 in pharmacolocy to 5, shocking the 800 elf who spend lot and lot of years to get to level 5.


When she said that starting from level 5 pharmacology begin to be really difficult to improve, MC look at her, then put 5 points in the skill making it level 10. Infuriating the elf (What an A-hole...)


So, the MC doesn't even try hard, he just put stats points to progress. (but he IS dilligent when he is making stuff).

MC, is not interested in money, glory, and fighting, only discovering the world.

Now that would be good if the side characters weren't so bland. So we got a bland MC, bland side characters, and no sign of character development.

Every girl MC met and has a name is interested in MC but MC isn't. There is some talk about if MC or Side Character need relief thant they would do IT but nothing happen.

At chapter 25 I'd say this novel is boring. It doesn't make you want to know what happen next..

Seriously, move along, there are better novel out there like this one. Don't waste your time. <<less
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